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This is how we roll. (ONESHOT)

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We finished Helena. Kansas fans are always fun. The crowd was screaming and jumping and going wild as usual.

Until , that is, a red light flashed around. Everyone fell silent and grew still. In the distance, sirens wailed.

As soon as they heard that, the fans all turned and ran out, leaving the huge circle room empty aside from us on stage. "What's going on?" Mikey yelled over the siren.

"I don't know." I shouted back. A laugh made us look up.

The barkeep was standing at the foot of the stage, arms crossed over her chest. "It's a tornado boys. Course ya all city boys don't gotta worry bout em where you're from, huh?" She said loudly.

"Tornado?!" Frankie and Mikey yelled at the same time. She nodded.

"Yep. Now come on. Ya all need to grab your personals and we need to get outta here. It's headin right for town. There's a bumker close to my place. Ya all can come with me." Frankie ripped the connector out of Pansy, grabbed his case and phone and jumped off the five foot high stage.

"Hurry now. We got about..." She paused, her white-blond hair falling away from her neck as she tipped her head to the side. The lights flickered and the ground rocked as thunder rolled. "Ten minutes."

"How can you..." She cut me off with a laugh.

"We might have less. So now aint the time to be dickin around. Hurry!" She waved her arms at us. "I wanna get outta here before it hails."

We scattered, gathering up everything we took from the bus. "Ya all are gonna have to leave your bus here. Don't you have a manager? Get him now. We'll take my Jeep." She looked at Frankie, who still held Pansy close."I'd put that beauty in her case Ui I were you."

He nodded and popped it open, placing his love in it. Mikey came back with a drowsy looking Mark. The red light turned orange in a second.

"Shit ya all we gotta scoot!" The keep shouted. We all hopped off stage and followed her as she ran out, getting pelted by the rain. "Get in!" She said as she jumped into an open back Jeep. We cramed into the five seater, still getting pelted.

Suddenly, it became harder than just rain. The keep cursed as she sped down the empty highway. "Ya all hold on when I turn off!" She yelled back at us. We gripped anything that didn't move, Frankie trapping Pansy under his legs.

The Jeep swung around and slid on the wet road. We bounced roughly as she raced down a dirt road, spewing mud behind her tires.

At some point, I'd looked up to see a huge cone moving right at us. My throat closed and everything seemed to slow down. I saw the dirt, grass and a few wodden objects spinning around it's base.

Suddenly, I realized exactly what was happening. We were racing that insane force of nature. And if the barkeep hadn't have been there, who knows what might have happened?

We screeched to a stop, the Jeep sliding again. "Go! Around the back!" Her voice was nearly drowned out by the sirens now. We scrambled out and raced to the back yard.

My heart was wild in my chest. "Go down!" She ran to a set of wooden doors in the ground and threw them open. "I gotta get my babies. Don't shut the doors until I'm back!" She turned and ran into the huge white house.

Sharing looks, we all went into the dark, dank place. It was huge, I could tell. Even without a light on.

Steps and cries echoed from above. A huge, warm body brushed mine. "Someone! Come help!" I stumbled up the steps and was met with a box. "Careful with that. It's the puppies."

I looked down in shock. Small whimpers escaped into the darkness. I made my way carefully back down and sat the box on the floor.

We were cast into blackness as the doors swung shut. The cries continued for a moment before a small flicker of a lighter blew up in the shape of a lantern.

The keep turned it down very low. I looked around and saw shadowy cams, batteries, blankets, a raido and boxes lined along the walls. In her arm was a small child who had tears on her face. "Thanks." I said as the dog nudged my hand with it's large head.

I swallowed thickly and pet the soft beast sweetly. "Kansans help everyone." She smiled.

"Well, I'm just a Jersey Asshole." I joked, laughing dully. The boarded roof of the shelter shook roughly, making us look uneasy.

"We're fine." She said surely. "My Grand-daddy built this over fourty years ago. And it's held through worse." She smiled softly and brushed a loose curl from her baby's face. "I was supposed to get off about thirty minutes ago. I knew Kaye would stay asleep after her sitter left though."

"Well, thankfully you were still there. If not, we'd all probably be dead." Bob said calmly.

"Probably." She murmured. "I'm Era. But everyone calls me Slim. And I know who ya all are. And this is Babbit. And her pups are all in here." She tapped the box.

"All two months old. Sweet little turds." She grinned. “If ya all want one, let me know." Frankie dropped to his knees and looked into the box.

"Aw!" He breathed, picking up a small one. It's face was split down the middle, one half black, the other white. "I want this little lady."

"I call her checkers." Frankie kissed the puppy's head and held her to him.

"I'm in love you guys." He said softly. My arms were filled with warm puppy love.

"Welcome to Kansas." Slim laughed sweetly.

We hid out until sunrise. Slim and I sat awake, Slim holding Kaye.

Though we didn't speak, I felt peaceful. Dispite what chaos laid behind those wooden doors.

Another random one. My friend is at flag practice and I'm bored.

R+R and all that. Oh! Good news!!!!

I found an America cosplayer!!! Now all we need is a Germany and we can start filming. Can't wait!!

Hugs and Rivers,
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