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Chapter 1

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first chapter...

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The sunlight peaked through the shed roof and I rolled off my tatty mattress. “Good morning.” Leon laughed, placing a cup of coffee in front of me. I groan and sipped the boiling beverage. “Your turn to do the shopping.” Leon smiled as he sat down next to me on the rough wooden floor. I stood up and got dressed, grabbed my gun and pulled on my chunky boots.
I walked along the empty road, whistling a happy tune. I walked past a couple dead bodies which had been shovelled to the side of the road and I arrived at the market after around quarter of an hour. The market was only small and inside sort barn like building but it was where we got our food and it was enough to keep everyone that was left alive.
I was looking around some stalls when I heard a scream. I saw the first half men holding some little girl hostage. “Everyone Duck!” I yelled, dropping to the floor, pulling my gun out. I took a deep breath and stood up, pointing the gun at the man with the child. “Let her go.” I said calmly, slowly approaching the scene.
He looked at me and threw the child on the floor and she crawled to safety. He slowly walked towards me, holding his gun out in front of him. I heard footsteps behind me. “You’re surrounded.” The man in front said as the man behind grabbed me. “Let’s go!” the man behind shouted while dragging me to a van.
They tied me up in the boot and drove off. “Where you taking me!?” I demanded, wriggling in my ropes, but they just ignored me, so I sat and stared out the blacked out windows.
I watched as they took me to the first half.
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