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Dear Suicide

by Mirazal 8 reviews

Have this crappy letter I wrote in my head last night instead of sleeping.

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A/N: The only reason I'm putting this in the MCR category is because you guys feel like family. I just feel more comfortable putting it here. *UPDATE* Now in the poetry section where it probably belongs.

Dear Suicide,

I hate you. I hate you more than you can ever imagine.

What makes you so beautiful?

You lure in anyone who walks by your doorstep. You have friends, Depression and Self-Harm, to help you. Why do you corrupt and seduce these people?

No one deserves you.
You don't deserve anyone.

You have taken the lives of those that you ruin, those whose lives are fragile. Those whose lives that you pull apart, slowly and torturously. Those who sell their broken lives to you to find comfort in your arms, comfort from the hell that you brought them.

You have taken the lives of people I admire. People I never had a chance to meet, never had the chance to warn them about you.

I hate you.

Why are you so beautiful?

You only hurt.

Why do I still want you? Why do I still want to run to your door and be with you forever?

Maybe one day I will have you all to myself.

Maybe one day I will fall asleep only to wake up in your arms.

I hate that you are so beautiful to me.

I hate that I want you to be mine. That I want no one else to give you their life, your sick pleasure.

I hate you for what you've done to me.

I hate that I can't wait to meet you.

I hate that I love you. I love you more than you can imagine.
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