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Frank woke up to this annoying squeaking noise next to him. Frikey.

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Frank woke up to this annoying squeaking noise next to him.
"Mikey," Frank mumbled in his morning voice, trying to sound normal. It's not possible before his first coffee. "What're yøu doing?" Mikey hiccuped again.
"T-trying to read y-your Harry Potter b-ook, but I have the hic-cups."
Frank leaned up to clarify Mikey's statement, and groaned.
"Mother fucker better not lose my page. You tried anything to stop them?"
Mikey smirked at him from over the page. "You're at the part were Snape dies, right?" Frank poked his fingers in his ears and started going "la la la la la la la la la".
"I am not listening to you tell me stuff about the book I haven't finished yet!" He sung.
"F-fuck you. And n-no, I haven't. Any ideas?"
"Have you drunk water upside-down?"
"Doesn't work. F-fuck."
"I was watching QI the other day, they had an idea...... The only one that generally works is something like anal massage? It's basically where you stuck your finger in and have a wiggle around." Frank blushed, still unsure of why he'd said that.
"H-ha. Fucking f-freak. That's why I l-love you though." Mikey smirked at him. "Why do you say that, anyway?" He turned around and wiggled his ass at him. "You want a go?"
Frank's eyes turned lusty and dark. "Fuck yeah."
"That excalated quick-l-ly." Mikey giggled, sitting on Frank's lap and grinding slightly..... What? They'd been dating for years. They're allowed to do that kind of thing. It's hot, okay? Anyway. Grinding.
Frank's blush turned redder as he turned Mikey around, so he was straddling Frank's hips.
"Oh... Fuck, Mikey.... Dio, my bed, now."
They managed to make it to his bedroom, just, diving onto the bed as soon as they got there.
"Fuck, F-Frank...I want.....shit..."
"What was that, sweet cheeks?"
"I w-want you to fuck m-me through the f-fucking mattress."
"......Fuck. Okay.....lemme just....fuck, lube, where is it......fucker..."
Mikey giggled, hicupped, then giggled again.
"Quit giggling, mother fucker, else no sex for you." Frank earnt himself a pout from Mikey.
"Found it, anyway...."
Frank slopped on a lot of lube onto his fingers, grinning, and pushed into Mikey, wiggling three fingers into his warm, tight ass. He thrust them further in until he felt a bundle of nerves under his fingertips. Frank rubbed at it, making Mikey push back against him, moaning like a whore. He stopped suddenly, and stroked his own dick quickly, and entered Mikey again.
"Dio... You feel... Shit. Wow." Frank mumbled. Mikey held the bedsheets between his fingers.
"Frank... I need to.."
They came simultaniously, and collapsed on each other, panting.
"Yes Mikey?"
"I lost my hiccups."
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