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The night in Don Corneo's Mansion

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Reno x Cloud. I haven't updated in a's my newest fic. Basically, they go to Don Corneo's and stuff

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He sprinted up the path, rain pouring from the sky. The droplets ran down his back, frozen.

He turned corners, dodging the people of the Sector 7 slums, running hard and fast. Kids stared at him, adults too. He didn't stop.

Heart pounding, he arrived at the wall market. He stopped, leaning against the wall of the Honeybee Inn, breathing heavily.

"Cloud," a low voice said, "get over here. Now."

Cloud flicked his hair out of his sapphire eyes, walking over to the man. He was wearing a long black overall, head hidden by a hood, dark glasses hiding his eyes.

Cloud followed the man in the cape. He had no idea who it was. Cloud gripped the wet handle of his long sword, the other hand clenched.

He was led to Don Corneo's mansion. He had no idea why he was here. He didn't want to admit it to himself, but he didn't want to be here. Fear ran down his spine. He didn't like being here. He wanted to hide.

He sighed, a cloud forming in front of his face. He stepped inside the mansion, warming up slightly.

"This way," said the man. Cloud recognised the voice. A voice he knew, but couldn't picture.

Cloud shrugged and followed the man, into a room he'd been in before. Cloud's core temperature dropped again, goosebumps appearing on his arms.

The man locked the door, and walked over to Cloud. Cloud backed against the wall, ready to draw his sword.

The mysterious man pulled off his shades, revealing his emerald eyes. He lowered his head and removed the overall.

Before Cloud could say anything, the man pressed himself against Cloud. He held Cloud's face gently, kissing Cloud. He sucked on Cloud bottom lip for a second, and pulled his head away.

"Reno," Cloud breathed, "what are you doing?"

Reno giggled, running a hand through his hair. "I've liked you for a little while now. Y'know, all those times I let you go? I didn't want to hurt you. I just wanted to be with you," Reno turned the same colour as his crimson hair.

Cloud was speechless, unable to take in what he had just heard. "But-"

Reno pushed his index finger delicately against Cloud's red lips. "Shh baby," Reno whispered.

Cloud let Reno wrap his arms around his waist, Cloud pulling Reno closer.

"Reno," Cloud breathed heavily, his eyes sparkling with excitement, "what are you going to do to me?"

Reno knew the Cloud knew the answer, so he didn't say anything at all. He just smirked and kissed Cloud on the head.

"Wait!" Cloud panicked, "where's Corneo?" A voice in Cloud's head was telling him to leave Reno and run before something happened, but Cloud was enjoying the company of Reno.

"Rude and Elena are taking care of him," Reno smiled.

"Elena's probably going to end up as his sex slave or some kind of shit," Cloud said.

Reno nodded, not really sure wether to agree with Cloud or not.

Reno pressed Cloud against the wall, kissing around Cloud's ear. Cloud moaned softly and grabbed Reno's ass, thrusting slightly.

Reno started kissing around Cloud's neck, listening to Cloud groan with pleasure.

"Ugh fuck," Cloud moaned softly, "more."

Reno bit on Cloud's lip, grabbing Cloud's thighs. Reno felt something hard dig into his thigh. Cloud was moaning louder now.

"Baby, you wanna go all the way?" Reno asked.

Cloud nodded, unable to believe what Reno was saying. Cloud started to slide his shirt off, Reno grabbing Cloud's crotch gently and squeezing it softly.

Cloud felt something press against his stomach. It was really hard. He squealed with excitement, ripping his clothes off.

Reno turned around, undoing the button on his trousers and pulling them down. He then pulled down his pants and turned around.

Cloud was speechless. He'd never seen a dick so big before. He couldn't contain his excitement, and crouched down, opening his mouth wide enough for Reno.

Reno didn't stop to think about what he was doing. He just went straight for it. He could feel Cloud's warm breath on his skin, his thighs being gripped lightly from the spiky haired boy's hands.

After a while, Cloud stopped and turned around. He was enjoying this so much, but he needed a break. He was sweating, trying not to mess anything up in front of the redhead.

Unaware of Reno behind him, he bent over to move his clothes.

Reno quickly grabbed hold of Cloud, and slammed him hard up the ass. Cloud didn't know what to do. He started squirming, excited about what was happening.

Reno couldn't stop himself, and he ejaculated inside Cloud's rectum.

Cloud squealed loudly, unable to describe how he felt. He wanted more, but he couldn't have anymore. It was late at night, and Don Corneo's henchmen were expected back any minute now.

Slam! The front door of the mansion flew open.

"Cloud," Reno whispered, eyes darting everywhere, "put your clothes on. We have to hide,"

The men started slipping their clothes back on as silently as they could.

Footsteps. Up the stairs. Past the office. They were heading straight for the room Reno and Cloud were in, half naked.

A key turned in the door.

Damn, Reno thought, I didn't hide the spare key. Shit.

Reno lunged at Cloud and pulled him into a corner. Two men came down into the room. One leant against the wall, the other pressing his body against him.

Reno and Cloud shrugged, and walked silently out of the room.

"That was fun," Cloud said, "maybe we could try that another time?"

Reno pulled his cloak over him "of course, my friend," Reno put his shades on and pulled his hood up, "for now though, it's goodbye from me."

Cloud kissed Reno on the lips, and watched Reno walk off into the darkness.
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