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The return of M.J.

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There is no wai 2 summarize this

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Evry1 ses dat M.J. is ded but he will com back here is what will happin

One dai, M.J was bein dead like a popstar. Then he was all up in wherever he went after he became ded, and he was all "Yo fuq dat" and he threw his hat 2 create a path through the clouds, and he moonwalked back to earth. Then he smacked 1001 ppl and then he sang "Bad" and "Smooth Criminal" and then J.C. shot him and was all "Yo bitch no one can come back 2 lief but me" and then he danced around on M.J. and then UPDATE and then Jesus died of a feels attack because Erisol became canon and it was his OTP and then we all craied tears of blood and OTP heaven((Yes Erisol is my OTP deal with it)) and then M.J. came back 2 lief 2 crai OTP tears because he luvs Erisol 2 and then J.C. was liek "O U liek Erisol 2?" and M.J. was all "Hell yea" and then they became best friends 5-ever
The Fucking End
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