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18- Laughter

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Brendon can't stay away for long.

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(Brendon’s POV)

A week passed and I didn’t hear from Kacy.

I knew where she was.

I checked her debit card, finding activity on it from a crappy motel downtown.

I was clueless as to why she’d choose somewhere so low budget but she wasn’t answering her phone so I couldn’t really ask her.

She’d called my bluff.

I couldn’t stand the idea of cutting her off financially. I didn’t want her out on the streets alone. I wouldn’t do that to her. Could I take Adam? Even that seemed too cruel.

I just wanted her home, safe and sound. I wanted her asleep next to me. I wanted to hold her and tell her everything would be okay, and I wanted everything to be okay.

I wanted Adam to see us as a perfectly happy couple, and I didn’t want it to be a lie- and I didn’t want to have to force Kacy.

I wanted things to be the way they had been before I screwed up.

I glanced down at the stack of letters in front of me.

They were the letters I’d written to Kacy when she was in the hospital.

I’d spilled my guts to her in those letters, yet I’d never given them to her for her to read.

It was about time I did.

Then if she left I couldn’t really stop her-

But she needed to know.

She needed to know that the reason I was so crazy- and the reason I was such a bastard was because I- I loved her.

I loved her and it scared me.


(Spencer’s POV)

“What’s your name again?”

“Kelsey.” Close enough.

I kissed the girl and she tasted like strawberries.

Strawberries made for a delicious night.


(Kacy’s POV)

I was getting used to the loud banging that surrounded me. People fought constantly and I found it calming, since I wasn’t involved in the fighting in any way. I’d been looking at job ads but hadn’t even gotten together a resume yet. I felt numb from leaving Brendon. I guess I just never really expected to not have him in my life. It hurt.

When I heard the loud knocking I figured it was for next door but when it didn’t go away I realized someone was knocking on my door. I waited a few agonizing seconds before slowly opening the door.

Brendon was standing there, clutching a bag of Chinese take-out. He was wearing sunglasses despite it being dark out, and after being away from him for an entire week I just wanted to hug him. I felt so alone without him. “Um, come in.” I cleared my throat and stepped away, allowing him entrance.

Brendon walked in, setting the Chinese take-out bag on the bed in the middle of the room. After that he took his sunglasses off and set them on the bedside table. “I brought your favorites.”

I was grateful but I couldn’t quite make myself say it. I hadn’t really eaten much lately though and the grumble from my stomach displayed my appreciation for the smell of the food- I couldn’t wait to taste it.

Brendon sat on one side of the bed and I sat on the other. The first thing I reached for ended up being teriyaki chicken, and I grabbed one of the plastic forks to begin eating. Brendon opted for the remote instead as he flipped through the channels, searching for something worth watching.

He ended up settling on Criminal Minds. “We haven’t watched this together for a while.”

I nodded, taking another bite of the delicious chicken. Brendon laughed, “Share some?”

I handed him the container and rooted through the bag of food, pulling out a container of plain white rice, which I ended up mixing with another container of teriyaki chicken.

“This is really good.” I mumbled, through a mouth full of food.

“You’re losing weight Kacy.” Brendon whispered, “You need to take care of yourself a little better. I can transfer some money in to your checking account if you’re worried about that… but you need to e-“

“Brendon, please don’t.” I begged, wanting to avoid a fight at all costs.

“Here-“ Brendon brought his fork full of food to my mouth and I hesitantly opened, taking a bite of the delicious food. I really loved Chinese take-out. I missed when Brendon and I used to get it every Thursday. It was a sort of celebration for us, though we never were sure exactly what we were celebrating. We stopped doing it when he left for tour again, and right as things were starting to slow down for him… this happened. We fell apart. We were potentially divorcing.

It had only been a week and I missed him. I missed him so much, too much.

Brendon laughed at something that was said on the television.

I leaned back, finally feeling comfortable.

It took Brendon being around for me to feel comfortable.

What the hell was I supposed to do?

I couldn’t go back to him, not after everything we’d been through.


“Are you okay?” Jon entered Spencer’s bedroom, having used his spare key to gain entry to Spencer’s home. The place was trashed which was completely unlike Spencer. His bedroom smelled badly of cigarette smoke, and Spencer wasn’t a smoker- or Jon thought he wasn’t.

“I’m tired.” Spencer complained.

“How long have you been tired?” Jon asked. “I haven’t spoken to you in over a week.”

“We don’t talk every single day. It’s not like we’re touring.” Spencer snapped, “This is alone time, now leave me alone.”

Jon rolled his eyes, “What the hell is going on? Ryan and I left for a few weeks and now everything seems to have fallen apart. Please tell me that you and Kacy didn’t start back up with your affair bullshit.”

“Affair bullshit?” Spencer’s eyes narrowed, “I loved her Jon.”

“She’s Brendon’s wife.” Jon reasoned.

“She left Brendon.” Spencer informed a somewhat shocked Jon. “He called me once she left. He hasn’t heard from her in a week.”

“So now you think it’s your turn to finally be with her?” Jon asked. He tried to keep the judgment out of his tone but it was a little difficult. Kacy was his friend but she was also poisonous to his two best friends.

“Kacy and I are never getting back together.” Spencer whispered.

“Oh?” Jon was clearly surprised.

“She’s in love with Brendon.” Jon could hear the pain in Spencer’s voice as the admission flew from his lips. Now he couldn’t take it back, but he couldn’t before anyway. It was about time he said it out loud.

It was the truth.


Kacy laughed as Brendon put the chop-sticks they didn’t even bother to use in his mouth. He tried to move them as he spoke, simply sputtering. Kacy kept laughing at him.

The chopsticks fell free. “I miss that sound.” Brendon commented.

Kacy smiled sadly, “Me too.”
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