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Yes, I have finally finsished.. (: I had to twist the plot a little... But I hope you don't hate it. And, I didn't know your brothers name, so I made it up?? Sorry ._.

Ever heard of My Chemical Romance? You might have… Maybe you’re a fan. Maybe some random person obsesses over them every goddamn day. Or maybe from that crazy fangirl of theirs who runs her mouth about them 24/7.

I’m with ya on that. I used to hate them. And I mean it. My brother, Jake, didn’t though. He was bestfriends with them. Never stopped telling me how amazing they were. He spent just about every day with them. Which I why I probably hated them.

They stole him from me. I was jealous.

So, when my brother first asked me to go along with him one night to meet them, I had just snorted loudly.

“Right. Because I’m just DYING to hang out with them.” I had said snidely, smirking.
“C’mon, Jennifer! Please, you’ll LOVE them.” He begged. I just scoffed, signaling that I was done talking.

But he would ask, every day. So, I finally agreed, tired of him asking. And looking back now, I’m pretty damn glad I did.


It was a chilly December day, snowflakes flitting down from the sky and covering the ground with white. I pulled my heavy jacket closer to me, and followed my brother out the door. He was taking me along to meet his idols, and bestfriends, The members of My Chemical Romance.

I wasn’t excited. At all. And that was putting it lightly.

Jake wouldn’t shut his mouth though.

“You’re gonna love them. I tell them about you all the time. This is soooooo cool!!!” He rambled on. I sighed. Can you tell he is older than me? No, you can’t. I hurriedly opened the door of the car, jumping in and slamming it behind me. Damn it’s cold.

Jake slid in behind the wheel and turned the key. I turned the heat up as high as it would go, pressing my hands to the vents.

“Cold?” Jake said nonchalantly, eyes on the road. I raised my eyebrows.

“No! I am burning up, that’s why I turned the heat the whole way up!” I said sarcastically. Jake chuckled and turned onto a road, surrounded by woods.

We rode the rest of the way in silence, the only sound being our breathing. After a few minutes of looking out the window, I turn to Jake.

“So… tell me about the people known as My Chemical Romance.” I ask nonchalantly. He grins.
“Is that curiosity I detect in your tone?” He says. I scoff. “Okay.. so maybe not….” He says, sighing loudly. I just shake my head and turn back to the window, staring at the white trees whipping past.

When we finally get there, I open the car door, facing the frigid cold. I follow Jake to the door, scowling. Great, I am about to meet the people I have hated for so long.

But, when Jake knocks on the door, and a tall, muscular man opens the door, I have to reconsider my hate for them.

“Hey, Jake.” The guy says.

“Hey, Bryar.” Jake says, nodding at him. The man notices me, and smiles.

“You must be Jennifer. Jake talks about you all the time. I’m Bob.” He holds out his hand, and I take it, blushing. He shakes it, and then escorts us inside. I can’t help but stare at Bob. His shortish, sandy-blonde hair is just too cute.

We follow him into what I’m guessing is the living room. Four (super cute) guys sit around the room, talking and laughing. Maybe if I had known they we’re all this hot, I would have wanted to meet them sooner.

Jake and I sat down, me, sitting as close to him as possible. I was nervous, nothing more to it than that. I thought they were gonna be some stupid, peppy pop band. But, damn, was I wrong. They looked pretty cool. But, beauty is only skin deep after all.

I opened my mouth to speak, but was mobbed by two of the four guys, one super short, the other fairly tall. After a few minutes of passionate embracing, they finally let go.

“OH.MY.GOD. Jake has told us sooooo much about you. And now, we FINALLY get to meet you!! How lucky are we?? But anyways, Hi. I’m Mikey. Mikey Way.” The tallish one says to me, grinning widely. Okay, this kid has had waaaay to much coffee. Way.

“Excuse him… He had few cups to many of caffeine.” The smaller one says, grinning a smile that would give a supermodel a run for her money.

I blink a few times, confused. After a moment or two, another one of the guys stands up and offers me his hand.

“Uh, hello. Sorry if these two scared you. I’m Gerard.” He says, tucking a lock of his long, raven hair behind his ear.

I take it, smiling softly. He’s so… cute? I’m not sure how to describe him… Pretty much, he looks like a vampire. Pale, long, dark hair. Even his teeth, which are seriously adorable, are like baby vampire teeth.

“I’m Jennifer. But… you probably know that already.” I say, earning a small chuckle from the man in front of me. The smaller man stands beside Gerard, offering me his hand too.

“Sorry about… ya know. I’m Frank.” He says, grinning again. Seriously. This dude is gorgeous. He has a mini mowhawk, a flat one that is, dyed black and the sides shaved and dyed a shade of red. He also has a nose and lip ring.

I take his hand, shaking it. When I let go, he points to a person in the corner, with the most amazing afro I have ever seen.

“And that’s Ray.” Frank says. Ray looks up from the book in his hands, and mutters a meek “Hello.”

“Sorry.” Comes a squeak from Mikey, sitting on the couch, legs pulled up to his chest. With his mousy-brown hair and glasses, he’s super adorable.

“It’s fine.” I giggle. And that’s how we spend the rest of the night, talking and laughing. But, the best part was the private hour or two I spent with Bob before Jake and I went home. We talked, and laughed, and got to know each other.

And before I left, he stole a small kiss, making my whole night. I couldn’t lie. It was love at first sight.


Leaning over the toilet, I emptied the contents of my stomach for the thousandth time that morning. It was a few months later after I had started dating Bob… and well, you probably guessed what’s wrong by now. Yep. I’m pregnant.
It happened a month ago at a party.

We were both drunk, and made some mistakes. I mean, I wanted to, but we forgot protection.
I knew Jake wouldn’t be overly happy with the relationship in the first place, so I hadn’t told him yet. Bob knew though, and was super supportive. Whether he was ready to be a dad or not, I didn’t know.

But he was there, and that’s all that mattered.

Suddenly, the bathroom door slammed open.

“Jenn? You okay?” Jake asked, leaning next to me and awkwardly patting my back. I started to nod, but I felt the need to puke again and leaned over the toilet. Jake held my hair back.
“Jennifer. Your pregnant aren’t you?” He said, his words icy. I shot up, my eyes wide.
“NO!” I say a little defensively.

“And Bob Bryar’s the dad.” He says. I shudder at the dark look in his eyes. I sigh, tears flooding my eyes. I nod.

“That fucker…” Jake says, his voice menacing. “Get him over here.” He says. I do what I’m told.


After many hours of shouting and fighting, Jake finally settles down. I sit next to Bob, holding a towel on his bloody nose. He has his hand placed gently on my slightly swollen belly. A lot of people would have thought this was cute, but not Jake.

“I swear Bob… if you hurt her… I will beat your goddamned face in.” He says. Bob smiles at me softly.

“I would never.”

I hope it was worth the wait... ._. And If you hate it, I'm seriously sorry. But, I hope you liked it...(:
~Cassie Raye
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