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Now that I have your attention, I gotta tell you guys something that'll change your lives!

Or not. It depends on how much you're like addicted to my writing. But, speaking of, I'm not gonna write on here for a while.

It's not like I'm gonna just be like 'Fuck it!' And delete my shit on here, but I am currently working on a CMV.

If you don't know what that is, it's short for Cosplay Music Video. It's going to be a Hetalia CMV with USUK as the stars. As soon as I find an America cosplayer in my area.

I'm not gonna tell you what song it's set to or any of that lol. But I AM writing the script and....yeah.

So if you're an America cosplayer in the Wichita Kansas area and you're able to come and do this with me in about a month or so when I get this whole thing sorted out or you know one, comment or just like scream at me and be like 'RIGHT HERE!!!!! ~waving hand~'

I could really use you guys' help with that! If you are, I shall give you a shout out in my next (idk when I'll have it up) story or oneshot.

I'll probably add onto this if I find someone to help me at Hetalia Day Wichita. Uh..... That's pretty much it.

If I am actually able to get all this done, I'll post a link to it here.

Until then, I'm doin more stuff on youtube now so if ya love what I do here, check that out. If I get the whole CMV thing going, there's gonna be like a billion little clips of the CMV that I will be cutting together eventually.

Off topic. Subscribe to me on youtube at causeican274. Watch my shit, comment, ask me questions blah blah blah.

Uh, that's pretty much it. R+R and let me know if you're an America and all that. By the way, HUGE America fangirl.

So I will most likely hug you Xp Okay now I'm done lol.

Hugs and Pickles,
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