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Chapter 3

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Dru burst through the door finding three extra people sitting in the sofa laughing. Dru walked in looked at their faces, then looked at Keavagh. Dru got Keavagh out the living room and shut the door.
"Why are you doing this?" He looked at her shaking his head.
"Because Dru you are moody, so are the others and me and Olivia both know why, you miss eachother." Keavagh saig hugging him. Dru rested his chin on Keavagh's head and breathed slowly he knew she was right but didn't show it. Keavagh pulled away and nodded, he knew what she meant. Olivia and Keavagh left the room with the kids and said they could make cakes. Stefan Dru and Ash were left alone in the living room. There was a long pause. None of then had spoken for four years.
"Life fun in New York?" Ash asked Stef. Stef never said a word and just nodded. They all loked around. Looking at the wallpaper and pictures of the family.
"Nice decoration in here." Stef said looking around just generally making conversation.
"Well it looks nice but it was all Keavagh's decision, ofcourse." They all laughed as they knew how Keavagh was when it came to decorating.
"So in there is that you're daughter Stef, hat's her name?" Dru asked Stef.
"Madeline she is 4 just like Jamie, did you not know about her?" Stef asked Dru looking confused as he thought he would of heard as Olivia and Keavagh are bestfriends. Dru shook his head.

On the other side of the door Olivia and Keavagh were listeneing to what all the boys were saying. They were both smiling at eachother and hi-5-ing as it was an accomplishment. Then they fell and the door opened. Olivia and Keavagh were laughing hard. The three of them turned round to face the girls they were just shaking their heads. Ash hadn't seen Olivia in four years and thought she was even more beautiful than she was before. Secretly Ash had a little crush on her. He gazed at her and smile then looked away because Stef looked at him. Olivia and Keavagh sat down with their lovers and then looked at Ash. He looked left out and Keavagh and Olivia they had an old school friend they still kept in touch with that they thought would be perfect for Ash. Olivia left the room to check on the kids. Ash followed her. Before she could go in there Ash pulled her back and kissed her! Olivia had no idea who it was, the kiss happened to quick, she thought it was Stef when she opened she saw Ash! She pushed him away and shook her head in disgust.
"No wonder I thought that kiss was weird.." Olivia whispered so no one heard her. Ash looked up at her with tears in his eyes, he was really hurt. He ran up tears to cry and wash his face.

Oliva walked back the living room and took a deep breath and sat down on the separate armchair instead of sitting Stef. Olivia was panicking because of what had just happened incase any of them knew. She didn't like what just happened t wasn't like she was cheating he kissed her and she pulled away.
"Are you okay?" Stef asked her because she always sat with Stef. She wasn't thinking about what she was doing and snapped back at him, Keavagh looked at her and pointed at the door. Keavagh and Olivia walked out and told Keavagh all that had happened but Keavagh swore she would never tell anyone but Ash heard them talking and felt like an idiot incase Keavagh told Dru then Dru told Stefan. He walked down the stairs and begged Keavagh not to tell and so she swore she would never tell a single soul.
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