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Updates on storys and myself

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Some updates xD Sorry for spamming.

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Hello peep's.

So i haven't been on ficwad in ages, therefore i havent uploaded any chapter's. I have some free time now, seeing as the baby isn't allowing me to sleep glares at stomach so i decided to log in and update you guys on whats happening and stuff.

So as i said i haven't been on in ages, 3 weeks ago Jake got hit by a car. He's perfectly fine but has 3 broken ribs and ALOT of brusing. Then last week we moved into our new apartment and we've just been dicorating and stuffs.

Also, It's 7 weeks away until my due date, so things are abit .. strange. Trying to get the nursry sorted and buy what we need for the baby. It's hectic right now, but i just can not wait to give birth and FINALLY be able to fit into my clothes again :L AND see my little babes. Dunno why i told use all that, but ehh. Its updates :L

NOW for the story updates. My storys are ALL un-finished and i WILL be updating them soon.
The Man In Back will probaby be the first story i update because it't the easist to right at the moment. For my story Sell Your Soul For A Chance At Love, I have no idea when or if that will be updated, i'm still trying to figure that out and at the moment i haven't had time to think about it. But i promise i will let you guies know whats happening. For the rest, Slit Wrist Theory, Herione and Is The Laugher And Love Worth The Tears And Heartbreak will be updated and finished. When im not sure and in what order? i don't know that either.

I'm hoping to atleast have ONE story completed by the time the baby arrives. So that means i have 7 weeks to get my ass in gear and finish a god damn story, FINALLY!

I do apologise for being so skattered with my storys and updates. I promise to sort myself out and get right on it. Thank you to Everyone who as ever read, reviewed and rated my stories. You guys make putting my shitty stories out there so worth it. Thank you.

Now i am off to write a little or just sleep, depending on the little bundle of engery inside me. G'night my lovely ficwad family. Love you all from the bottom of my heart. Sleep tight everyone.

-Cassie and baby
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