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Not Coming Back

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No. You remember what Gerard said, "Frankie's not coming back."

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Everyday as I walk into the classroom, I can't help but flick my eyes over to his seat. I don't know why I do it. It's not as if one day he's just going to be sitting there with that signature goofy grin of his.

Of course not. Why would he be grinning? After all this time being gone, yanno he's gonna hate being forced back here.

No. You remember what Gerard said, "Frankie's not coming back."

Oh, Gee didn't mean that! He just wanted to scare you. He loves doing that. Remember all the horror stories? Plus, it's not like illness is an foreign term to Frankie. He gets sick all the time!

No. No, we've been over this. Gerard said that Frank was sick-


Not like "cough-cough" sick though. Like head sick.

He had a head cold?

No. Not a head cold. Frankie was depressed. That's why he's not coming back.

So when you get sad, you just disappear forever?

Not exactly. You see, all the sadness just keeps building up until you let it out-like talking to someone about it or writing your feelings out- but Frankie's sadness just kept growing until he finally exploded. That explosion left worse aftermath than any disaster ever could.

What did it leave?

A broken Mikey.

A broken Mikey? That's silly. I'm not broken. I'm perfectly fine.

I'm not. That's why I can hear you.

Oh, well when Frankie comes back, he can make you feel better!

Frankie's not coming back.

'Course he is! He's just sick.

Frankie's not coming back.

He is too. He'll fix everything. He can make everything good again. Frankie will be back as soon as he's not sick anymore.

I hope he gets better soon.

Hi guuuys. I know this is short and confusing and not too great and all, but today I was like, "Hmm, what can I do to procrastinate the shitload of homework I have?" Then it hit me. (Not literally. That'd hurt.) But I thought, why not write? So yeah, here's the product of that. I promise, one day I will try to write something fluffy or at least not so sadish. :P So long kiddies.
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