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Blue Screen of Death

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Sorry to be leaching off this account for the millionth time, but I have some rather shitty news.

Some of you (i.e. those I email and stuff) know that in July or something I was turning in Lorna's laptop to get repaired. The screen was completely fecked all along the left-to-center side. It cost £250 but we did it anyway because it had the rest of Lorna's stories on them. For some stupid reason, she wrote most of her fan fiction on her school laptop, some shitty Toshiba from like 10 years ago. Only two stories, Full of Holes and Fotg, were written on her brand new HP.

We got it fixed and everything, but unfortunately when I started it up this evening (around 6:30 PM, GMT) ready to upload something from Karma Police, I got the blue screen of death.

The laptop beeped for about thirty seconds, then warmed up to a point where I couldn't touch it in fear of burning myself, and shut down. It's dead, in other words.

I'm really sorry guys. Everything was lost. Being a huge fucking idiot dumbass, I didn't save any of her stories to a usb or a CD. I feel terrible and I'm sorry for 1. being such an ass for leaving the site and 2. basically destroying Lorna's work. She had like 50 chapters of all her stories there and I just like fucking deleted them. It wasn't even my fault but I feel like shit.

I hope you all don't hate me and stuff, since this place has been like a family to me since taht May day. You're kind, and weird, and completely perverted but I really like you guys. I hope everything goes well for ye in the future and stuff. I know some of ye are for definite going to be authors in the near future.

There are two one-shots in Lorna's gmail I can upload; both rather dark and concerning a certain person, if you know what I mean. I posted one the other day but some troll idiot fucked it so I took it down. I'll put them up if they're wanted or whatever.

Thanks guys.


(Oh yeah; to Amber, or imjustagirlnotahero-because I'm an asshole I was just going through the reviews there and you said something about binding fotg. You can totally go for that, love, and I'm sorry I didn't reply to you earlier.)
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