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Tom, Dick, Harry or...Earl?

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The auction is a success but after Alicia shares some wonderful news with Holly.

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Gerard has happily humming a Christmas tune when he reached the gallery. He’d been a bit concerned when he’d left the house about his still damp hair but now it was dry. However, a clap of thunder made him laugh. Chance were it was going to be wet again before he got inside. That possibility became a truth when he had to park three blocks down from the gallery and got out of the car just as the rain started falling.

He quickly ran most of the way to the gallery surprised to see such a huge turnout. People were waiting in the rain to get inside. Waiting as the crowed slowly filed in he said hello to several people he recognized many of whom were well known in the art world. His heart swelled with pride for Holly. Her work was getting the recognition it deserved and judging by this turnout a lot of money would be raised tonight for the shelters.

“Hey, Bro.” Mikey spotted his brother as soon as he was through the door. “What are you doing here? You told me you weren’t coming.”

Before he could answer Alicia joined them. “So Bandit is better?”

Gerard laughed. “Okay to answer your questions, Bandit is better but still a little under the weather. I’m here because Sally showed up to watch her.”

“You asked her?” Alicia questioned.

Gerard shook his head. “Nope I was shocked when she showed up at my door. I’d told her I wasn’t coming tonight.”

Alicia smiled, she liked Sally and immediately figured out Sally, being the good friend that she was, knew Gerard wanted to be here tonight. “That was nice of her.”

“It was.” Gerard answered as his eyes glanced around the crowded room. “Wow, I didn’t think there would be so many people here.”

“Isn’t this great?" Mikey smiled, “Holly is so pleased. She’s sure they are going to raise a lot of money for the shelters.”

“I’m sure they will.” Gerard was still looking around. “So where is she?”

Mikey laughed, “Hey she’s a celebrity tonight. Since this started she’s been giving interviews to a lot of important people in the art world. Did you know Grant and Kristen Morrison are here?”

“Really?” Gerard hadn’t known his friends would be attending. “Nope, I didn’t know they were coming. I haven’t talked to Grant in a few weeks.”

“Lots of people you know are here.” Alicia said as she snagged a glass of Perrier off a passing tray. “This is super cool but come on we’ll help you find Holly.”

Suddenly he wasn’t sure he wanted to see her, not just yet. “It’s okay. I’m just gonna mingle a bit.” He started to turn away but stopped, “Uh, is Molly here?”

“She was earlier.” Mikey answered. “But since it’s so crowded Holly thought it would be best if Kelly took her up to the loft.”


It was Alicia who answered. “That’s the babysitter Holly hired for tonight.”

“Oh.” Gerard digested this information.

“Hey Man.”

Gerard turned to the voice just over his shoulder. He was surprise and pleased to see it was his friend Adam Lazzara.

“Hey, Adam. Good to see you.” Gerard smiled turning to face him. Behind him he heard Mikey say they’d catch him later.

“Good to see you.” Adam clasped his shoulder. “It’s been a while.”

It had been a while. Gerard hadn’t seen Adam since Holly had been in the hospital.

“Too long.” Gerard nodded. “So what’s new?”

“Been in the studio like you.” Adam laughed. “Working like always.” He took a sip of his champagne. “So Holly’s looking great, isn’t she?”

“Well I haven’t seen her yet.” Gerard answered.

Adam tilted his head, “But you have seen her since she’s been back in LA, right?”

Gerard nodded. “Several times.” He wasn’t sure why but he didn’t feel like going into any details.

“And it went well?” Adam asked moving a bit closer.

The question caught Gerard off guard. “Why wouldn’t it?”

Adam gave him a sheepish grin. “Sorry being nosy.”

“No, that’s okay. I’m just sorta surprised by the question.”

Taking Gerard’s arm Adam led him to a place a bit out of the way where they could talk. “Look, I know Holly was coming back here so Molly could learn the truth.”

“She told you that?”

Adam nodded.

A thought wormed its way into Gerard’s brain. “Uh so when’ the last time you saw Holly, I mean before tonight?”

Adam thought a moment. “Let me think, about a month ago. I went out to dinner with Bob, Angie, Holly and Molly. I was in Chicago visiting friends.”

“And that’s when Holly told you she was going to come to LA?"

“No.” Adam shook his head. “She didn’t mention anything about it then. She told me the first on November when I called her.”

Just as Gerard thought, Holly had kept in contact with a lot of people. It was just him she hadn’t spoken to.

Adam wondered why this seemed to bother Gerard. “You didn’t have any contact with her until she came back to LA, did you?" He asked realizing he believed he now understood.

“None at all.” Gerard sighed. “But hey, I understand. She was busy.”

“Busy getting her life back.” Adam couldn’t keep himself from saying. “Shit, she almost died and then that physical therapy? God, I know that was painful. She won’t talk about it much but Bob told me that the pain was so bad she cried most days.”

This was something else Gerard hadn’t known. He looked down trying to find something to say

“Hey, you didn’t know.” Adam said softly.

“She didn’t want me to know.” Gerard answered shaking his head.

“Cause she didn’t want your sympathy.” Adam answered knowing it was the truth.

“She really don’t want anything from me.” Gerard said then quickly turned to make his way through the crowd.


Holly smiled when Arthur whispered in her ear how high some of the bidding was going. This was being run as a silent auction but the bids were being watched closely. In another hour they would make the announcement that only ten more minutes remained to place final bids.

Across the room Gerard was watching Holly. He’d been at the gallery for over an hour and still hadn’t talked to her. The time had never seemed right and now as she stood with Richard at her side the time seemed even more wrong than before.

“Hey.” Mikey said sliding up next to his brother. “Talked to Holly yet?”

Gerard sighed, “Nope, she’s been surrounded since I got here.” He took a sip of his Perrier and tried to smile. “But it’s all good. I can’t believe this turn out.”

Mikey nodded. “Yeah, you can tell by looking at her she’s so pleased.” His gaze followed his brothers to where Holly stood.

Gerard forced himself to stop looking at Holly. “So you bid on anything?”

“Shit yeah but I know we’re gonna be out bid.” Mikey laughed. “But having the artist as a best friend is pretty cool.”

“Yeah, best friend.” Gerard repeated softly.

“Oh.” Mikey said still looking in Holly’s direction.

Immediately Gerard looked back. Someone had just handed Holly her cane and she was leaning heavily against it.

“Her back must be bothering her.” Mikey said.

Gerard wondered if he could feel any worse. Obviously nights of sleeping in chairs, on sofa’s and picking up Bandit hadn’t helped Holly’s back. “Yeah, it must be.” He agreed sadly.

“But she looks so damn happy.” Mikey smiled unaware of his brothers feeling.

Gerard nodded as he watched Holly laugh at something Richard had just whispered in her ear.

Not far from where they were standing Alicia was watching the two brothers. When she saw Gerard move towards the front of the gallery she decided it was time to take action. Making her way through the crowed she reached Holly.

“Hey, can I talk to you a minute?”

“Sure.” Holly nodded. She smiled at Richard then followed Alicia to a spot by the wall. “What’s up?”

“Gee has been here for over an hour.” Alicia said getting right to the point.

Holly was shocked, “Gerard is here? But he told me he wasn’t coming.”

“Well he’s here.” Alicia answered. “But I think he’s leaving.” She tried to spot her brother in law in the crowd but couldn’t see him.


Gerard stepped out of the noisy gallery then took a deep breath. For a moment he stood under the awning staring out at the colorful puddles in the street that reflected the Christmas lights. I shouldn’t have come, he thought. The evening he’d believed would lift his spirits had done just the opposite. He pulled his collar of his light jacket around his neck then started to sprint down the block towards his car. The rain reflected his mood perfectly. He’d gone half a block when he heard his name being called out. Turning he saw Holly, cane in hand, hurrying towards him.

“Gee.” She called out again as she neared him. “What the hell?"

Forgetting about the rain he stared at her wondering why she seemed upset.

“Well?” She said as she reached him.


She brushed her wet hair out of her eyes. “Well what the hell? You come to the auction but don’t talk to me?”

“You were busy.” He answered lamely.

Holly laughed, “Busy? That’s your excuse?”

Until she laughed he’d been unsure of her mood but now she was smiling. Taking her arm he led her over towards a store front so they’d be sheltered by its awning. “Yeah, that’s my excuse.”

“Well it’s stupid.” Holly lifted her chin. “So what’s the real reason?”

He couldn’t even begin to explain that to her so instead he smiled, “Yeah I’m full of stupid reasons. Truth is I got a chance to come because Sally showed up to watch Bandit.”

“I know, Alicia told me.” Holly nodded.

“But I need to get back. I’m afraid Bandit’s fever might come back up so I should be there.”

“Yeah, of course.” Holly understood his reasoning. “But she is better, right?”

He loved her concern for Bandit. “Yep, better.”

“That’s good. I told you kids bounce back much better than adults.”

Yeah, he thought, Holly told him a lot of things he should have listened to before.

Holly was watching his eyes wondering what was going on behind them. “So anyway, thanks for coming.” She finally said over the sound of the rain which was falling even harder.

“Glad I could.” He answered sincerely. “Holly, I’m so proud of you.”

For a moment her eyes grew wide but then a beautiful smile covered her face. “Thank you, Gee.”

He wondered if he’d ever really told her that before.

Again Holly was confused by the look on his face. Was something wrong?

“Well..” He said knowing she needed to get back inside.

“Gee, was there something else you want to say?” Holly asked studying his eyes.

He knew there was so damn much he wanted to say it would take forever. “Uh, well..” He finally decided to bring up an idea that had come to him on the way here. “I was wondering, I mean,” He paused, “Hell it’s already the fifteenth of December and I don’t even have a Christmas tree. I was thinking maybe you and Molly could come out tomorrow and I’d have one delivered. We could let the girls decorate it.” When he saw Holly frown his heart sank.

“I’m really busy tomorrow.” Holly said glancing away.

“Oh sure.” Gerard shrugged. “I understand.” It had been a stupid thought anyway.

“But you did say Lindsey won’t be back until Sunday night?”

Hope suddenly filled his mind. “Yeah.”

“Well could we do it on Sunday? Molly and I could come out about ten if that’s okay?”

“Sure, that would be great.” He nodded happily.

Holly smiled, “That way Bandit will be sure to be all better so we can take the girls to pick out the tree.”

“Uh I was just gonna have one delivered.” He explained.

“Oh really.” Holly rolled her eyes. “Really? Just have someone deliver a tree? Gerard, this is your first Christmas in your new home. The tree has to be special. You can’t just have some Tom, Dick or Harry pick it out for you.”

This was the Holly he’d missed so much. “Really, well I think the guy who delivers them is named Earl.”

Again Holly rolled her eyes. “Can’t have some Tom, Dick, Harry or Earl pick out your tree. You really don’t get the rules do you?”

“Guess I don’t.” He laughed. “But you’ll explain them to me, I’m sure.”

“Suppose I’ll have to.” She grinned. She turned when she heard Arthur calling out her name. “Guess I better be getting back.”

“I’ll see you on Sunday.” Gerard said smiling from ear to ear.

Holly nodded. She turned but then stopped. Before he could react she leaned over, kissed him on the cheek, then hurried away.

Slowly Gerard walked through the pouring rain to his car. Once again he was humming a Christmas tune.


“So how did it go?” Sally asked as soon as he walked in the door.

Gerard looked over towards the sofa and saw that Bandit was curled up fast asleep. “Let me put her to bed then we’ll talk.” He said as he shrugged out of his wet jacket.

Sally nodded. “Should I make us some tea?”

“That would be great.” He answered as he lifted Bandit into his arms. He was feeling so good right now and he’d like to share that feeling with Sally.

By the time he had Bandit all settled in bed Sally was back in the living room with two cups of tea. “I cheated and microwaved the water.” She grinned.

Gerard sat down on the sofa next to her. “Thanks.” He lifted his cup and took a sip.

“So?” Sally was sure it had gone well judging by the smile that had been on his face when he’d entered the house but she wanted details.

“When I got there the place was packed. I left before the end but I’m sure a hell of a lot of money got raised for the shelters.”

“That’s good. I know how important that is to Holly.”

“It really is.” He nodded.

As much as he wanted to talk about what had happened he first had to know how things had gone here at home. “So Bandit didn’t give you any problems?”

Sally laughed, “Nope. We had lots of fun. Around ten her fever started to come up a bit but I did what you said and gave her some of that fever reducer. She told me “Olly’ got it for her.”

Gerard laughed. “Yep, she did. I always thought Bandit hated the medicine, I just didn’t know we were using the wrong flavor. Seems Bandit is a fan of the cherry kind.”

“Yep and it brought the fever right back down. We played fashion show for quite a while then watched some TV until she fell asleep.”

“That’s good.” Gerard smiled then took another sip of his tea. “I can’t thank you enough for watching her.”

“My pleasure.” Sally said carefully sitting back on the sofa with her cup in hand. “So tell me about Holly. Bet she was happy when you walked in.”

Gerard too sat back and got comfortable. “Actually she didn’t see me walk in. There were so many people there.”

“But obviously you talked to her. Come on Way, I could tell by that dopey look on your face when you walked in.”

“Dopey look?”

Sally laughed, “Yep. You know that incredibly happy, dopey look, you get.”

He didn’t mind her teasing at all. “Gosh, thanks.” He took another sip of tea. “To tell you the truth it didn’t go so well at first. I talked to Adam Lazzara and found out he’s been in contact with Holly while she was in Chicago.”

“And that bothered you?”

Gerard shrugged.

Sally thought a moment. “It bothered you because you didn’t have any contact with her then.”

This time he nodded.

“Okay so then what?”

“I mostly just mingled talking to people I knew.”

“But not Holly?"

“Hey, she was the center of attention. I didn’t want to bother her.” He paused then told Sally the truth. “And the fact that Richard was standing at her side most of the night didn’t help.”

“Oh.” Sally said slowly digesting this information.

“I mean, I’m not jealous or anything.”

To his chagrin Sally burst out laughing. “Right. Not jealous at all.”

Again he didn’t mind her teasing because she knew the truth. “Okay maybe a little jealous.”

“But you did talk to her?”

He nodded, “Yeah but after I left. I was starting down the sidewalk for my car when she caught up to me.”

“She came after you?”

A smile lit up his face. “Yeah. At first I wasn’t sure if she was mad or not. She asked me why I’d come but not talked to her.”

“A very good question.” Sally said dryly.

He shrugged, “I told her she’d been busy and I didn’t want to bother her.”

Sally laughed. “What a lame excuse.”

“Yeah, well, she thought so too.” He took another sip then added, “But she and Molly are gonna come out on Sunday so we can all go get a Christmas tree.”

“That’s great.” Sally smiled.

He grinned thinking back to the conversation he’d had with Holly. “I told her I was going to have one delivered and she just rolled her eyes at me.”

Sally too rolled her eyes. “Delivered?”

“Holly had the same reaction. She said that since it’s the first Christmas in my new home the tree had to be special and that meant we had to pick it out ourselves.”

“And she’s right. It will be fun, I’m sure.”

He nodded. “Yeah, honestly I can’t wait. Tomorrow I’ll dig out the Christmas ornaments I have and hopefully we’ll have enough to decorate the tree.”

“Think you have enough?”

“Well I hope so. Linds insisted I take some because she told me I’d have a tree.” Suddenly his smile slipped.

“First Christmas divorced.” Sally said softly.

He nodded, “Yeah, sorta sad about that but hey, Bandit will be here on Christmas day.”

“What about Christmas eve?”

“Linds will have Bandit on Christmas eve.” He answered.

“Yeah, I know that. I mean what are you doing?”

Gerard sighed, “I really haven’t given it any thought. Christmas Day the family is all coming here. Guess I’m going to Mikey’s.”


He gave her a confused look.

“Who else is going to be there?”

“Oh. Well Mikey said that they’d asked Holly and it sounded like they’d be there.”

Sally nodded, “Then of course you’ll be there.” She took another sip of her tea giving her some time to think. Finally she said, “So what about after that?”

She was really confusing him tonight. “After?”

While Sally didn’t want to get his hopes up at the same time she didn’t want him to miss an opportunity. “Yeah, after. After you all leave Mikey’s what are you planning?”

“To come home, I guess.” That thought made him suddenly feel sad. Coming home to an empty house on Christmas Eve would be difficult.

“And I guess they will be going home to the loft.” She paused a minute then decided just to come out and say what was on her mind. “Seems to me the loft isn’t an idea place to wait to hear Santa’s sleigh bells.”

Gerard gave her a surprised look. “You remember that?” He vaguely remembered sharing with Sally any details about last Christmas eve and the tradition Holly shared with her daughter.

Sally smiled, “Gee, of course I do. What I heard in your voice when you told me how you’d set up the sleigh bells for Holly to play…well, yeah I remember. It’s a wonderful tradition. I can just imagine them sitting outside listening where they live now.”

Gerard glanced away wistfully. “Yeah, it really is. Last Christmas Eve I didn’t even know Molly was my daughter but damn I wanted to be a part of it.”

Sally gave him an understanding look. “I know. But now you do know she’s your daughter and it just seems right you should get a chance to be part of that tradition. Think about it, before you know it Molly won’t believe in Santa.”

“Shit, are you trying to depress me?” He tried to make it sound like he was teasing but the pain underlying his words was clear.

She reached out and gently touched his arm. “Not at all. I just think that maybe Holly would understand you want to be a part of the tradition.”

He frowned, “I’m not sure about that. Besides you’re right the loft isn’t really the idea place. They’d have to go out on the sidewalk to wait.”

“But you have a very nice front porch. One that seems perfect for sitting outside and waiting to hear sleigh bells.”

His first reaction was to dismiss the whole idea. While Holly had seemed to have warmed up to him tonight he still remembered how she’d acted the last time they’d spoken. “I don’t think Holly would go for that.” He said softly. “She’s still pretty skittish about things.”

Sally sighed, “I know but hey, it wouldn’t hurt to ask, would it?”

He tried not to get his hopes up but damn, the more he thought about it the more he wanted it. “Yeah, I guess I could ask her. Maybe she and Molly would come here Christmas Eve. I mean I was going to ask her to come Christmas Day with the family for dinner and if they stayed Christmas Eve they’d already be here.”

“Just don’t push her, Gee. And whatever you do, don’t ask her in front of Molly.”

He nodded in understanding. “Yeah, cause I’m sure Molly would want to and if Holly doesn’t it would cause another incident like the other night.”

Sally nodded, “Right. You don’t want to cause trouble for Holly.” She paused then added softly, “I’m sure sharing Molly’s love with you isn’t easy for her.” She hoped he’d understand her words.

And he did. “Until now it was just her and Molly.”

“Right, but now that Molly knows you’re her father that’s changed.”

He sighed, “This is all a tricky situation. I want to be a big part of Molly’s life but at the same time I don’t ever want Holly to think I’m trying to take Molly from her.”

“And I’m sure she understands that but at the same time I’m guessing she’s a little afraid of that happening. What you told me about Molly loving your house so much and wanting to stay here had to upset Holly.”

He nodded then took another sip of tea lost in thought.

“Whatever she decides make sure she understands you’re supporting her.” Sally said softly. “You already have your daughter’s love, now you’re trying to get her mothers.”

“I really am.” The emotion in his voice was thick. “Tonight when I talked to her it was like I was suddenly with the Holly I remember from before everything happened. There was laughter in her voice and her eyes.” He paused before adding. “God, I’ve missed that so much.”


“Wow if you could see the look on your face.” Alicia laughed as she collapsed on the sofa in Holly’s loft.

“What look?” Holly asked slipping off her shoes then taking a seat next to her friend.

“It’s a very pleased look.”

Holly grinned, “Pleased as a possum?”

This caused Alicia to giggle. “Yeah, but I never did get that saying. Why was the possum pleased?”

“Dunno.” Holly shrugged. “But yeah, I’m pleased. God, when Arthur told me how much money was raised tonight I thought I’d heard him wrong.”

“Pretty incredible isn’t it?’ Alicia smiled. “So why didn’t you tell me Arthur was Kelly’s uncle?”
She only found this out when they’d returned to the loft and Arthur was getting ready to take the babysitter home.

Holly was surprised by the question. “I don’t know.” Suddenly she had a thought. “Why? I mean did you think I’d leave Molly in someone’s care that I didn’t know anything about?”

Alicia heard the hurt in her voice. “No, of course not.” She wanted to change the subject quickly. Holly was in such a good mood she didn’t want to jeopardize that. “So, sure you don’t have a problem with me crashing here tonight?”

“No.” Holly laughed. “But really I would have brought Molly over in the morning.” Alicia had asked if she could take Molly shopping tomorrow knowing that Holly was going to be busy.

Alicia stretched her long legs out on the sofa. “Hey, I like getting away for a change.”

Holly studied her closely. “You and Mikey aren’t having problems are you?”

“Nope.” Alicia grinned, “Not at all. But I thought it would be nice just to hang with my friend tonight even though it’s late.”

“It is late.” Holly said glancing at the clock, “But damn I’m not tired. Must be the high left over from tonight.” She couldn’t put into words how happy she was that the auction had been such a success.

“So.” Alicia said trying to fish for information. “Tell me about Richard.”

Holly wasn’t surprised by the question. She knew Alicia had been watching her tonight and had seen that Richard stayed close by her side. “What about him?”

“Well I know he owns restaurants.”

“Yep, and I’m doing art work for the one under construction.”

Alicia tried to hide her true emotions when she asked, “So, anything going on between you two?”

Holly laughed, “I love how you start out trying to inconspicuously get information but just give up and come right out and ask.”

“That wasn’t very good, was it?” Alicia laughed. “Okay I’ll admit I’m nosy. The guy looked like he was glued to you tonight. I’m just wondering why.”

“He’s a friend.” Holly sighed, “Nothing more.”

“But he’d like to be more.” Alicia said her smile slipping,. “That’s obvious.”

Holly knew that was true but it was something she wasn’t going to discuss. “So what else do you want to know?”

Alicia was surprised by the question. “What else?”

“Yeah, what else.” Holly nodded. “I can just see the wheels in your head turning. I suppose you want to know what happened when I talked to Gerard.”

Alicia gave her a sheepish look. “Well, I was sorta wondering. You took off after him and was gone a while.”

“I wasn’t gone very long.” Holly corrected her. “Just long enough to yell at him for not talking to me.”

“You yelled at him?”

“Not, really.” Holly smiled, “But I did ask him why he’d come then not bothered to talk to me.”

“Could be because Richard was stuck to you.” Alicia grouched.

Holly rolled her eyes. “Richard wasn’t stuck to me. Anyway, what difference would that make?”

This time Alicia rolled her eyes. “Oh Holly, at times you drive me crazy. So you and Gee are okay?”

Holly thought back to the conversation. “Yeah, we’re going to take the girls to get a Christmas tree for his house on Sunday.”

“Oh.” Alicia clapped her hands. “That’s great.”

“We’re just getting a tree.” Holly repeated trying to keep Alicia from reading too much into it.

“Speaking of trees we don’t even have one yet. Maybe Molly can help me and Mikey get one tomorrow.”

Holly was surprised, “You guys don’t have a tree yet?”

Alicia sighed, “So much as been going on we haven’t had time.” She glanced over at the small tree sitting in the corner. “This month seems like it’s flying by so fast.”

There was something in Alicia’s voice that concerned Holly. “So much going on? Are you sure you’re okay?”

When Alicia looked over at her there were tears in her eyes. “Things are great.”

“So why the tears?”

Alicia stared at her a minute. “Crap I have to tell you.” She took a deep breath. “When you were in Chicago I had a miscarriage.”

“Oh Alicia.” Holly whispered in shock. “I’m so sorry.” She knew how deeply her friend wanted a child.

Alicia shook her head. “It’s okay. I was devastated at the time but Mikey was there for me. He told me to just remember things always happen for a reason and that we’re just not meant to understand. Oh Holly, he was so good to me.”

“Of course he was, he loves you.” Holly said reaching out for her hand.

“We didn’t tell anyone.” Alicia explained, “I mean I was just a few weeks along.” She paused, “But…” She paused, “Holly, I’m pregnant again and this time everything is going right. I went to the doctor today and she says everything looks good.”

“How far along are you?” Holly asked getting over her initial shock.

“Three months.” Alicia laughed, “Can’t tell, can you?”

“Not yet.” Holly leaned over and hugged her. “I’m so happy for you.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before now but…”

“I understand.” Holly nodded.

“Actually we haven’t told anyone yet.” Alicia grinned, “We’re gonna make the announcement Christmas Day when Don and Donna are here.”

“I didn’t know Don was coming.”

Alicia nodded, “Yeah, he’s not flying in until Christmas morning. We’re picking him up at the airport on the way to Gee’s.”

Holly smiled, “Wow are they going to be happy.”

“Just pretend you don’t know.” Alicia said growing serious. “I mean even Gee don’t know yet.”

“I won’t say a word.” Holly promised.

“But you have to act surprised.”

“Oh.” Holly sat back.

“Oh?” Alicia was confused.

“Well we’re coming to your house Christmas Eve but…”

Now Alicia understood. “Well of course you guys are going to Gee’s on Christmas Day. Heck, Don’s gonna be there and you know he’ll want to see Molly, for sure.”

“This is the first time I’ve heard anything about the Christmas day plans.” Holly admitted.

“Stupid brother in law.” Alicia rolled her eyes. “He’s probably been afraid to mention it to you but I know he wants you and Molly there.”

“Why would he be afraid to mention it to me?”

Alicia laughed, “Because knowing Gerard he’s afraid you’ll say no. I’m sure he just figured me and Mikey would handle getting you guys there. I mean I kinda understand that. You guys are family and that’s what the family is doing Christmas day.”

Holly leaned back against the cushions trying to gather her thoughts. “Well it’s his house so it’s up to him to invite us.”

Alicia’s eyes narrowed. “Okay but when he does you’re gonna say yes, right?”

Holly glanced away.

“Holly.” Alicia said sternly. “Of course you’re gonna say yes. You have to be there when Mikey and I tell everyone about the baby. Besides Bandit is gonna be there and you know she and Molly want to see each other.”

This whole situation was getting more and more complicated. “I suppose that’s true.” She finally said with a sigh. “But he still has to ask.”
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