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I'm new, be nice? I put that blog in this, if you're interested.

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In case you're interested. I uploaded a new post about 20 minutes ago.

Hi, so.. I don't even know what I'm doing here really.

I have this friend called Rose who's on here with the name RoseFrankiie, and I had been writing this thing basically about my life and she said, "That's really good! Why didn't you tell me you could write?!" then hit me over the head with a sketchbook. She told me I should share i, but I didn't know where, I just knew she posted on here. She said that it wasn't the right site for me, but I thought fuck it, I'll make an account. She showed me what to do and all that because I'm a complete idiot and would probably have accidentally written it backwards or something if she wasn't there slapping me and pointing at things saying, "Noooo, click THAT!" and now I'm rambling...

I just figured I'd say hi and introduce myself a little bit.

I'm Danny, I'm 20 years old and come from Chicago but I'm in a Yorkshire town right now. I will probably only write this one thing, which is based on my life recently. Rose told me she'd posted something about me and I saw some traffic sources on my blog from this site. I'm the one writing blogs to my unborn child. My ex and I split before we knew she was pregnant and after loads of arguments and shit, she told me I couldn't see her or the child ever. She's now 18 weeks pregnant and I'm allowed to go to the 20-week scan with her. In the meantime, I've loved and lost one of the most amazing people in my life and that's what I'll be writing about.

I hope you like me, and we'll get along :)

Just saw this, thought it would be a good introduction for me AND PLEASE TELL ROSE TO STOP HITTING ME FOR DOING THINGS WRONG.

Real Name: Daniel Harthan

Username: DanFrancisco (@Dan_HartyBoy on Twitter)

Gender: Male

Country: UK/USA

City: Goole/Chicago

Religion: I believe in nothing.

Picture of yourself:!/Dan_HartyBoy/media/slideshow?

Favourite musicians/bands: Framing Hanley, Calvin Harris, Black Veil Brides, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Muse ...other bands?

Favourite movies: Reservoir Dogs. Hands down, greatest film.

Favourite TV shows: South Park, Family Guy, American Dad
Favourite Books: Thorne, Women's Murder Club series (I think they're called?)
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