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There's one thing I never want you to forget. This was all your fault.

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WARNING: suicide and depressing shit

Remember when we were kids, Gee? Remember how we wanted to be superheroes? We wanted to save MJ. We wanted to save the world. However, you told me I was too young to be a saviour. But I didn't care. I wanted to save lives.

Remember when the idea of the band came up? I was so excited, but you didn't want me in it. You said the band needed someone who actually didn't suck at bass. But I didn't care. It was my chance to save lives.

Remember when we had our very first interview as a band? I remember every time I opened my mouth to say anything, you would blurt something out so the attention would be focused back on you. I remember asking you about it afterwards and you said that I didn't need to talk. I was just the lead singer's brother and that was the only reason I could ever be in band. I was just the bassist; I didn't need to talk. So I didn't. But I didn't care. I didn't need my words to save lives.

Remember when the fans all started saying 'MCR saved my life.'? I remember that they always thanked you. They always told you that you were their inspiration to live. You just brushed it off, almost like it meant nothing to you, which it probably didn't. You said there was a reason they never thanked me. But I didn't care. I was apart of MyChem. And I saved lives.

Remember when you straight-out called me worthless? Even though it was just yesterday, you probably don't. You were so drunk. Then again, you always are nowadays. Ray says you didn't mean it, but I know you did. And you know what? I do care. I care a whole fucking lot. I've been ignoring it for so long. I've been ignoring all the times you implied my worthlessness. But for you to just flat out say it? I can't ignore it. It just hurts too much. But, hey, the truth hurts.

I know you probably can't remember anything I mentioned up there, but I'll give you something you can never forget. You'll be the first one back to the bus. I know it because I know you. Unlike you, Frank, Ray, and Matt have an adoration for the fans so they'll be out signing for hours. But you? No, you'll come back to the bus and you'll find this note right beside little Mikey with his brains splattered against the cabinets. I think the best part is the irony. You wanted to save lives, but if anything, you just cocked the gun and handed it to me.

Well Gerard,if you're too drunk or high or just too uncaring to remember every detail of my gory death, there's one thing I never want you to forget.

This was all your fault.

Remember, suicide's never an option. If you ever feel down, talk to someone who can help. Remember you can always email me ( or leave a review or anything. I'm more than happy to listen.

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