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Off To Wonderland.

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Frankie thinks hes alone and crazy what happens when he litterally bumps into someone who's like him? c:

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A/N: So yesh as you can see new story, sorry for not updating anything else, but this just felt like a good idea,Silver_Electric ( will be working on this with me in the future, once we have it all figured out. So yes, I, we, hope it'll get more interesting as it goes, so yes, if you would be so kind as to tell as what you think, that'd be lovely cx

Chapter 1:

It was often I felt like letting go, like everything was lost. And that, was when I drifted off, when I was sick of it, I went to a place where I felt safe and for that reason, I was sitting here taking in all of what this so called psychologist said, and also because of it I was out casted, called crazy, I was the kid who wore black, who got lost in his head, and talked a lot, but not to them of course, to myself. I lived in my head, because I felt no one would get it, and so far no one actually did.

He, Mr. Jones, was probably saying something about distracting myself, by doing what I loved, and maybe going out with friends, yup cause I sure had a lot of those, I had only truly talked to him once, the rest of the times I nodded just like today I would see his lips move so, so did my head, you’re probably thinking why not just listen, it could help? No. No it wouldn’t, I was safer in my head, somewhere no one could hurt me and when they did they would pay cause this was Frankie’s world, or if you’d like ‘Frankie’s Wonderland’.

I looked sideways at the clock hanging on the wall, only five more minutes of this, then I’d go to another part of hell, school, it was about a block away. I had to attend counseling longer now that this man who knows nothing, and pretends to understand when he can’t, given that he was understood, decided to tell my mother it may just be better if I had a new start. GREAT. Just another school in which no one liked me and to top it off it was the middle of the semester so it wasn’t the typical everyone is new here, it was only new, for me.

For any of those wondering, oh here I go again treating the voice in my head like an audience, I am crazy aren’t I, so might as well go with it, as I was saying, I’m in the 9th grade, I’m short even for my age, which for your information is 14 almost 15 in a bit more than a month. I’m always talking to myself, it creeps people out but then again half of the time there’s no one around to even hear me. I listen to a lot music, which usually gets one of two reactions, 1.)eww rock! 2.)cough…Poser!...cough

So I didn’t expect anything different from this school or the kids.

Kids? Really Frank? You’re probably the same age some probably even older!?

SO? I’m not as stupid and childish as them!...

Right? Coming from the guy who laughs at...the word…Poop!...

Hehehe... poop... Fine, but at least I don’t tend to treat people like shit like the rest of the world does.

What about your friends?

Friends? Really? Since when do I have friends?

Since you’d hang out with, you know, those people at your old school,

OH….right, well you see they’re not here anymore so yes and it wasn’t like they cared anyway....

How would you know?....

How would you? Same person remember?

Shut it.

Anyway, excuse my other self, there, as I was saying, I didn’t expect to be treated different, the things I expected were that, people would hate me, people would judge me, so I would go away when I could, sit in the back of the class, pretend to listen but truly be living elsewhere.

I walked, turning the corner seeing my school come up in sight, great, I’m already here. Luckily I had been walking quite slowly, so it was 5 minutes till class started I looked at my schedule, great honor classes whoopee! I was smart I knew that I just pretended not to be at least in class.

I walked through the gates of my new hell, just as the bell rang, great how was I supposed to find my class in this place, not like I wanted to, but still. I walked aimlessly hoping I would somehow manage to run into the right building, and you’re just thinking just ask someone!, right? Uhh no. Sorry, I just don’t like asking, as if not apparent already I’m socially awkward so asking, or talking no not even that just standing in a room with people was awkward for me. I looked down at the paper again in hope I read it wrong and it was in this building, and that’s when I hit something hard and fell back hitting my head on the sleek hard hall floor, I looked up trying to get up but couldn’t I felt woozy and I just couldn’t quite see right, everything was spinning, left then right, then left again, then finally it all went black.
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