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Alienated Villain, Isolated Hero

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Story follows Lex and his obsession with all things Clark Kent. Can he persuade the teen to tell him his secret? Or will he lose control before Clark even gets the chance? Set around season 2. SLAS...

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Alienated Villain, Isolated Hero.

Lex sat behind his desk thinking about the events that had transpired in the last few months and noticed how they all surrounded his friend Clark Kent. He spent his nights pondering about each weird and unexplained thing that happened in Smallville and Clark's involvement in them. If he was going to be frank, he hardly thought about the situations themselves anymore. All his attentions were turned on Clark.

He was a man obsessed. The young Luthor's life changed in a flash after the Kent boy had literally crashed into it. When Lex first came to Smallville, he didn't think much of it. It was way too small for his liking; even with his appreciation for all things quaint he found the town to be quite stifling. The breeding ground for all things 'weird' still managed to continue with its corn festivals and breeding shows, even with the looming influence of Metropolis' booming city-life next door to it. The town was stuck in the past and seemed reluctant to move on.

On his returns to Metropolis, his 'friends' would often ask him 'what do people even do in Smallville?' he would simply reply, 'people go to Smallville to die'. Harsh as it seemed, it was the truth. There was no scandal, cheating, lying or mystique- it was a quiet town which was perfect for one to live out their diamond years.

The only problem with this was the fact that Lex wasn't dying, he was very much alive. His father, Lionel Luthor 'banished' him from Metropolis and thought that he could learn a few things in a more reclusive place. For once his father hadn't been lying to him because he had found the one thing he wasn't expecting to ever find and he found it in Smallville of all places! He had unearthed someone who occupied his thoughts 24/7, someone who he couldn't read like an open book, someone who liked him because of his personality- not his Luthor name and fortune. He had found Clark Kent.

Pouring himself another glass of scotch, he recalled the event that set the ball in motion. The event that introduced him to one of the most important people in his life.

The first thing Lex saw after being revived was the face of his saviour. He remembered how Clark leaned over him eyes ablaze, with the water from his dark hair dripping on to his own face. An angel, Lex thought as he came around from a state of unconsciousness and it was something which he never stopped thinking. Since that day he was saved by his angel, Lex had begun to 'court' Clark Kent. He bought the teen expensive gifts (none of which he could accept due to his father's disdain) and offered him an open invitation to the Luthor mansion; however, Clark only visited on rare occasions. Lex had to orchestrate various scenarios just so he could 'accidently' bump into the younger Kent.

As a result of these organised encounters, Lex had learnt something which started to put a strain on the duo's relationship. Clark had a secret. Every time Lex had taken an interest in Clark's amazing luck when it came to saving others from mass murderers or meteor- infected angsty teens, his face would contort as if it pained him to give Lex an explanation.

If Lex had learnt one thing during his time with Clark was that he was too wholesome to lie like a Luthor, or to even try and lie to one and think that he would succeed. Lying obviously wasn't in his nature, yet he lied to someone who was meant to be his friend constantly. Lex wouldn't condemn Clark before finding out what he was hiding. He knew it had to be something worth the strain on their friendship; otherwise he wouldn't hide it in the first place.

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Lex thought hard about what he had to do. He needed to solve the riddle that was Clark Kent before he descended into madness. He knew he was already way too obsessed with the boy and way too invested in his life to end his relationship with him just over a secret.

So he decided to think of a way to get past the metaphorical hurdle he faced. Lex knew that he could just confront the teen and badger him until he cracked, but he knew that would most probably end with Clark never wanting to see him again, which went against his objective. The other option was to keep Clark close to him and continue as they were now, but investigate him on the side lines. As a Luthor he knew that the first idea was never even an option, it was too brash and bold. He quickly made his mind up, downed the last of his whiskey and proceeded to walk out of his house, coat in hand. It's time to find out what my angel is hiding, he thought as he got into his new Porsche.


Lex hovered around the dashboard of the car and traced the dents with the tip of his fingers. His team said that the damage on his car couldn't have possibly been just from the impact of the bridge. He leaned in closer and noticed the peculiar shape of where it supposedly impacted with the bridge. The dent, it's almost human-shaped…Clark-shaped.

Lex abruptly threw the white sheet back over the destroyed car and walked out of the storage room with a new perspective and new thoughts plaguing his mind. He was one step closer to solving the mystery of Clark Kent.
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