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DONT LOOK! Or you will be scarred with my ugly face.5EVER

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Real Name: Sam Wesley Alexx (don't search it, it's not my real name..) Yes my name is Sam but the 'Wesley Alexx' is like an author name so BOOM; or you could call me Resident Skumfuk like twitter xP

Username:HM I WONDER

Gender: Okay, look at my profile; it obviously says NOT A hum I don't know (sarcasm)

Country: The orgin of 'Takatish', Canada

City: Oh god, no I refuse to tell you guys, but it is nice because I have been to many concerts there

Religion: IRL I think Christian? I don't know..haha it's my choice and I can't remember

Relationship status: IRL- It is very complicated (I swear me and my best friend/ex/BF are more on-off than a lightswitch) but on FicWaffle, AJ A.K.A atomickilljoy (check out her stuff, cause Ryan the pu- one minute please..okay random dizzy moment- but RYAN THE PUSHY VIRGIN and she loves Pewdie (in more ways than one ;P) and secretly I may or may not have been married to Stephano haha no, I was never married to him

Picture of Yourself: It's my twitter/most recent pic ->!/FixMeSP/media/slideshow? DUDE it doesn't show my lip ring :(

Favourite Musicians/Bands: Oh god, ready for this? MCR (well no duh), Sum 41, Simple Plan, Marians Trench, Hedley, Breaking Benjamin, BVB, Blink 182, Billy Talent, All Time Low, Down With Webster, Fall Out Boy, Faber Drive (Like Alex Gaskarth said "Never doubt a girl's love for her favorite band"), erm, um, dammit, Linkin Park, Skillet, The Operation M.D, Nickelback, Theory of a Deadman, Paramore, Green Day, Good Charlotte, The Offspring, Panic! At the Disco,Three Days Grace, and many many more

Favourite Movies: Spirited Away (I loved it since I was 3, and I'm fourteen now), Zombieland, Life on The Murder Scene, Try This At Home (Hedley), The Legacy (Marianas Trench), A Big Package For You (Simple Plan), Don't Try This At Home (sum 41), 127 Hours, Buried, Nightmare on Elm Street (the older movies), Scary Movie, Possesed, ParaNorman, PewdiePie ;)

Favourite TV shows: Again Pewdiepie, Big Brother, uhhhhh Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama, I don't watch much t.v, Crash Canyon,Big Bang Theory, and more..
Favourite Books: Maximum Ride series, Virals, Thirteen Reasons Why, Hunger Games, Darren Shan series

Heroes: I'm going to limit it to 3, Gerard Way (he is one of the biggest reasons why I am here today; showing that even if you went through depression, suicide and such you won't ever know that you could be an insperation to so many), Josh Ramsay (he has went through self-harm, addiction, eating disorders, through fucking hell and is the guy so many people want to be..someone who has fun in life), Oh god, how do you spell his last name, FUCK IT Cone from Sum 41 (I like bassists, and he IS A KICK ASS BASSIST AND VERY SHY WHICH MAKES ME HAPPY CAUSE I AM SHY AS HELL) okay
Bandoms you write for: Sum 41 (I ship them so hard), Marianas Trench, MCR (not so much Ferard), Panic!, FOB, Green Day (at least I used to), and uh SIMPLE PLAN (Hot baguetts)

Pairings you ship: Anyone who I think is cute, like gAWD so more less used pairings (well unless you do Sum 41 fanfic, in which yes Deryck/cone for THE WIN I ship those two so fuckin' HARD)
In your opinion, what is the best story on FicWad you feel you’ve written?: Honestly? I'm going to go with Dear Jon mainly because it was more of a suicide note from my heart, put into a fic. Okay so I did base it off a suicide note I would use, but directed at my best friend who was and still is the most amazing person ever.
Your favourite authors on here: OBVIOUSLY MY FICWAFFLE WIFE atomickilljoy, Ravan-Van-Slaughter, Cookie_Monster, DaniAtADisco, MrsWayBeckett (She posted hot William Beckett photos, in a chapter and I DIED), Ryan_The_Pushy_Virgin (OHMYSTEPHANO! That should be an account just for pushy virgin Ryan stories), and um well I have way to many to name cause I love you all :)
Favourite stories on here: Anything with my fav. pushy virgin, anything I auditioned for too, it's like "wow they know me, cause they wrote the way I act' okay enough but all-time-favorite-fic would be something I can connect with?

Favourite personalities on here: atomickilljoy, Bella_Jinxx (who is a fav author), Heartbreak_Beauty (also fav author), MrsWayBeckett (cannot get over the hot Beckett photos)
Sample of my writing:
Okay it's Awake and Unafraid (a poem I wrote after a HUGE fight with my dad)

So this isn't a plea,
Nor a cry for help,
Just another walking disaster,
Wishing to once again,

Just be the old me.
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