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Awake and Afraid

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Sorry, shit happens and my failed attempt at a poem

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a/n, I'm sorry, this has been a terrible night, well day, well weekend (got sick, and family issues) oh and this is loosley based off FLW and MCR in general,oh and shit that happens behind closed doors

It's like sitting alone,
In your house, which you can't
Call a home

Music is playing,
Showing you there is a life beyond,
Pain, sadness, everything,

They scream,
They fight,
Get mad,
And I am always there,
The one who gets the worst of it.

You look at me and think,
She's fine, nothing wrong,
Maybe just a sad song,

Playing through my headphones,
Giving me a good releif,
Unable to hold on,

Awake and Unafraid,
I wish I could be strong,
Then I'd be made,

Asleep or Dead,
More along my lines,
Sometimes I fall asleep,
Tears falling,
Wishing for it all to end

So this isn't a plea,
Nor a cry for help,
Just another walking disaster,
Wishing to once again,

Just be the old me.

I'm sorry, just if you were to look at the way my life is, you'd think this is a bunch of B.S...but truth is, you don't know what goes on behind closed doors; or what I a 14 year old sophmore has to suffer through
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