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Blow me one last kiss.

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Frerard- Frank, A misfit with one year to live up and moves to the city where, by fate he meets workaholic Gerard.

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So mm hello, new story again Im really sorry for not being on here alot school work has been a dick, last year of school is the worst, its just ugh-.- My eyes changed colour they look grey, (Im was going to post a picture of myself now, its discusting and you can all laugh if you want but my eyes have changed from green to like grey so yeah but i decided against it ) so yeah sorry hope you enjoy this, another thing, I like the idea for this story but people dont seem to be enjoying it, I was just wondering if I should carry on at all?! haha. Let me know:-)

Frerard- Frank, A misfit with 9 months to live up and moves to the city where, by fate he meets workaholic Gerard.

I liked to travel, It was nice. Like when you're moving really fast on a train and all the greens and blues and browns mix together like a whirl of colours outside.

So I'm Frank, I'm 19 and I’m moving from New Jersey to New York. Because i'm going to die.

Pretty hefty I know, But a year and a half ago the doctor told me I had throat cancer, they tried to save me but it was to late the cancer had spread so I was given 1 year to live. One measly year. The doctor also said I should take it easy because after a while I’ll start to get weak, I never really was one to listen anyway.

It sucks knowing I wont live to 21, I wont live to be legal (It never really stopped me in the first place but hey) I always wanted to be in a band, to travel, to see the world then find the right person and start a family. Knowing that i'll never be able to do that is the worst, that’s what makes me sad my life is ending before it even started. But i'm trying to make the best out of this situation I made a list of things to do before I die, its too long so I wont bore you, but I'm sure you'll figure them out as this progresses.

New York to me is magical, I don’t know why smelly fat guys, prostitutes and yellow cabs isn’t really neverland, but still I like it.

So this is where my life begins, and ends. New York. To quote Alica Keys; If I can make it here I can make it anywhere, well that’s what they say..' Oh Frank did you just say that? Bent fucker!


"I need this comic shipped by tomorrow, not want, but NEED do you understand Emma" I snapped I shouldn’t shout or get annoyed but I couldn’t help it, in my mind if I could work with 25 me's I wouldn't be this stressed at all.

"Yes sir" She squeaked and went back to quick typing her drawn on brows furrowing.

I needed some coffee on my desk right now, you cannot get the help anywhere these days.

I picked up some papers and flicked though, nothing important, but still.

"Mr Way, the big day is near" A college from the same floor as me remarked, I forgot his name but not his cocky smile.

"Excuse me" I replied to busy with reading through the papers to busy myself with him.

"When you pitch your idea, the Lunch Money or something like that" He said.

I sigh, people do not listen.

"The Breakfast Monkey" I replied in monotone

Wait what..SHIT.
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