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My Brother

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You were only ever a mistake our parents made. And I think it's finally time to fix that mistake.

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You're so useless and pathetic. I don't know why my parents decided to have you. I think that they had me, because they wanted a perfect child, and they realized early on that you'd just be a fuck up.

You were never a good student, even as a young child, always being more interested in artwork than bookwork. I studied my ass off, getting near perfect grades. YOu often got into trouble for goofing off with your friends, whild I was the shy one. During highschool, you began to hand wit the wrong crowd. I stayed on the straight and narrow.

You began to experiment, drugs, booze, sex. Alcohol began to disappear out of our parent's liquor cabinet, you started to come home late at night, if at all, drunk and high out of your mind. Chainsmoking was your new pastime, the cuts on your arms grew deeper and longer, numbering in the hundreds, now the thousands.

I stayed sober and clean, covered for you, took care of you when you were too out of it to take care of yourself. I did you homework, tutoring you to make sure you didn't flunk out, cooked for you when you had the munchies, gave you a shoulder to cry on. YOu were a complete fuck up, but I still took care of you, just because you were my brother. I had thought, hoped, prayed that you'd grow out of it, but you never did. All you ever did was cause our parents grief, but I'm gonna end all that now!

The above was spewed angrily by Mikey, followed up with a "Goodbye Gerard. You finally got what you deserved.", and a stab to the chest. Then, he walked away, leaving his own brother to die, alone and in pain with all of his regrets.
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