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New Perspective [Music and Words]

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I used to see no beauty in the world, but Mikey Way gave me a new perspective. *Pikey, cause it's freakin adorable*

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Ever since meeting Mikey Way, my views on the world have changed.

I've learned that there is beauty in everything. Even silence. Yes, silence, the one thing notorious Pete Wentz used to avoid at all costs. Now however, I've been taught that not every second must be filled with nonsensical chatter. I've been shown that more can be conveyed in a caring look or loving caress than a million words ever could.

Before my Mikey came along, I hated glasses. I thought they looked bad on everyone, something I'd never mention to my best friend. But then that spectacled little boy waltzed into my life and I couldn't find anything more attractive.

My sweet Mikey has shown me that everyone deserves love. For some odd reason, that does include me. I don't know how I can ever repay him for coaxing me down off that ledge. If he hadn't had saved me, I would never have gotten to know my beautiful Mikey, much less love him. And there's no way to judge your existence withouta Mikey because until I found my Mikey, I wasn't really existing. I guess the only way I can start repaying his always faithful love is by being the best boyfriend absolutely possible.

I used to believe my life worthless, but then I found Mikey. He says everyone has a reason to live and I know I've found mine. I'm here to make Mikey Way smile and make him feel as amazing as he is. I'm here to protect him from all the not-so-beautiful words and the people who haven't yet seen the beauty of his glasses or the absolute beauty of him.

I used to be worthless and alone, then I met Mikey.

I used to see nothing but darkness, then I got my sunshine and everything brightened.

I used to see no beauty in the world, but Mikey Way gave me a new perspective.
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