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7 Minutes In Hell for a Glimpse of Heaven

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One of those 'you choose your own destiny' it?

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Second Person POV

You let out a strangled gasp as you awaken in a dark, low light room.
Where am I you think cautiously to yourself, sitting up, feeling the chill air wrap around your body like a blanket.
"Look alive sunshine." Your head pops up, as you scan your surroundings, wondering where the My Chemical Romance quote came from.
"109 in the sky but the pigs won't quit..your here with me, the gamemaker." The voice changes, from the familiar tone of 'Dr.D', the radio jockey from 2019 post-apocolyptic California, to a new, strange, scratchy deep voice.
"Now love, I guarentee your wondering how on earth you have awoken in such a strange place, why your body is lacking clothes, what happened at that party last night. All will be revealed, but first I would like to play a game."
Your jaw locks, the party last night was a night of firsts, you first went to a rave, you got wasted, you let go; hell even you had your first Saw marathon only hours before.
"God damn." You groan, head feeling ready to explode, heart slamming so hard against your ribs you can barely breath.
"Oh no love, don't die now! We haven't even started." The voice laughed a cruel, manical laugh.
"WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!" You screamed, frustrated in your captor, taunting you like you were a mouse in a maze, trying to find the cheese . Although you soon realize two things,
1) Screaming got you nothing except more pain
2) Screaming will continue to get you nowhere except more pain, frustration and a rawed out throat.
"Now love; I give you your first set of choices." You feel a lump settle into your throat.
"One, you sit here, go back to sleep pretending nothing ever happened,"
"Two, you get up and find the basic needs; I do think you must be getting hungry, and thirsty, and of course self-concious from being in the newd."
"Three, you play the game, what game your probably asking? Well darling, that would make this all to easy now wouldn't it?" You sit on the bed, curled up in the navy blanket, made of a soft fabric; it reminds you of the days as a child, when your mother would lay you under a blanket with the same fabric when you had gotten sick.
"Remember!" This rude awakening from your thoughts causes you to gasp
"Every choice has a consequence, now choose wisely."

What will you choose?
1-Sit here in the room, close your eyes and go back to sleep, 2- Explore this building, and find your basic nesseities, 3- Play this 'game-makers' game"
Oh and you get ONE choice, no "2 and 3" or anything like that, ONE

Yup, it's an interactive story, I will write each scenario, all depending on who chooses what, so if even 1 person chooses a choice it will be posted.

So the outcomes will be one-shots, and the choices will be posted here, okay? Bye..
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