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I Need You

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I'm personally not a big fan of notes or asking for some help, but this is important.

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If you've ever spoken to me, you might know I have this friend called Dan who has been through a hell of a lot of shit in his life. His ex girlfriend is 17 weeks pregnant with his child, but she's been refusing to let him see her and says she doesn't want him in the child's life. I can't go into details, but for certain reasons he's agreed to stay away instead of fighting to see the child when it's born. As you can probably guess, he's feeling really down at the moment.

He's doing an online blog (suggested by a friend) where he's writing letters to this child and he needs all the support he can get. I don't know how works, if you can "follow" posts or anything, but he's saying the account is set to everyone posting so if you could go and offer him support, that would be kind of cool. I don't know how you'd want to do it. Follow him, comment posts, Facebook him, tweet him.. I really don't know.

I just want to help him out, really. We've been through so much together, and now he needs my support.
Dan_HartyBoy on Twitter.

Thank you so much if you do this for him.

(By the way, I don't know if this is sorted or not yet... someone marked his posts as spam, so it had a warning page at the start D: if it's still there, then it's not spam, it's not a bad page, just click on proceed)
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