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What's Up Chuck?

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"'Sup Chuck?" he grinned to me. "Dude, why say that to me? Your name is Chuck."

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I'd been laying on my bed alone in my room when I heard the doorbell go downstairs. I disregarded it and assumed it was some salesman or someone asking for some building job. Yeah... Not a lot of people tend to visit us.
I groaned when I heard a knock at my bedroom door. It could only be one out of a possible four people. Not the fifth... He can go fuck himself.
I clambered up off my bed, hunched over from the tiredness and insomnia I've had to endure for the past few weeks, since I'd learnt of something I really wasn't best pleased about...
I opened my door, to be greeted by the cheesy grin of my best friend, Chuck Comeau.
"'Sup Chuck?" he grinned to me.
"Dude, why say that to me? Your name is Chuck."
He chuckled lowly at me picked me up in a huge bear hug, "Just go along with it Riley." I wrapped my arms around his neck, greeting him. "How are you, sugar?" he said as he set me back down.
I shrugged, "Who knows, Chuck?"
He raised an eyebrow at me, "You do, Ri." I shook my head at him and he sat on my bed, sighing. "I know when you're hiding it, I've known you long enough."
I hopped onto my bed and laid down beside his cross-legged form. "I don't know, Chuck."
He flipped onto his front and propped himself up with his elbows, looking at me. A bit too sincerely for my liking.
"Riley, please? I care, okay? You're my best friend..." The guilt trip... Great.
I groaned in annoyance, "Chuck. Please? I don't know..." I folded my arms protectively across my chest.
My best friend sighed and moved onto his back next to me, pulling me into his body, holding me tightly.
"Riley... I've known you since you were, what, five?" I sighed and looked away from him, only to have my head pulled back by my chin. "I know you too well, Ri. There's not much point in lying to me. Even if you don't want to tell me, I just need to know if you're okay, if I need to be worrying about you..."
I smirked slightly, "Charles, I think we both know you worry plenty about me." He smiled sadly in return.
"Be that as it may, child..." I frowned at his use of the word 'child' to address me... Fair enough I was hardly a senior citizen, but I was 16 for christ sakes. He just sighed and placed his chin on top of my head, which lay on his chest.
"Change of subject, then? Seeing as you're stubborn as fuck."
I grinned in triumph and he squeezed my arm. "So... Anything new happening with the guys?"
He pursed his lips in thought, "I guess the most exiting thing to happen in the band this week is David bleaching his hair... Pretty good though."
I chuckled in disbelief, "Oh that boy... What will we ever do with him?" Chuck shook his head and smiled.
I'd known Chuck, David, Sébastien, Jeff and... The other one... For as long as I could remember. When my family moved to Québec when I was five years old, those five boys had been the trusted neighbourhood kids who would do any job for a bit of cash. So, naturally... They babysat me. Oh ya. That's right. Those boys were given jobs involving responsibility. At first they had taken turns with the job, seeing as my mum was away a lot with work, and my brother was way too irresponsible to do it, tending to sneak out, leaving me on my own.
My dad, on the other hand, had no work, and was incredibly responsible. But he was in hospital when I was five, going on six. He was finally rid of his confinement of that place... But in the worst way possible...
Chuck had clicked his fingers in front of my face, snapping me back to reality. I looked at him with a blank expression, "Yeah?"
His brow wrinkled, "I said, 'The guys told me to tell you they really miss you'... Are you okay?"
I nodded and looked down towards my hands, entwined with Chuck's, "Well if they miss me that much, they should come and see me then, shouldn't they?" I smirked.
Chuck huffed, "Come out with us, Ri. You never do anymore, never leave the house except for school. We're all really worried about you... You've been kinda... Distant for the past couple of months."
'Yeah, trying to avoid that bastard', I thought to myself, while on the outside, I only shrugged.
My best friend sighed, "Fine. I'll ask if they'll come spend the day here. I'm sure they miss you enough, don't worry." Chuck smiled soothingly. "We'll just chill, catch up on stuff, we never really share stuff with each other anymore..."
I interrupted him, "Yeah, Chuck, I get it. I'm sorry I've been such boring arse lately." My hint of pure English came through when I spoke. I had moved from England, but tried my hardest to keep my accent, although despite this, it had disappeared greatly.
He smiled sympathetically, “It’s okay... We understand that you’re not in the best of moods right now...”
I huffed, “So. Back to talking. Anything else that’s new?”
Chuck puffed out his cheeks, blowing the air back out, “Not really... Stuff with the band is pretty slow right now...” I just hummed and looked down, “Oh! But did you hear about Pierre proposing to Erin?”
I closed my eyes at the mention of his name, trying to hide the hurt I felt inside. But, naturally, Chuck noticed this.
“Yo... Hey... What’s wrong?” He looked down at me, worry painted all over his face. Goddammit.
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