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Darkness Consumed

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[soft R] [Seto x Jounouchi] [slight shounen-ai like elements] Seto's a vampire and he bites Jounouchi.

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Title: Darkness Consumed
Author: Kitana
Warnings: soft R; Seto x Jounouchi; hints at vampiric erotica; a weird style drabble about Seto being a vampire and Jou being bitten by him and becoming a vampire himself. o.O I don't know, I watched Underworld and I decided to write something about vampire!Seto, 'cause he's hot. (shrugs) It's one of those 'what the fuck' things written because I wanted to see it written. This is so OOC, I think. Um, this might spawn a sequel. 1,251 words.
Writing Music: My Chemical Romance - Helena


Narrow eyes conveying emotion - curiosity, terror, thinly veiled blood lust - morbidly amusing in some respect, interesting to watch and decipher.

"I warned you, mutt. I told you not to come near."

Jounouchi took in the range of emotions flashing through cobalt eyes normally guarded carefully. The taller boy was changing and he could see it plainly. Seto grit his teeth and Jounouchi could see it; even, pearl white teeth faintly suggesting fangs. If one believed in that sort of thing, he could say that they didn't suggest fangs - they hid fangs.

It was almost obvious now; with Seto so close that he could be for sure he was breathing the same air the brunette breathed. His strength, Jou noted, seemed doubled, tripled even. It was starting to hurt, having his arms behind his back like they were.

"I want you to listen to me. I'm going to let you go in a few seconds, and I want you to run as far as you can from me. I mean it, mutt."

Jounouchi smiled as Seto spoke. It was glaringly obvious now. The older Kaiba was a vampire; all of Jou's suspicions were confirmed. It made sense now; his strength, his teeth, his smooth, paling complexion and most of all, his refusal to wear white anymore - it all made perfect sense.

Jou felt Seto's hands recede, loosening the iron-like grip he had on his wrists. The blonde brought his hands in front of him, one hand rubbing the opposite wrist, as though to bring the blood rushing back. After a few moments, he dropped his hands to his sides, staring at Seto plainly.

"Sorry, Kaiba, but I'm not going anywhere."

Seto backed away from Jounouchi as the words came from him, bringing his fingers to his lips. He stared at the blonde, and he could almost see the blood flowing through him. Why didn't the dumb mutt just run? Just go away - he's so hungry and he doesn't want to drink from Jou, never from someone he knows.

Seto bit into his fingers, his own precious blood flowing over his lips, over his tongue. It did nothing to satisfy his hunger, but it was soothing in an aesthetic sense. Jou watched Seto, watching his blood drip slightly down his chin, dark luscious red - so precious, indeed.

"Why in the hell won't you go?!"

Jou started at the desperation in Seto's voice. Becoming a vampire - who knows the hell how - is taking its toll on the taller boy, and Jou can see it. It's curiosity that stops him from bolting, even though he knows that if he stays here any longer he might be like that cat that curiosity was supposed to kill. Satisfaction, however, isn't a sure way to be brought back.

Jounouchi swallowed, adjusting his shirt. He's making his neck completely visible now; Seto won't be able to help noticing the smooth, tanned skin. It's steeling his nerve that's the hardest, Jou realized. It's easy to want to know, but receiving the answer might be more difficult than just turning away and ignoring the gnawing sensation at the back of his mind.

"I can't go. I want to know; I want you to show me what it's like, Kaiba."

The brunette takes his fingers from his lips stained rouge, staring at Jounouchi in utter disbelief. He can't do that, can't sentence anyone to the same fate that he's been assigned. Seto baffles himself sometimes - when in the hell did he start caring about anyone besides Mokuba? Especially the blonde boy in front of him who was plainly baring his neck, looking vulnerable, waiting to be bitten, dark cherry pink lips waiting to be kissed, to be devoured, to be taken into the darkness by the train headed to hell called Seto Kaiba.

Most likely when he knew he would have to kill to keep on living. Strange how one's conscience will get in the way at the most inopportune of times. He'd rather drink cooled hospital blood than take Jou's, but there was none of that around, and he was sick of it anyway. It was tempting, too tempting, and Seto had iron willpower but it was still enticing, and he found that his body was going to override his mind anyway, because he was moving towards Jounouchi despite the fact. For once in his life, he was a slight bit hesitant.

"Are you sure you want this?"

Jou nodded, shifting, his fingers restlessly toying with the hem of his shirt. This was his point of no return; he looked into Seto's eyes, the blue so dark and beautiful, mesmerizing, compelling, and promising everything and nothing all at once. It felt like he was sinking right into those depths.

Seto was coming closer again, was close again, one hand tangling itself at the base of Jou's neck. Jou tilted his neck; it was instinctive, it felt right, it was alluring, was saturated with sensuality and seduction. It felt just right - complete.


Seto heard Jou begin to speak, but it was too late for words now. He licked Jou's neck and holy God, that alone was enough to make him forget to be gentle. He felt the blonde shiver and it hit him like it wave - this shouldn't be turning him on, but it was.

Jou's eyes widened, the pain shocking him still. It hurts, it hurts, it hurts - the words repeated in his mind like a mantra. He could feel it, sense it, the blood flowing from him into Seto and the pain soon ebbed away and he squirmed, feeling Seto's tongue lick at his neck - this shouldn't be erotic, it should be painful, he knew he was dying, but what was he doing? Dying with a hard-on, that's what.

After a moment, Seto pulled away, licking his lips, wrapping his arms around Jounouchi, pulling him away from the wall to lay him on the ground. He wasn't dead, but he was close to it, mouth parted slightly and honey brown eyes glazed, but blinking. His body was covered in a slight sheen of sweat and his hair stuck to his face and the back of his neck.

For a moment he looked like death's perfect little angel, the clouds parting momentarily to shine a ray of moonlight as if the darkness was meant to be disturbed, right here, right now.

Seto wiped the remaining blood from his mouth, biting open the wound on his fingers he'd created earlier. He pressed his fingers to the blonde's lips, letting his fingers slide inside of his mouth - warm, wet, soft - he rubbed his fingers across the soft palate of Jou's tongue, forcing him to swallow his own blood.

Seto felt Jou start to suck, and he quickly withdrew his fingers. The wound healed over seamlessly. Jou's eyes widened suddenly and he convulsed, shaking violently in Seto's arms. Seto knew how that was; he knew what it felt like for his body to rearrange all its functions. It was almost unbearable, the hurting, and it seemed like the fire of hell itself was consuming him.

Just as quickly as it started, Jou stopped, body going lifelessly limp, eyes sliding closed. Seto picked up Jounouchi easily, carrying the blonde as he would cradle a child.

It would be nearly a day before Jounouchi would wake up, reborn.

"I... I'm sorry, Jounouchi."

The darkness parted for the brunette and the blonde, now bond together by blood and undead. Satisfaction brought him back after all.

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