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Dear Mikey Way.

by Alexandra_Day 1 review

Just a little letter written for the gorgeous bassit of an amazing bands birthday.

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Dear Mikey Way,

Well Mikey, I am just another fan... an adoring one at that! And I know that you will never read this, but alas I continue. I have not been a part of the MCRMY for very long, only a few months, but you and the band have made those some of the best times of my life! Every day I wake up and am inspired by the music you make.

In my bedroom I have a huge poster of you, Mikey. When I first got it I just sat there talking to it about how I had just bought some amazing pink, strawberry scented unicorn shampoo. And one of my best friends and I spent a large portion of Sunday in search of some glasses just like your old ones. That same friend and I eat stupid amounts of Milky Way bars because it sounds a shit load like Mikey Way.

You seem to be the quieter one, more down to earth. Not as flamboyant and wild as SOME people cough, cough Gee cough, cough, but that is something that I love about you. You don't strive to stand out, you make your own little contribution in YOUR own little way. You are such a fucking inspiration to me! You help me drag myself out of bed everyday and make it through that shit hole of a school.

There are the same amount of years between my little brother and I, as there is between you and Gerard. We both love you to bits and we are so much closer because we want to strive to have the same relationship that you and Gee have. He wrote you a letter as well and sung you happy birthday at school in front of the whole class even though everyone thinks he is a freak. I think he looks up to you particulary because he knows what it is like to be the little brother. He admires you talent and will often jump around the room pretending to be Kobra Kid or forcing himself to drink coffee (even though he kind of hates it) because he want to be just like you. Like the bassist of his favourite band.

Your rare smiles, adorable coffee addiction, spectacular talent, love for unicorns and overall amazingness never fails to make me grin. You are so talented and so many kids look up to you. Never forget that, we the fans, are the MCRMY and we admire and love you! Never change Mikey-Fuckin'-Way!

You always put a smile on my face.

So from the two Day siblings we wish you a very happy birthday MikeyWay. Thank you for being you!

~Always Leaves Love Alexandra Day (And her little brother)
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