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Friends For Never (Frerard)

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Can one incident break a relationship? Or will someone be there to save it?

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A/N: Hooray for me finally writing these one shots! This is loosely based off of the song ‘Friends For Never’ by The Midnight Beast, thank you to tmbfucks for the suggestion. I also included a bit of MCR history in there for ya ;) I hope you enjoy
PS. it's only short but I didn't want to make it long and ruin it

Ray’s POV

“Well fuck you then” I hear Frank shout, slamming the door of Gerard’s dressing room. He walks in, kicking the side of couch before flopping down onto it, crossing his arms tightly across his chest

“Now Frank, what did that couch ever do to you?” I joke, trying to lift the mood but he just glares at me. I hold my hands up “Just trying to break the tension” I add, shrugging. Frank continues to stare at the floor, seemingly stuck in his thoughts of what happened earlier


The crowd was screaming and the speakers were vibrating as they blasted out every note we played yet all I could hear was myself going through the chords in my head, hoping not to mess up. I finish my solo, achieving an even louder roar from the crowd. I look up to smile in thanks but out of the corner of my eye see Frank climbing onto the bass drum.

What is he doing to now?

I brush it off as Frank causing mischief and continue playing the song almost effortlessly, taking a few steps to my right as I loosened up. The crowd goes crazy again but I don’t know why so I look up to see Frank being pushed off of Gerard, landing hard on his back, his guitar flying behind him. I look over to Gerard to see him kicking a speaker out of anger. He continues to sing and Frank picks up his guitar and continues to play as if nothing happened. I look over to Mikey who just looks confused and shrugs. I try to forget about it and finish the set but I can’t help but think this is going to blow up afterwards.

After the last 4 songs, we all walk off the stage, setting our instruments down on the stands and collapsing onto the couches in the backstage area, all except Gerard who just stands there, hands on hips, staring daggers at Frank.

“What the hell was that for?” Gerard explodes after no reply, making Mikey and I jump. Frank snaps his head up to glare back at Gerard

“What? Can’t I have any fun on stage anymore?” He spits back. Gerard lets out a heavy sigh and walks away into his dressing room but Frank just gets up and follows, demanding an answer after his outburst.

“I’m gonna leave before this gets ugly” Mikey says hurriedly, getting up and shuffling out of the room from the other door. I wave back at him and just sit in silence, listening to the angry voices in the background


After several minutes of uncomfortable silence Gerard walks in, avoiding Frank’s gaze, and goes to the fridge to grab a drink. The tension stays in the air, making it unbearable and I can’t help but get frustrated myself.

“You guys are being so idiotic” I shout, anger bubbling inside me. My sudden outburst make both of them look at me with shock on their faces

“Look Ray, it’s really not any-” Gerard starts

“No, it is my business Gerard because I am part of this band and you two are being idiots. What the hell? One day you’re together and nothing can break you and now that’s all gone and I have no idea why, oh yeah, because you had a stupid row. Now stop being pussies and go work your problems out” I finish with a heavy sigh, relieved to let it all out.

Gerard and Frank just stare in shock for a while; occasionally opening their mouths to speak but closing them before any sound comes out, it’s understandable considering I never get angry usually. They both stay quiet a little longer, staring at the same spot for several minutes, the expressions on their faces softening as if they were reminiscing. Frank, slowly sits up straight, stands up and starts to walk over to Gerard who looks up to him. When he gets over to him, Frank reaches up and grabs Gerard around the neck in what looks like a very tight hug. Gerard wraps his arms around Frank’s waist and hugs him back, placing his head on his shoulder. They pull away slowly, Frank kissing Gerard’s cheek.

“I’m sorry, I got too carried away on stage” Frank says, looking down at his feet guiltily. Gerard puts his hand under Frank’s chin, lifting his head up to look at him

“No, I’m sorry I got too angry, you were only having fun” Gerard finishes and they fall back into each other’s arms in a softer hug. I smile, knowing everything is fixed. I look over to the door when Mikey walks back in and leans against the doorframe, letting out a light sigh

“Oh thank god that’s over because we need to get back on the bus”

I look over to Gerard and Frank one more time to see them linking hands and walking out the room. I get up slowly, the adrenaline from the show wearing off and walk out the room, turning the light off and thanking god that the fight happened in a large space.
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