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To: Whoever's Feeling Down From:AJ

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A little note to people that are feeling down.

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To: Whoever's Feeling Diwn

I run home from school, shoving the other noisy teenagers in my way, ignoring their protests.
I get on the first train home, not caring how crowded it is, paying no mind to the teens pressed up against the doors, because it's so crowded.
I'm scared of teenagers, but I don't care. It'll all be worth it soon.
I get off the train on the last stop, then transfer to another train, with more noisy, shouting teenagers, judging me with their eyes.
I get off on my stop, and run to that yellow apartment building.
I get upstairs, greet my dog, get changed into my pajamas and turn on my KindleFire.
I go straight to that small community, that one place I feel welcome in.

Hello. I'm atomickilljoy, but, for short, AJ.
I'd like to start off by saying that you are all special. If not to someone else, to me.
I love you all, and I even pray for some of you. (LOLSHEPRAYS). It's true. I pray while waiting for the 6:30a.m train. I pray for people like Cian, who's sister (detonationmouse, I believe) has recently died, may she rest in peace.
Anyways, I love you all. The reason I make it through the day is to come back to here.
I want to say that I love all of you, who even bother coming to this site every day, when most of the writers here are SO much more talented than others who don't use Fanfiction sites. There are so many people here that I feel are like family. .
I want all of you to pursue your dreams, no matter how "unlikely" they seem. I want to be a rockstar, and, no matter how much I know that that's not how life works, I never stop having that one glimmer of hope. That one thought, everyday, of performing, inspiring, and doing that one thing until I get really old or die.
I want all of you to feel that way, and get to experience the life you want to lead.
If life seems too damn hard, and you feel like giving up, read this, and hopefully, this will inspire to to go on. I want you to never give up. If I never get to live my dream, I want to take comfort in knowing that someone did. I want you all to work as hard as you fucking can to make your dream a reality.
Never give up on your dreams. If you aren't living the life you have always dreamed about by the time you're 20 or so, TRY HARDER. TRY AS HARD AS YOU CAN. Sometimes, it's not your fault. But there's always SOMETHING you can do to make your dreams come true. I will never stop trying until I'm six feet underground, and neither should you.
Never think about suicide. It's tough but I never cut, no matter how hard I'm pushed, and I am pushed to get good grades(REALLY pushed), no matter how hard life seems to get, you drop that sharp object and don't let it touch your fucking skin. I have never cut, because if I did, I remind myself of how much of a fucking hypocrite I would be to everyone I got to stop cutting. Remember that there is someone out there who loves you. Her name(FicWad name) is AJ.

I will never stop trying until I'm six feet underground
Neither should you
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