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Auditions (again.....)

by YoshikiHide182 17 reviews

Auditions for my new Mcr/P!ATD/TH story

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Heya guys i'm back

soo as u can tell by the 'Audition' title
i have got a new story for you guys to participate in..

I'm basing it on a film a watched a few years ago about a group of outcasts
that decide to get revenge on the popular people who bully them at school
so they invite all the popular people to a Halloween party and drug the drinks....and horror erupts....

I know what your thinking
"Hollie, your're doing lots of stories already" well people the actual story will not be put up for a while yet...when i start writing the story is when i get a new laptop (since mine was stolen those fucking bastards) which will be in a few months time....

so here's the parts (well you may know all the bands that are gonna be in this but if you don't know...Mcr=Gerard,mikey,frank and ray P!ATD= Brendon& Spencer and TH=Bill and tom (for those who don't know their band is called Tokio Hotel)

Main parts:

Ray's girlfriend
Mikey's girlfriend
Brendon's Girlfriend
Spencer's Girlfriend
Tom's girlfriend
2 friends of them
The hero (the popular person who's best friends with them)

Popular people:
3 girls
4 boys

and the old person who lives near where the party's held at (must be a guy in his 50's or more)

last name:
looks (below)

I look forward to seeing your entries...
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