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Chapter Four

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Harry Potter is moved to Severus Snape's home for protection after number four is demolished. Can Harry survive the summer at Snapes home? Prehbp HPSS

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Harry stood in the doorway looking at Snape, who had not noticed him yet because he was reading a book that lay in front of him. It was a good thing that Snape had not noticed Harry either, or else, Harry was sure he would have looked like a gob fish. Snape was not wearing his hideous black robes, in fact he was not wearing any black at all. He had a pair of dark kaki pants on and a white shirt on. And his hair was pulled back to the nape of his neck, rather than falling around his face. Harry was in shock to see Snape looking so... un-snape like. 'He actually does not look half bad...' Harry began to think, but quickly shook those thoughts out of his head. He most defiantly should not start thinking of Snape like that.

Harry contemplated turning around and going back to the kitchen, but was afraid if he moved that Snape would notice him. Harry was about to take a step backwards when Snape turned his head towards him. "Are you going to stand in the door all day, Potter? Come in and sit down!" Snape ordered. Not having a choice in the matter now, Harry walked over to the table, and sat down opposite of Snape, not saying anything.

They sat there in silence like that, waiting for Maren to bring the dinner. Snape reading, and Harry staring at Snape, unsure if he should risk breaking the silence, but luckily Maren did that for him. A plate of food popped up in front of Harry and he heard a simultaneous pop, of Maren coming into view. "Mr. Snape," She said, bowing so low that her long nose almost touched the ground. "Dinner is served." She said gracefully, before popping back out of the room, leaving Snape and Harry alone again.

Harry nervously inspected the food in front of him, chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, and a piece of bread. Harry looked up to see if Snape had started his dinner yet, just to make sure that it was less likely that his dinner was poisoned, but found that Snape had been staring at him, not eating.

"Mr. Potter, it would be considered impolite of me to begin eating before my guest has." Snape stated, looking coldly at Harry. "And I would like to be able to eat sometime soon."

"Oh, sorry, professor." Harry said weakly and picked up his fork. He stabbed one of the green beans with his fork and quickly ate it. As soon as the food was in his mouth, Snape began to eat. Harry watched him eat, while he slowly at his dinner. They were both almost completely done before either one of them spoke again. "Sir, I was wondering if...if you could answer some questions for me." Harry said nervously, not wanting Snape to become angry with him.

Snape looked up from his plate and nodded. "What is it?" He asked impatiently.

"Why was I placed in your care?" Harry asked quickly.

Snape sighed and rubbed his forehead. "The dark lord is least likely to expect that you would be placed in my care, therefore that is exactly what Dumbledore did. Does that answer your question?" Snape explained.

"I guess." Harry had been hoping for a more elaborated response then that, but he figured he was not going to get it.

"If you have nothing else to say, then I am leaving." Snape said as he stood up quickly and left, before Harry was given a chance to say anything else. Harry was left sitting at the table his mouth half open and his hand raised slightly, about to ask another question, but Snape was already gone. Something was defiantly going on with Snape. He had been avoiding Harry completely since he had gotten here. 'He is such a hypocrite. He says he has to be polite to guest at the dinner table and then gets up and leaves.' Harry sighed to himself and made his way back to the guest room. Hoping a good nights sleep would clear everything up.
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