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Out of Franks love of Cyndi Lauper, Gerard Way is now under the impression that Frank Iero is a chick. With the help of his best friend Ray, how far will they go to keep the illusion in control? ...

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“Ray.” said Ray Toro’s cat. “Ray. Do you hear me, Toro, I repeat - Do you hear me, Toro. Over.” Ray pet his cat to make him shut up.

“Ray, you son of a bitch, why the hell are you petting my head?!” said Oscar the Cat. Hold up. Ray Toro didn’t have a cat named Oscar. Wait a minute - Ray Toro didn’t have a cat. His mom was allergic. This meant... Oh no. His best friend, Frank Iero, was in his bedroom. And if Frank was in his bedroom, he might find-

“Nice stash, Toro.” Frank smirked, thumbing through the pages of a PlayGirl. Yes, such things exist. They used to be like, a secret gay porn magazine. Only disguised. Like Ray. Frank? Not so much. Frank was very much... Not shy of his gay porn stash. Frank squealed with delight, as he picked a BDSM edition.

“OkayIreallythinkyoushouldsetthatdown” Ray managed to get out. “Why are you here, anyway? It’s like 8 am. On a Saturday.” A blush bloomed across his un-blushable best friend.

Frank kicked at the ground, suddenly fascinated by his black Doc Martens.

“Frank..?” Ray drawled out, with a cheeky grin on his face. It wasn’t nearly often enough that his cocky bastard of a best friend was like this. So, naturally, Ray took advantage of the moment.

“It’s just, I couldn’t...” Frank started. “He probably thinks I’m some trashy gay, now.”

Ray was utterly confused. “FIrstly, Frank, you are gay. Second of all, could you please begin with who it is that probably thinks you’re some trashy gay?”

“You know that guy you introduced me to..? The, er. The attractive one? The one from your math class? Gerard?” Ray’s eyes narrowed suspiciously, not liking where this was headed.

“I do.”

“Well, I. It wasn’t my fault! Cyndi Lauper was on!” Well shit, it was a common known fact that when ever had his Cyndi playing he would always-

“So then I got dressed up in my moms old dresses-” his mother used to make hand-made prom dresses- “And I had forgotten that I had invited Gerard over, and... and...” Frank looked down at his hands, picking at his black fingernail polish.

“Now he doesn’t think I have any balls.” Ray spluttered, laughing.

“Well, he only need see you at school, bitch. I’d say that anyone who got into as many fights as you do, would have to have some pretty mighty balls!”

“That’s not what I meant, Ray. He... Gerard, he. He literally doesn’t think I have any balls.”

Ray looked confused.

“Gerard Way thinks I’m a chick!”


Ray Toro was sitting on his bed, next to Frank Iero, his best friend since 3rd grade.

“Did it ever occur to you to tell him you were lacking in the ovaries department?” Ray sensitively inquired.

“Yes, of course it crossed my mind!” Frank spat out. “But then he’ll think I’m just some silly Camp.”

“What’s a Camp?”

“And you call yourself a homosexual?” Frank sighed, “A camp is a gay guy who acts like the cliche of a gay man.” Ray took this information in.

It must be said, that although Frank Iero was very much open about his sexuality, he did not, under any circumstances, fit into any gay-cliche. Frank was lean, but muscular. He was short, but powerful. More than half the school feared him, and the other part wanted to be like him. The whole school was nuisance to Frank, though. He didn’t give two shits about anyone except his friends, let alone one shit.

“Well, are you going to say anything, Raymond?”

“Well. If you don’t want him to think you’re a queen...” Ray trailed off, giggling at Franks eager expression, “Maybe you should just dress up as a girl, so you can protect your reputation. You know the rest of the school will follow your lead.”

Frank looked stumped. Frank didn’t want to fuck a woman, let alone be one. And yet, this certainly would be an eye-opening experience, to be sure.

“Okay,” Frank finally said.

Oh shit, Ray Toro thought. He had never thought that Frank would actually do it! He was just teasing, this is what friends do, they TEASE!

“You realize I was just kidding, right?” Ray spluttered out, “Right?!”

“Why kid? I mean, we don’t even know if he’s a breeder, or a fellow gay. It would be an experience to laugh about later. Something to go down in the Frank Iero History Books.”

“Frank... Iero... History Books?” Ray puzzled out.

“Yes, dipshit. For when I get drenched in fame and fortune, and people need to get the facts straight.” Ray giggled. Straight.

Frank giggled too, “I’m finally going to be straight, Ray! I’m going to be a straight woman!”

Now, this was just too good to be true.

“Well then, Francesca. First things first, I dare say we’re going to need a shopping trip.”

“My excellent good sir, I believe you to be correct.”

With a grin on each their faces, they linked arms, credit cards in hands, and set out for the start of their adventure.
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