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Auditioned story.Gerard is a repo man working for frank's company GeneCo.His daughter Shiloh suffer's from a blood disease that killed his wife.what happens when Gerard finds out that frank's tryin...

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The story you've been waiting for is here...sorry for any typo's i'm useing a notebook on this laptop and it doesn't have auto correct on it (i have no word document).I made some friends today in PE but that's about it apart from i need to dye my hair brown because of school...i'm not gonna but still.Please tell me your back to school stories if you want since i tend to be on here a lot.EDIT:some of the story has changed since i didn't have time to edit it here u go....BTW i had the devil for french today...seriously he's fucking evil

21st centuary cure (chapter 1)


The not-too-distant future
An eperdemic of organ failures...
Millions die
Out of the tragedy
a savior emerges
GeneCo's payment plans Cheat Death....For now

GeneCo carves out a new niche- Surgery as a fashion statement!
GeneCo also develops Zydrate..An expensive and addictive Painkiller

Grave-Robbers sell a cheap version of zydrate on the black market
Extracted from the dead...

Frank Iero - GeneCo's Founder,Lobbies a bill through congress...


Frank Iero and his kids...
Ray Iero
Amber sweet (normaly named Megan Iero)
Mikey Iero
The world's most powerful Family

But for those who can't keep up with their organ Payments...the Iero's send in

Repo men
Repo men are legal assasins that go and collect organs from people who miss their payments..pray he never comes knoking at your door..


GraveRobber sat on a dusbin with two of his coustermers reading the newspaper, waiting for the arriveal of Amber sweet coming for her daily dose of Zydrate.

"Hey Adam can i ask you something?" Amanda asked looking over ar GraveRobber.Amanda or ellie as she is called was one of Grave robbers costermers,but she normally hangs out with him and his accomplace Christopher."Sure kid,what" GraveRobber asked annoyingly moveing the hair from out his face. "W-what are Repo men?"Ellie asked as she got up from the metal rustbin she was sat on.

"I'm glad you ask gather round for a story" GraveRobber smiled as ellie and christopher gatered around the fire roaring away in the dustbin near him..

Song:Repo man (the intro song)

Loudspeaker: Repo Man! Repo Man!

Graverobber: Out from the night from the mist steps a figure.
No one really knows his name for sure.
He stands at six foot six, head and shoulders,
Pray he never comes knocking at your door.
Say that you once bought a heart or new corneas,
But somehow never managed to square away your debts.
He won't bother to write or to phone you...
He'll just rip your still-beating heart from your chest!

Loudspeaker: Repo Man! Repo Man!

Graverobber: Now you could run. You could hide. You could try to!
But he always has a way of finding you.
He will come at your weakest hour.
When no one is around who might rescue you!

Loudspeaker: Repo Man! Repo Man!

Graverobber: And none of us, are free from this horror.
For many years ago we all fell in debt.
New body parts were need, to perfect our image
And until our debts are clear, we will live in fear! Of the...

Loudspeaker: Repo Man! Repo Man! Repo Man! Repo Man!

Time lapes
Location:inner city apartments

Sarah ran into the building trying to escape from the masked man following her.She knew what was going to happen..she had read about it before in the latest cuts about what repo med do to you if you miss payments.

She forgot to pay her's a few days ago but she didn't think it was going to happen so soon...None of the doors were open as she ran down the abandoned corridoores.At the end she found a elevator going up..away from the repo man.she got in and pressed a button and before she knew it she was safe..or so she thought.She turned around and saw the dreaded face she didn't want to see.

Without warning he dragged her out by her hair and slit her throat,leting the blood poar down her body before she fell to the floor near death.He got out is knife and stabbed into her chest,Makeing a cut down her torso.He reatched into her chest and ripped out her heart,finishing the womans life for good.

Time laps again
Location:GeneCo HeadQuarters

Franks BodyGuards Zero and One came into Frank's Office with Zero holding a GeneCo folder.Amber sweet layed on the couch infront of her farther,Whilest Ray his oldest son was nervously sitting in a chair and Mikey In the other chair looking a his skin mask with a mirror.

Frank took the folder And looked at the pictures inside.The first pictutre he saw was of Ray stabbing a woman who was passed out. "You discuss me" Frank spat out as he looked at his first born,Who looked nervous as hell.He stared at the second picture carefully of his daughter who was waisted and drugged up before he glared over at her.The third And Final picture was of his youngest son michale Peeling off the dead womans face.He stared over at Mikey who was still looking in the mirror at his face.Frank slammed down the photos on his desk just as his doctor came in.

Zero loaded her gun and got it ready to fire.The doctor Ghasped as he nervously waled over to his boss. "Mr.Iero...I-Im sorry i'm afrain it's termanal"The doctor said as he gave Frank the folder.Frank read through it and saw the words termanal cancer on it.Frank slammed down the folder and just as he did Zero amed her gun at the doctor's head and fired before he got the chance to scream.Frank stood up and made his way to the elivator with his bodyguards.

Song:Things you see in a Graveyard






Time Laps (sorry last time)
Location: Penina Way's Crypt,The indoor Graveyard

Shilo way went into her mother Tomb through a secret door her farther made to get to the tomb without going outside.At 17 shilo sufferd from a blood disease that killed her mother after she was born.Shilo dusted off the dust on her mother's grave before she sat down on the cold steps leading out of the crypt.

She moved her black hair from out of her face and got out her bug book.she looked at the diffrent pictures of bug's but there was one she wanted to find.the blueray dagonfly.She looked down at her mother's grave and saw the dragonfly near where it said Penina way.Shilo quickly checked through her book to see if it was the right type of fly.she looked down at the grave again and saw the dragonfly had gone.

She looked around the tomb untill she saw it on the door.carefuly not to make a sound she got out a metal can and tried to catch it.the fly managed to escape and flew onto one of the graves outside."Dam" she whispered as she looked around untill she made her mind up of what to do..

song:21st Centuary cure

Shilo:This will be Quick
It's in my sight
I'll capture it
then run back inside
And be back home in time

Graverobber: Industrialization has crippled the globe.

Loudpseaker: Enjoy GeneCo's day and nighttime formulas of Zydrate

Graverobber: Nature failed as technology spread.

Loudpseaker: Ask a Gentern if Zydrate is right for you

Graverobber: And in it's wake, a market erected.

Loudspeaker: Buying Zydrate from an unliscenced source is illegal

Graverobber: An entire city built on top of the dead!

And you can finance your bones and your kidneys.
For every market a submarket grows.
But best you be punctual with making your payments
Lest it be you on the concrete below~

It's quick, it's clean, and it's pure.
It could change your life, rest assured.
It's the 21st Century Cure!
And it's my job, to steal and rob...

His shouts made the guards aware that he was there and tried to find the chaous shilo tried to get back into her mother's tomb but the door sealed shut as soon as she got there. "NO!NO I CAN'T BE OUTSIDE!!" shilo shouted as the guards came closer and closer.

with no where left to run the grave robber took pity on her and shouted "kid over here!!".she looked over at the graverobber with the corpse and followed him into a broken wall that led into a body desposial tip where bodies of people who had their organs reposessed go. "Jackpot!!" Graverobber whispered as he went near one of the dead bodies to extraced the zydrate

So why care for these petty obsessions?
Your designer heart still beats with common blood!
And what if you could have genetic perfection,
Would you change who you are, if you could?
'Cause it's quick, it's clean, and it's pure! (All you really need is)
It could change your life, rest assured. (All you got to have is)
It's the 21st Century Cure! (All you need is surgery! )
And it's my job, to steal and rob...

Shillo was snached out of the wall and thrown onto the floor of the graveyard With the guards pointing their guns at her.the moniter on her wrist started tyo flash red and said "warning!blood pressure high,medicate immediately".

shilo sobbed as she fell onto the floor before loosing consioness.frank was watching what had happend and smiled to himself before takin controloll of the speakers and saying "let them go".as soon as frank finished saying thata figure emerged from the shadows.It was a repo man.He pushed one of the guards as he went for his daughter and picked her up.

both of them disserpierd into the shadows after,leaving no trace behind.The repo man opend a passage into his and his daughter's home and went straight for his daughter bedroom.He lifted the plastic sheets hanging on her bed and laid her down.He left the room quietly to get his repo gear off before shilo awoke.

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Things you see in a graveyard: (part 1 and 2)
21st Century cure:

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