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Sweet Emotion

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A slashy look at the making of the video for 'Sweet Emotion' by Aerosmith

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"Damnit, guys, we can't use that shot, either!" The director called, making the cut motion to the cameraman as they weren't quick enough to cut away and Steven and Joe were once again kissing.

"I told you it was a bad idea to let them sing to each other." Joey called from behind the drums, grinning as Steven turned and stuck his tongue out with him. "Don't stick that thing out unless you plan to use it." He joked.

"It's taken." Joe deadpanned without even turning his head, his hands unconsciously tuning the guitar in his hands.

"Yeah, it's taken." Steven said, inching closer to Joe.

"Steven, please? We wanna get out of here at some point today." Tom called from the other side of the room, shaking his head. He wasn't really all that worried about it, he and Brad were having the time of their lives watching Steven and Joe trying to make this video without actually fucking right there in front of the cameras.

"Can you get back into position?" The director called, silently thanking God that they had already filmed the parts without the band in them.

The five band members got back into position, Joey behind his drums, Tom and Brad off to one side, Joe off to the other. Steven was supposed to be in the middle, in front of Joey to start, but he set his mic stand in front of Joe and started making eyes at him again. After several minutes of bitching the director finally got them all back into the proper positions to begin again and started filming. The second the cameras started, however, Steven and Joe were inching towards each other.

"Cut!" The director called once again. Shaking his head, he looked around; maybe if they got to sing into the same mic they would be satisfied? He doubted it, but at this point, anything was worth a shot.

"Somebody get Joe's mic out of there. Joe, move over near Steven. I want both of you to face the camera as you do the opening chorus, then we'll get back into what the script says." He said, waiting as they all moved into the new positions.

"You don't want to do that. Trust me." Joey called from behind the drums.

"Let's just try it, okay?" The director asked. Finally, several minutes later they had everyone where he wanted them and the cameras were going once again.

Everything worked great until they switched to the color shots, then Joe and Steven were turned to face one another once again. They got the words out, but their faces got closer and closer together, their eyes stayed locked, and their heads cocked in opposite directions in unison. No sooner had they gotten out the second 'Sweet Emotion' than the two of them were kissing once again, though this time Joe at least continued to play his guitar as they did so.

Of course, what he was playing on it and the song they were currently recording the video for were two entirely different things.

"God damnit! Cut!" The director called once again.

"Told you not to do that." Joey called, grinning.

"Well hell, anyone should have known not to do that. Steven showed up wearing his 'Toxic Twins' t-shirt." Brad drawled out, as though that made everything plain and clear.

Well, to the band, it did, but the director was clueless. He just stared at them for a few minutes with a dumbfounded expression on his face before realizing that while Joey was still sitting behind the drums, and Tom and Brad had moved back into position, Steven and Joe were still kissing, Joe having quit playing the guitar by this time, as his arms were wrapped around Steven. Steven was giving just as good as he got, his hands under Joe's open jean jacket, and damnit, he wasn't wearing a shirt.

"Guys! This is a video, not home porn." Brad called, seeing the frustration rising on the director's face. Shaking his head and laughing as they finally broke apart and looked around as though questioning why everyone was staring at them.

Three more times they tried the shot, all three of them ended in the same result. Finally the director decided to just cut away from them before they could finish singing it, turning the camera to Joey on the drums, instead. Crisis averted, right? Well, after the tenth take, they got Joey to keep a straight face, but the video had just begun.

The director was hopeful they would get through at least a few more scenes, then maybe they could take a break, get something to eat, let the two of them sneak off somewhere for a little while. Hell, he was about to tell them to just fuck and get it over with, but from the looks the rest of the band was giving him; he had the feeling that was a bad idea.

Two scenes. That's what they made it through before they were at it again. This time Steven was humping Joe's hip.

"Cut!" The director called once again.

"You'd do better to put something between them." Joey called from behind the drums.

The director sighed, shaking his head. He couldn't separate Tyler and Perry. They were the names and faces that everyone recognized from Aerosmith. But he had to do something. This was getting ridiculous. Maybe if he put Tom and Brad over there with them?

"Tom, Brad, why don't the two of you move in, too, then we can get the whole band in one shot?" The director requested, blatantly ignoring the fact that the room looked horridly uncentered in the shots with all of them right there in the middle of it like that. Tom and Brad just laughed before doing as requested and getting over there with them, the four of them forming a semi-circle in front of Joey and his drums.

"Brad, switch places with Tom." Joey called once again, obviously stifling a chuckle as he noted that Tom was next to Steven.

Tom and Brad started to switch places, but the director shook his head at them, and they just shrugged and waited. Sure enough, as soon as they started back up, thankfully after the chorus this time, Steven wrapped an arm around Tom's shoulder and started whispering into his ear. Tom turned twenty kinds of red listening to Steven whisper something to him, watched Joe for a long minute then backed up into Brad so tight the director had to wonder how Brad managed to continue playing his bass.

Brad shook his head, nuzzled Tom's neck, then glared at Steven, who just smiled innocently at him and went back to singing to Joe. Of course, his version of singing to Joe involved singing the lyrics into Joe's ear instead of the mic, complete with visible tongue action.

"Cut!" The director called yet again.

"Are you ready to listen to me yet?" Joey called.

"Fine. If it will get this damn video made, I'll listen. Whatever. Just get them to stop." The director whined, completely defeated. He was honestly wondering why he had taken this job. It should have been simple. All the band had to do was play the song and have fun with it, unfortunately their version of having fun with it was no good for anything other than gay porn.

"Tom, Brad, go back over where you were to start with. Quit looking at Steven like that, Brad, I am not dealing with you and Joe getting into it because you hit Steven. Tom should be used to hearing that shit by now." Joey said, not even bothering to ask what was wrong.

He had seen them in action before, and the child was out in Steven right now. He knew without a doubt that Steven had told Tom something about what he and Joe had done, were going to do, or something along those lines. Tom, in his innocence, had been embarrassed by it and gone to Brad for protection. Brad's automatic reaction was to tell Steven to leave Tom alone, however in the mood Steven was in, he would just end up picking on Brad, too, which would cause Brad to slap him. They never actually hit each other anymore. They had stopped that long ago when they had gotten off the drugs and put the band back together. But that would be enough to get Joe's attention, which was what Steven was after anyway. Brad and Joe would end up in a screaming match, and frankly, he had a headache and didn't feel like dealing with it.

"Joe, move back over by that chair near your amp so you can hear if your guitar goes out of tune again." Joey continued, knowing that was likely the only thing that was going to distract him from Steven. Great, now Steven had a pout on his face. "Steven, why don't you dance for Joe while we do the next bit?" He continued, hoping to cut off the tantrum he saw building.

It worked. Steven got a huge grin on his face as they got ready to get started again. The director quickly realized they were going to have to keep switching cameras and never show just where it was Steven was looking when he grabbed his crotch, but it was definitely better than it had been. Hell, they might even be able to play it off as the band just having fun with the song.

"God damnit! Cut!" The director screamed once again, convinced that he hated the chorus to this song.

Everything had been going good till they got to the chorus, then Steven had worked his way over to Joe to sing it with him, and it all went to hell again. "How do the two of you manage to perform a concert without doing this shit?" He asked, exasperated as Joe and Steven broke apart and gave him matching sheepish grins.

"They have sex in the dressing room while the opening act is performing." Brad replied, shaking his head and giving the director a look that plainly stated that should be obvious.

"Even then it doesn't always work." Tom continued for him. "Haven't you ever noticed the two of them have a horrid habit of disappearing behind the amps between songs?"

"And we're not even going into the things they manage during my drum solos." Joey finished with a smirk.

"You said you wanted sexually charged for this video." Joe stated, his arm slid around Steven's shoulders holding him against him.

"Yeah, I did. But it needs to be targeted to your female audience. You know, the teenaged fangirls that buy all your albums? The last thing they want to know is that the lead singer and the lead guitarist are having an affair with each other, and they don't stand a chance with either of you." The director argued.

"It's not an affair. Joe and I are in a relationship, not having some sordid affair." Steven complained, his dark eyes flashing fire.

"That's not what he meant, baby." Joe murmured, tugging Steven a little closer to himself, his lips grazing his temple as he shot the director a look that plainly stated he better say something to fix it or he was in deep shit.

The director's eyes flickered between Joe and Steven, flying over to glance at Tom and Brad, but there was only disgust on their faces, over to Joey, but he was just flashing him a look that said he was stupid. "I didn't mean to belittle your relationship, guys. I was just saying that it would be bad for sales to know that the two of you are involved." He said.

The mutiny stayed on all five faces for a few minutes, but eventually they calmed down and were ready to start again. From the chorus again. Great. The director already knew he was going to have to cut away before they finished singing it, but what he wasn't expecting was to have to go through it five times because Joe flipped his hair and Steven stopped singing every damn time and just stood there and watched him. He thought he heard Brad whispering something to Tom about Joe was doing that to get back at Steven for the crawl across the pool table he had done before, but he wasn't exactly sure, so he left it alone. Finally they got it, though he wasn't quite quick enough to cut away from them, and this time he caught their heads inching closer and tilting, and anyone who looked at the shot knew they were going to kiss.

Whatever. At this point, the director honestly could care less. As long as MTV was willing to show it, he didn't care anymore if they just fucked on the stage. He wasn't going to tell them that, though. They would likely take it as permission to do so and go at it right there.

Three hours and....hell, who knew how many takes later, they finally had it. Or at least something they could use and piece together. He didn't want to think of how much was going to hit the editing room floor.

"Alright, guys, that's a wrap." The director called, sighing as that seemed to be the sign for Steven to drop his mic stand from where he had been holding it against his crotch and turn into Joe. Brad and Tom took a pair of seats and began talking quietly with each other. He did note that they were holding hands, though, but at least the two of them were nice enough to not...Oh God, was Steven on his knees in front of...not looking that way. Joey got up from behind his drums and started helping him get everything together to go. He wasn't sure if he was trying to be nice, or just get him out of there. As he got the last of his things together and got his camera crew out, he realized he didn't care. As long as he was gone, it didn't matter.

Joey turned back to the room as he shut and locked the studio door after the crew was gone. He sighed as he looked over the scene. "Sure is lonely being the drummer." He muttered to himself as he walked back over to his drum kit and picked up a book he had set there earlier. He needed something to do while he waited. Odd man out really sucked.

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