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Chapter 1

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It had been four years since they had all seen eachother at the same time. They used to meet every other Saturday. But not anymore, The Midinght Beast were no longer The Midnight Beast. They had split up due to not having enough time for eachother and not showing up to band practise on time. Stefan and Olivia were now living in New York. It was somewhere they always wanted to go but couldn't but now nothing was holding them back. Olivia and Stefan also had a little daughter called Madeline. Dru and Keavagh were living in London close to Dru's mom as she was poorly and needed help. They too had a child, a son, Jamie. But it wasn't all that great for Ashley and Niamh though, Niamh had cheated on Ashley with his bestfriend. Yes, they were now getting a divorce. Ashley never really saw anybody now but when he did he went to see Keavagh when Dru was out. Keavagh was the closest thing Ashley had to a sister. He knew that the spliting up thing made Keavagh and Oliva moody as they were and still are bestfriends but just hardly ever saw eachother.

It was Thursday night and Jamie was in bed and Keavagh was watching Don't Tell The Bride on BBC3. Dru stumbled through the door shouting, not shouting at Keavagh just happy shouting. Keavagh took no interest in him and carried on watching the television. Dru sat down next to her and rested his head on her. He began sniffling and Keavagh looked at him and stroked his forehead. Dru gets really emotional when he's drunk. Keavagh knew he was drunk and knew why he was. She comforted Dru for a little while then kissed him goodnight and went to bed she was followed by Dru. They were both cold and began hugging under the blanket.

In New York it was morning. 7:11am to be precise. Stefan, Olivia and Msdeline were getting ready for work and school. Today was Madeline's first day. Her mother took many photo's of her to send back to her relativies in England. Olivia was getting her ready, she straithened her daughters bow in her hair and placed a napkin on her lap whilst she ate her breakfast. Stefan looked his watch and rushed to work. He kissed the girls on the forehead and left. At 8:06am Olivia took Madeline to school. When they both arrived, Madeline squeeled with excitement and ran out into school without saying bye to her mom. Olivia whacked out a tissue and blew her nose and mopped up her tears. When she got home she started tiding up the mess that everyone else had made. Then her phone rang.
"Hello?" Olivia asked.
"Hiya, it's me Keav, how're you?" Keavagh chuckled.
"Oh hi isn't it like 2 in the morning over there?" Oliva said smiling.
"Yeah it is but I need to speak to you about something? How is Stef lately, Ash and Dru all really miss each other and Ash could do with a cheering up." Keavagh told Olivia.
"Stef isnt great he is missing the lads, and why is Ash down in the dumps?" Olivia asked her leaning forward asif she was going to be told some shocking news.
"Well Niamh has cheated on him so they are going to get a divorce, but I gotta go now anyway, work in the morning I'll book your tickets for you." Keavagh hung up. As she walked back to her bedroom the door knocked. Keavagh opened it and saw a tall figure in a raincoat covered in rain. She let him in and made them a cup of tea. The person began to cry. Keavagh re-assured them. The crying woke Dru up. He saw a person and Keavagh sitting on the sette. He thought Keavagh was cheating on him but he never wanted to lose Keavagh even if she had. He came up with a plan. He walked into the living room and patted the person on the back.

"Alright man, this one is married and has a child." Dru said feeling pleased with himself. Keavagh and the person looked at him with a confused face. Dru's face turned a funny colour he knew who it was. He shook his head and walked out. Keavagh let Ash crash on the sofa for the night. Keavagh went back into her bedroom. Dru was facing her sideof the bed. Keavagh got in with him and she opened her mouthto speak. Dru didn't want to know what she had to say and turned the other way to face the wall. Dru hated what Keavagh had done.
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