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16. Meet My Mother

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*blehh, sorry. This chapter needed some editing and I didn't go to school on Monday do had to update today :P tomorrow chapter 17 will be up. I promise :'D

Edith's POV
It's been 3 days since Geoff gave me Gerard's address. And all these three days I've been staring at the piece of paper uncontrollably. Even Annie and Harry have questioned it. I don't tell them what this piece of paper contains though. I just say it's an old friend's house I want to visit but don't know if I should. It's not lying. It is a friend's house that I want to visit but don't know if I should. I'm just not saying the truth in details. 
And these past few days, I have gotten comfortable with Harry enough to tell him a little about my past. I just kind of expressed to him how I feel about him and how he's been the only one in 2 years who has really won my heart and I really appreciate him. I told him that I had a relationship when I was 15 that lasted about a year and that I really liked this guy. He was the one that called me pretty girl. That's why I choked on my wine that last time. Because I hadn't heard that nickname in so long. He felt very content that I felt comfortable telling him. I felt good too. I felt as if I lifted something heavy off my chest.
I also told him about my mother. And now, he won't shut up about wanting to meet my mother. So I will grant him his wish today. We're going to my mother's house to eat. I gave her the notice on Sunday and she was delighted with the idea. They are both equally happy to meet each other.
Harry was at my house early in the morning today. I told him not to but he insisted. So now he has to wait for me to get ready. 
I'm blow drying my hair when Harry pops in through the door. 
"Hailey, you have a call from.. Frank."
"oh okay thanks. Wait, Hailey?"
"yeah." he winks and leaves. I answer and I can hear dogs barking in the background.
"hey Edith."
"T'sup Frank. How's it going?"
"pretty good. Giving the dogs a bath with Emma. What about you?"
"I'm going to visit my mom today."
"oh great. I was going there too."
"oh really? For what?"
"just to say hi."
"oh that's great. What time are you going to be there?"
"whenever I'm finished with chores so maybe in about... 3hrs."
"oh okay." 
"so listen Edith.. Were you at the bar a couple of days ago?"
"yeah I was. Why?"
"did you talk to Geoff?"
"yeah I did."
"oh man, were you drunk?"
"a little buzzed. Why Frank? Something wrong?"
"do you happen to remember anything you said to him?" 
Oh my god, I can't tell him!
"yeah I do. We just talked about things and your band."
"anything else?"
"uhh," God, how embarrassed do I feel right now, "yeah.."
"well, what did you hear?"
"that you were hitting on Geoff.. And a couple other things."
"damn, okay fine! I did! But only for fun! I dont know why I did it. It was a mistake."
"whoa... I didn't know that side of you Edith."
"it isn't any side! I'm not like that!"
"... Did you mention Gerard?"
"I did..."
"well, do you?"
"do I.. What?"
"c'mon Edith, I don't want to say it.."
"look Frank, I have to go. We'll talk later..." I click. I can't tell him. I can't. I have a boyfriend for damn sake! I start to get this empty feeling in my stomach which makes me groan in anger. Harry comes in through the door moments later. 
"what's wrong? I heard you scream."
"it's nothing." he takes me into a hug and I tug his shirt. I hate myself so much. Fuck everyone! 
"it's okay. Do you still want to go to your mom's?"
"yes." I nod.
"alright." he strokes my hair. He leads onto the bed and makes me sit. I rest my head on his shoulder while he strokes my hair, making everything feel better. 


I give him directions on how to get to my mom's house and after a few laughs and wrong turns, we arrive at my mom's. 
"phew, we're finally here. Did you live here when you were 15?"
"yeah. I dont know why my mom hasn't moved. She probably loves this place." I open the main door with a spare key my mom gave me and we step inside. 
As we wait in the elevator, I can feel his palm become sweaty. "Dude, it's just my mom. Calm down."
"what If she doesn't like me?!" the elevator door opens. 
"don't worry, she'll like you." I knock on the door and he grips my hand tighter. When the door opens I nearly faint and squeeze his hand tighter. 
"Frank... I wasn't expecting you here." I say with trembling words. 
"I was done early." he looks at Harry from head to toe. 
"come in." he says. I let go of Harry's hand and hug Frank. He whispers, "I'm sorry for making you feel uncomfortable." before letting go. 
"it's okay." I whisper back and greet my mom who enters the room. 
"how are you sweetheart?"
"I'm perfect. Mom, Frank, this is my boyfriend, Harold Carson." I feel nervous to say he's my boyfriend in front of Frank but surprisingly, he has a wide smile on his face as he greets him. 
"Harry this is my best friend, Frank and my mother, Rosalina." he shakes Frank's hand and shakes my mom's. 
"it's a pleasure to meet you both." he says. 
"pleasure is mine." my mother replies. 
"come, let's have lunch. I cooked up something very special." I grab Harry's hand and squeeze it. 
"I told you it'll be okay." I whisper and kiss his cheek. 
We sit at my mom's dining table as she serves us. I sit next to Harry, Frank across from us and my mom next to Frank. 
"where's Emma?" I ask Frank.
"she's with her parents. She'll be back later."
"oh cool. Do her parents still live next door?"
"no, they moved out a couple of years ago."
"oh. Where to?"
"just close by."
"oh cool." my mom sits down and smiles widely. 
"okay, dig in." we start to eat and my mom starts asking questions. 
"so Harold-"
"please, call me Harry."
"okay Harry, how are you?"
"I'm good thank you. How about you?"
"great. How old are you?"
"29." he does that same hesitant look he gave me when he told me his age. I can see from the corner of my eye Frank cock an eyebrow as he drinks his juice.
"oh, you're a grown man aren't you?"
"I am ma'am." he giggles. 
"do you have a career or are you still in school?"
"no, I'm not in school anymore. I'm a dancer. I'm the artistic director of American Vision Contemporary Company."
"oh so you're Edith's boss?" he looks at me. 
"yeah pretty much."
"hmm, lovely. Do you enjoy what you do?"
"greatly. I love dancing. Dancing is my passion."
"that's very nice." she smiles sweetly and drinks her wine. 
"so tell me, where are your parents from?"
"my dad is from here and my mom is Russian."
"ooh, the toughest of them all. That's interesting. Do you get angry often?" she jokes. 
"oh no Ms. Lynn, I'm a happy person." she laughs at his comment. She continues to ask him questions and they laugh at each others jokes. I feel like a child again. Sitting quietly with my brother across from me and my mother talking with an adult. It's a funny feeling. 
"how'd you guys meet?" she finally asks. 
"care to explain that one Edith?" he tells me bringing me back to the conversation. 
"well, while I was in Canada, a bunch of choreographers came to teach us master classes and fortunately, he was one of them and you both know I have a love for contemporary..." they nod, "and so he was the teacher and I took his master class. I have to admit, I did catch you looking at me at random times Harry." he laughs throwing his head back. 
"yeah so 'slick'. Anyway, after the class, I went to thank him. And his--excuse the word--smartass asked me out on a date on the spot! I found it funny. I told him I'd think about it and I left with Carlos. I got in a little argument with Carlos and went to a coffee shop. Turns out he was there. So we talked and ever since then, I fell in love with his humor and personality. So I accepted his request for a date and bam, here we are." I glance over at Frank who is smiling. Then he gets a call and steps out of the room to answer. 
"that's a funny way to get together. You're a charm." my mom says laughing.
"excuse me you guys? I'm going to go pick up Emma."
"okay Frank, hurry back."
"this is some very good cooking Ms. Lynn."
"thank you Harry."
"you know, I'm a cook myself."
"oh really? Well I'd like to try that."
"oh trust me, it's really good. You should bake something for Thanksgiving." I add. 
"oh yes Harry, Frank is having a party for Thanksgiving. He'd appreciate it if you both went." my mom says. 
"alright sounds fun. I'll see what I can cook up." my mom claps her hands together in joy. 
"oh it's going to be amazing!" she glances over at me and grins. She then gets up. 
"all done?"
"yeah." Harry replies. 
"let me help you with that mom."
"no it's okay honey. You just sit there."
"no I'll help you." I grab Harry's plates and mines. He whispers a low thank you and I follow my mom into the kitchen. 
"so what do you think of Harry?" 
"he's seems sweet. I'm so happy you've found someone Edith." she dries her hands on a towel as she looks at me happily but with a pint of pity. 
"are you happy Edith?"
"I am mom. Honestly. We make each other happy and this is the happiest I've been in a while. Harry... Harry could be for the better mom."
"he can sweetie. He can." she winks and starts to wash dishes. I go back into the dining room and grab the remaining dishes. 
"mind getting me some water babe?"
"not at all. I'll be back." I caress his cheek before leaving. I place the dishes on the sink and grab Harry's cold glass of water. 
"let's go into the living room?" I ask him handing him his water. 
"sure." he follows me into the living room and we sit side by side on the couch. He wraps and arm around my shoulders. 
"thank you for letting me meet your mom. Even though I've been bugging you all week."
"it's okay. I'm glad we did this today because my best friend got to meet you."
"is he the one that called you in the morning?"
"what did he say to make you angry?"
"oh... We just had an argument that we've been having for sometime. I'll tell you about it when I feel comfortable speaking about it."
"anything that makes you comfortable Hailey."
"what's up with you calling me Hailey?" I giggle. 
"I like that name. Remember?"
"oh that's right. Well if you like it, then I like it too." I kiss his nose slightly. The door bell rings and I get up to answer. 
"oh you're back. Hi Emma." I take her in a hug and they both step inside. 
"Emma, I'd like you to meet someone. Harry, this is my other best friend Emma. Emma, this is my boyfriend Harry." she widens her eyes and drops her jaw. 
"nice to meet you." Harry says getting up from the couch and extending his hand. 
"nice meeting you too. Why didn't I know you had a boyfriend Eddie?"
"I never mentioned it?" I giggle. 
"how long?" she asks. 
"a month."
"wow, that's... Unexpected." she smiles and hugs me again before going into the kitchen to greet my mom. 

That evening, we all sit in the living room and talk. Emma ends up talking with Harry, my mom on the phone with Jade and Frank and I continue our conversation outside on the ledge that has an overview of Belleville at the end of the hallway.
"so what was that with Geoff?"
"I dont know. I wasn't thinking."
"what made you do it? I mean, I know you're not interested because first, Geoff is.. Geoff and you have an unexpected boyfriend all of a sudden." he chuckles. 
"I know, well... I was trying to figure something out. If I tell you, promise not to say anything?" 

Frank's POV
"I promise." oh my God Frank, prepare for the unexpected. 
"I wanted to know more about... Gerard. But I didn't want to ask directly. I was scared he would tell him something. So I kind of seduced him to get the information I needed."
"what were you looking for?"
"his address." she answers after a few short seconds. Feels like she just threw me a pile of bricks. WHAT.
"I'm confused." she grunts and covers her face. 
"I still love Gerard okay!" she yells covering her mouth the instant she said it. We looked over the corner to see if anyone heard. Coast clear. 
I don't answer. She grunts again. I feel like a another ton of bricks fell on me. That was soooo unexpected.
"wow. I had no idea. All this time I thought you didn't like him anymore. The thought left my mind when I saw your boyfriend and I was like, she's happy now. Why didn't you just ask me?"
"I'm telling you, I wasn't thinking. And I didn't want to admit I still like him. I'm just really confused. I like Harry. But I also like Gerard. I'm very happy with Harry but I long for Gerard. I dont know what to do. I'm trying to forget Gerard."
She looks over the city and spits. She watches the spit fall on the sidewalk. I think to myself, she's happy now. But she still longs for Gee. I don't want to ruin the relationship she has with this guy. God only knows what he'll do with this love triangle. 
"I dont know what to tell you Edith. Only you know what's best for yourself. You'll find your answer soon. Don't worry." I pat her back and stroke it. 
"tell me Frank, how is Gerard?" 
"he's..." I have no time to answer because Harry pops through the door. 
"oh there you are." he walks towards us with a smile. He kisses her and again, A pile of bricks hits me. It's weird to see Edith kiss someone that's not Gee. 
"what are you guys doing?" he asks hugging her waist. Again, that's not Gee so I don't know how to react. 
"we're just catching up on stuff." she answers. 
"so you're girlfriend told me you play guitar Frank."
"oh yeah, I do."
"that's awesome. I've always wanted to play guitar but I suck at it." Gerard can't play guitar 
"oh really? Well maybe because you haven't been taught by a master." I pretend to play guitar and chuckle with Harry. 
"you should teach me some. You know Edith, when I was younger I wanted to be in a band." she starts to cracks up. 
"yup. Weird huh?"
"what kind of band?" I ask. 
"like a Rock band. The Misfits were a big inspiration on me."
"you like The Misfits?!" Eddie yells. 
"yeah I do. They fucking rock."
"why didn't you tell me that before?! Frank and I love The Misfits."
"yeah. The Misfits kick ass. What's your favorite song?" I ask. 
"Astro Zombies and Ghoul's Night Out." 
"aren't you a badass! My band is covering that song; Astro Zombies."
"oh really? Well I'd like to hear that! When?"
"not sure when though. We're working on it. But what?! Dude, that's rad! Me and my friend love those two songs." we high five. Gerard and I love those songs. 
"I grew up with those two songs and I never get bored of them. As a matter of fact, I grew up with The Misfits and David Bowie. Two damn best of the rock ages." He has left me mouth wide open. Is it crazy to say this guy reminds me of Gerard?
"you have great taste in music. Come here." I make a crying voice and hug him. He pats my back. Just like Gerard. I shake my head when he lets go. I'm turning crazy. For sure. 
Soon after, Emma comes out of the house. 
"hey Frank, can we go? I'm fucking tired." 
"sure. Looks like I'm leaving. See you man. You're great. You're just great. Bye Eddie!" I hug her tightly and create a handshake with Harry. He's not bad after all. 
"guitar lessons?" he yells as I walk out with Emma. 
"for sure. Just tell me when."
"alright. Bye!" 
I open the door to Edith's mom's house and scream goodbye, then head downstairs with Emma. 
"what do you think of Harry?" I ask Emma as we enter my car. 
"he's a sweet guy. I'm happy that Edith has found someone."
"yeah. I'm happy for both of them. And he's a cool dude."
"yeah.. Frank? Do you think it's weird if I say... He reminds me of Gee?" I make a sudden stop making us hit our head on the seat.
"I thought the same dude..."
"oh my God right?! Just the way he talks and moves his mouth. It's so weird!"
"yeah! And guess what? He sucks at guitar just like Gee and loves David Bowie and The Misfits." I continue driving. 
"that's just weird Frank."
"I know. It took me off guard too..." 
I just can't believe Emma thought the same. I knew I wasn't crazy...

Harry's POV
Soon after Frank left, Edith and I went back inside her mom's house. She gave us some cookies and oh God, they are the best cookies I've tasted. They are so good! Better than mine. We sit on the couch with a bowl of cookies and milk when Edith's mom appears through the living room. 
"are you tired mom?" Edith asks.
"I am sweetie. But it's okay. I'll be fine."
"we'll leave right now if you'd like. So you can rest."
"no sweetie it's fine."
"no mom, you need to rest." 
"fine honey." Edith gets up from the couch and hugs her mom. 
"it was so nice to be here again mom. I love you." 
"I love you too honey. You have a nice night."
"you too." I get up and hug Ms. Lynn. 
"thank you for today Ms. Lynn. Your cooking is exceptional."
"thank you for coming by Harry. Now you take care of my little girl okay?"
"I sure will Ms. Lynn. Goodbye now." I kiss her cheek and walk back to Edith as Ms. Lynn disappears in the hallway. Edith and I start to walk out when I stop her. 
"before we leave, can I see your old room?"
"sure. Come." she holds my hand and walks me to the hallway. 
"mom we're going to check out my room okay?"
"okay honey." she yells back. We enter a dark room and then it's lit up by the light. It's an almost empty room with boxes and two beds. 
"my sister and I use to share rooms." we step in further in the room.
"where is she now?"
"in England studying to become a professional flute player."
"wow. That's incredible."
I pick up a photo on the night stand. It's a photo of a couple. 
"is that you're sister?" I ask showing her the picture. 
"oh yeah. I can't believe she left this photo. Her and her boyfriend have been together for a long time."
"wow." her sister is beautiful. They both look a lot alike. I put the photo down and examine the room. 
"you were an interesting child."
"why do you say?" she grins approaching me. 
"I dont know. I just think so. You're very mysterious now. Just imagine you as a teenager." I chuckle. 
"I guess so. Want to leave?"
"sure. Nice room by the way." we head out and lock the door on our way out.

This time, I sleep over at Edith's house. Before going to bed, we spent silent time holding each other looking over at the midnight moon outside in the balcony. We head back inside because it was getting cold. 
We lay In her bed holding each other close. After a moment, she kissed my cheek and made her way down to my neck. She sucked on my neck for a good moment making me relax. She sat on me in a straddle position and gripped my hips as she kissed me lustfully. I placed my hands on her waist. She bit my lip and I let out a small moan. She looked over me with a flirtatious smile. From the dim moonlight I saw her grin. She kissed me once more and settled down on me and rested her head on my chest. 
"that was- fun." I comment. She giggles but doesn't respond till later. 
"you're an amazing person Harry. I really like you." she kisses my bare neck. 
"I really like you too." I comment back stroking her back. She moves her hand up and down my torso but then stops right above my right hip and she falls asleep. I wrap my arms around her waist and enjoy the beautiful night and soon fall asleep as well.
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