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No One Like My Prince

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Sasha Bell Was Not One For Being Extremely Popular. Ryan Ross, On The Other Hand, Was The Most Popular And Most Atractive Kid In School. Who Knew Her Freshman Year Would Be The Start Of A Romance?

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Its A Little Cliché Sorry)
It Was Sashas First Day Of Freshman Year, And She Was Nervous As Hell! She began to groan again as she slowly made her way to start her  morning shower. As she made her way downstairs, she saw her mom at the kitchen table.

"MOM Make me breakfast!" 

Her mom gave her an annoyed look.


"ugh Sasha sometimes you are just the Cherry on top of my morning." Her Mother said sarcastically.

"Thanks mom, love you too" She glared.

She Went Upstairs To Finish Getting Dressed, Putting On A Pair Of Skinny Jeans And An Aeropostale Tee, Makeup And Jewelry, And Getting The Top Layer Of Her Dark Brown Hair In A Hair Tie And Straightening The Bottom Layer And Bangs. Then Got Her Favorite Neon Pink Vans On. 
She Went Downstairs To Finish Breakfast, Brush Her Teeth, And Grab Her Backpack To Head Out The Door. 

"Bye Mom Love You!"

"Bye Sweetie Have A Good Day!" 

She Walked Down The Road To Where She Met Her Best Friends, Christine, Sami, Brooke, Caitlyn, Ryan (Who She Nicknamed Stanky Due To His Last Name Stankus) And Koleton. They Have Always Rode On The Same Bus Together Since The 5th Grade And Still Continue On It. 

"Hey Sasha.!" Brooke Yelled, Running Towards Her Best Friend To Give Her A Hug, Trampling Her Over In The Process.  Brooke Was Never The  Most Girly Girl Anyones Ever Met, Mostly Into Sports, And Very Hyper Active, But They All Loved Her Anyway. 

"OWWW, Hey, Brookie" 

"Hey Sash!" Stanky said Helping Her Up. Stanky Was Very Flamboyant, Almost Gay, Same With Koleton As Well.

"Hey Sash, Love Your Shoes!" Caitlyn Said. Caitlyn Was Like Sami's Little Follower. See, Sami Had This Thing Where She Thought She Ruled Everyone And Everything. But Shes Still My One Of Best Friends. And Caitlyn Was Really Into Sports As Well, But A Little More Girlyish Than Brooke Was. 

"Thanks Cait, So Guys, Are Any Of You As Nervous As I Am Today? I'm Like, Freaking Out Here"

"YESS" They All Said In Unison, Just As The Bus Was Pulling Up. 

The Friends All Took Their Usual Seats Together, Sasha And Koleton In The Last Seat On The Left, Christine And Stankus On The Last Seat Of The Right, Brooke In The Seat In Front Of Them And Sami And Caitlyn In The Seat In Front Of Sasha And Koleton. 
Sami Turned Around Facing Sasha

"So Sash," She Said With A Grin On Her Face

"We Hear You Had A Boyfriend This Summer..." 
Sasha Was Not Really One For Boyfriends. She Always Had A Crush On Atleast One Person, And Plenty Of Guys Always Asked Her Out, But She Always Rejected Them. The Thing With Her Is Shes BEAUTIFUL, But She Just Doesnt Know It Yet. Her Biggest Excuse Was That She Cared More About School And Getting Work Done, Which Was True. She Wanted So Bad To Be School Valedictorian And To Get Into Harvard To Be Some Kind Of Doctor. 
Sasha Looked Up At Sami Dissapointed, And Everyone Around Stared At Her.

"Umm, Guys, Lets Please Not Talk About This Here"

"OH COME ONE SASH, We're Your BEST Friends!" Stanky Said

"Well, Yes, But I Broke Up With Him."

"Aww Why?" Christine Asked.
 Christine Was Her Favorite Of Their Group. She Was Very Popular, Always Had Boyfriends, And She Was Asian But VERY Beautiful. She Was Always In With The Style.

"Umm... Well.... I, Uh, Um, I Wasnt That In To Him Very Much?" Sasha Said, more In A Questiin Than An answer. 

"Sasha Your Lying." Caitlyn Said, Sounding Dissapointed. 

"Guys I'm Not Lying, Yeah Sure He Was Cute But You Know Id Rather Get Work Done.

"Sash, It Was Summer For Cryin Out Loud!" 

"Who Is He, Where Does He Live, How Old, Which School And Grade, You Know The Drill" Christine Said.

"Well, His Name Is Pete Wentz, He Lives 3 Blocks Down From Me, I Don't Know Which Grade, And Same School As Us." 

They All Watched Her With Their Jaws Dropped To The Ground.

"Umm Sash, You Mean, THE Pete Wentz, The Second Most Popular And Hottest Kid Now In The 12th Grade?!?!" Caitlyn Yelled. 

"Uhh, Yeah, Him" 

"Well Sash You Guys Would Make An Adorable Couple, And We're Kinda Friends, Can I PLEASE Ask Him If He Would  Go Out With You?" Christine Asked. 
Christine Just Loved Playing Matchmaker. 



"......Fine" Sasha Said Just As They Pulled Into Their New High School And Walked Inside Together

"Great! So We Dont Have Any Classes Together, So I'll Talk To You At Lunch, Love Ya!"

"Yeah, Love You Too." Sasha Mumbled Annoyed.

"So Sasha, Me, You And Brooke Have English Together Right Now, And Then We Have Gym With Sami, Social Studies Just Us, Then All Of Us Have Lunch Together Afterwards." Koleton Said Excitedly

"Okay Bye Guys See You Later!" Sami Said As Her And Caitlyn And Stanky Walked Off 
To Find Their First Class.

"Well Guys I Think This Is It." Sasha Said Pointing To An English Room.

"Yepp, English, Mrs. Halbach" 

"Oh Yay, Justin Said She's Alot Of Fun." Sasha Said Sarcastically As All Three Of Them Walked Into The Room Finding Seats Together. 
As Sasha Walked In, She Notices A Handful Of Eyes Staring At Her In Awe, But One Pair Stood Out The Most, It Was A Pair Of Hazel Colored Eyes. They Were Absoloutley Beautiful. She Stared Into Them Until Brooke Shook Her From Her Gaze.  

"Sash, Sasha, SASHA"

"HUH What?" Sasha Asked, Slighlty Startled.

"C'mon We Gotta Find Seats."
They Looked Around And Saw No Seats Together Except For Three In A Group, Right Next To Hazel Eyes. Oh This Should Be Fun. She Quickly Tried To Make Her Way To The One Farthest From Him, Just Until Brooke Took It, And Stanky Was In The Other Seat. 

"Damn You Guys" Sasha Mumbled Just Under Her Breath So No Onne heard Her.
She Quietly Took Her Seat Next To Hazel Eyes. 

Halfway During Class, She Decided To Steal A Glance At Hazel Eyes. Just As She Looked There Were Girls Drooling All Over Him, One In Particular Seemed To Get On Her Bad Side Right Away. She Had Blond Hair And An Extremely Fake Tan, Obviously Fake Boobs, And Was Coated In Makeup. She Hung On Him Like She Was A Jacket And He Was The Coat Hanger. He Looked Slightly Annoyed With Her. Then Class Ended And She Was More Than Happy To Get To Her Next Class, Hopefully Hazel Eyes Wasnt In Them. 

The Next Classes Seemed To Fly By Fast, And Just As Sasha And Her Groupies Were Walking To Lunch, She Caught Herself Thinking About Him. Although She Never Really Got A Look At The Rest Of Him. His Eyes Were All She Noticed. They Were Beautiful, Hazel Colored Eyes. They Seemed So Full Of Life. Then Her Daydream Of Him Was Over Just As Christine Came And Jumped On Her.


"Oh, Hey Christine"

"Thank Me Later, HE SAID YES!"

"Wait Who- Ohhh, Okay.."
Whats Wrong Sash You Seem Kinda Out Of It Today"

"Eh, Nothin, Just, Really.. Tired" 

"Oh, Okay Then, OH Pete Said He Wants To See You For A Minute At Lunch" Christine Sais Excitedly 

"Uh, Okay" 
"Guys I Was Thinking We Could Start Having Lunch Outside Today" Stanky Said.

"Yeah Sounds Like A Good Idea!" 

Just Then Got Their Lunch And Walked Outside. Just As They Sat Down Pete Came Over.

"Hey Guys, Mind If I Borrow Sasha For A Minute?"
Sasha Got Kinda Nervous Being Around Him, After All He Was Pretty Cute

"Uh Actually-" Sasha Started, Being Cut Off By Koleton
"OF COURSE We Don't Mind At All!" And She Gave Him A Glare.

Just As Pete Helped Her Up From The Tree She Was Leaning On He Picked Her Up And Took Her About 20 Feet Away From The Group.

"Hi Pete"

"Hey Sash, So Listen, There's This Huge Party Friday Night At Beckett's Place, And I Was Wondering If You Could Come? You Can Bring Your Friends If You'd Like, Too." 

"Um, Okay Pete" She Smiled. 

"Great" He Smiled Back And Gave Her A Huge Kiss.
Just As Pete Walked Away,  Sasha Looked To Her Right, Only To Notice A Pair Of Hazel Eyes Watching Her Deeply. 

"Oh Great. He's Looking At Me Again" She Thought To Herself And Then She Walked Away, Trying To Tell Herself He Wasn't Into Her, He Was Just Looking. But His Eyes Were Astonishing Surrounded By Guyliner. Something About Him Made Her Shiver. He Was Surrounded By A Bunch Of Guys, One Who She's Seen Around Town Alot. He Had Blackish Hair And Big Black Glasses, A Great Smile, And  Wore Darker Clothing, Along With Guyliner, Just Like Hazel Eyes'. 

She Sat Down Next To Her Friends Who Seemed To Be Laughing, But She Couldn't Stop Herself From Looking Over At Hazel Eyes. He Was Socializing With The Other Guys, As, Once Again, Girls Drooled All Over Him. And Blondie Wasn't There This Time. Just Then The Bell Rang And Sasha Jumped, Startled. She Realized She Was Thinking About Him, Once Again.
"What Is It With Me?" She Mumbled To Herself.

"What Was That Sash?" 

"Huh? Oh Nothing Sam" 

"Oh Alright"

And They Went To Their Next Classes. Sasha Had Music By Herself, Which She Was Happy About. Her Whole Life Revolved Around Music. She Already Played Acoustic, A Little Piano, Saxophone, Trumpet, Violin, A Tiiny But Of Drums, And  Sang Like And Angel. Everytime She Sang, Everybody Stopped And Stared. She Once Sung Out In Public To Get Money For Her Own Acoustic. She Got Enough Money For That And Two Other Instruments! 
Just As She Walked In, She Once Again Noticed Hazel Eyes. He Was Holding A Red Guitar, Which Looked Like An Archtop. She Quickly Took A Seat The Farthest From Him. Just Then The Teacher Walked In And Noticed Sasha Not Paying Attention.  She Looked At Her With A Smug Look On Her Face. 
"Hello, What Is Your Name And What Do You Play, Dear?" Just Then She Noticed Hazel Eyes And Everyone Else Looking At Her. Oh God Why. Her Palms Began To Feel Sweaty And She Her Heart Pounded In Her Chest. And Then He Did It. He Saved Her. 

"Ester Why You Gotta Bag On The Freshmans All The Time?"
Oh Dear God His voice Sounded Angelic

"Because I Want To Know Who  She Is And What She Plays Mr Ross" Mrs. Ester Said Innocently. 

"Uhh, I- I'm Sasha B-Bell, I Play A L-Little Piano, Acoustic, V-Violin, Trumpet, A Little Drums, And V-Vocals. 

"Oh, Okay, Why Don't You Come Up Here And Sing While Playing Acoustic Dear?" 

"Oh, Uh, Um, Okay."
Just Then Sasha Panicked. She Didnt Want Hazel Eyes To Notice Her. 
Sasha slowly Started Playing Her Acoustic While She Sang Quietly. Then He Smiled At Her. Her Heart Started Beating Faster And Faster. But For Some Strange Reason, That Gave Her More Of An Encouragment. She Started Singing And Playing Better. Then Class Was Over And She Was Happy To Be Out Of School. 

Sasha Grabbed Her Things From The Locker And Quickly Made Her Way Out Of School, Only Realizing She Forgot Her Backpack, But Was NOT Going Back For It. On Her Way Out Someone Shut The Door On Her And She Dropped Everything, Noticing It Was 'Blondie'. Then He Came Over. Hazel Eyes. Dammit Not Again.[]
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