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It's so fun to torment you :D

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Even though you're so pathetic, I find it adorable. Or rather, adorkable. You are a dork, even if you can't tell. You spook more easily than the whore you're daying. Don't you eve nremember? We were sitting in your room, and your repressed idiot best friend, who was probably high off fucking crack, or weed, or whatever he would get his disgusting, grubby hands on, was blasting shitty music.

You, like the fatass you were, you were laying on the bed. I was sitting next to you, opening the knives that you had laying around the room. Needless to say, I grabbed the largest, if not neccesairily sharpest of the lot. Sitting there, flipping it open and shut over and over, you were looking at me warily. That only added fuel to the fire to what would happen next.

When I put the blade to your arm, not even the sharp edge, you shouldn've seen your own reaction. Squinty little eyes wide open, just as you begin to hyperventilate. You start asking me to put it away, near begging, before you lunge at me, trying to pry it from my grasp, flailing around.

This reaction, I hadn't previously thought could happen. But you looked so pathetically helpless, and somehow adorable, that I can't help but want to do this again.

If you can't tell, this is entirely fiction.
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