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Well that was unexpected. (This is an edited ending from a fic called Save me that my friends have read, I theorized a slightly unrealistic ending, and now I have made it real I HAVE NOT READ THE...

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You were exhausted. Your arms were sore, and your wrists were throbbing. Your stomach was still stained with that word. You just wanted to die, and you knew that you had a ways to go before your torturer finally finished you off. He paced around the room contemplatively, and you simply stared in silence with your sunken eyes. You were so tired. The pain you were feeling was intense, but it was dimmed, and you felt unconsciousness creeping around the corner. You knew Gerard wouldn't allow you to sleep. You wondered what he'd do when you were finally through. This was all your fault, your bad judgement and idiocy had caused you this. You stared at the ceiling, looking past it and the stories above into the sky. The basement was so dark, being in here so long is all that let you see anything, your eyes had adjusted to the lack of brightness. You longed to be free, to smell the fresh air. The next best thing would be your death. You gave up. You let go of yourself and slumped to the floor. His head twisted to you, and he took a few steps in your direction. You braced yourself for what was next, but you felt nothing. You opened your eyes just a crack to see his head had snapped to the stairway on the other side of the room. You wondered why, and suddenly you heard footsteps. Thump Thump Thump "Gerard? Where in the hell are you?" you drew in a sharp breath and realized it was Gerard's brother Mikey. Gerard froze and glared at the doorway as his brother rushed in "There you are, I was looking all over for-" he stopped and stared at the room, at his brother, and his eyes finally rested on the beaten-up 12 year-old. "...You" immediately, he drop kicked his brother in the face and scooped him up from the floor. He carved an inter-dimensional hole into the wall, and it became the window of an apartment on the sixth floor. He proceeded to toss his brother out of the window, came to you, and conjured a unicorn. That unicorn healed you, broke the chains, and then Mikey threw you onto it's back, climbing on himself. He sprouted wings and picked up the unicorn with his legs, carrying it and you to your house. Your mom was waiting on the balcony, and Mikey dropped you off there. He said "I am so sorry my brother is a dipshit, here is your lovely child back. Take good care of him." Your mother stared in shock and said "Who are you, what are you talking about?" and his reply was simply "Can't stop won't stop" and he proceeded to Ollie of into the sunset.
The end
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