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Chapter Two: Pancakes and Kisses

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Brendon make pancakes, Ryan and Nevada kiss

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Nevada awoke and rolled out of bed, smoothing down her hair. She smelt something light and sweet; she sniffed the air and looked towards the minuscule kitchen; Brendon was busy making pancake. A box of mix sat on the counter, and he had his back to her while he stirred the batter.
"Good Morning." She said, sitting down at the small cushioned booth.
"Oh, Good Morning."
"Why the pancakes?"
"I make pancakes every Sunday. It's kind of an unspoken tradition." He answered.
"I see." Nevada smiled.
"So why did Ryan bring you home last night?"
"Oh, fiancé broke off the wedding..." she muttered, and Brendan saw the diamond glittering on her finger.
"Oh...who's you fiancé?"
"Mark Matthews...he's a roadie for The Academy is..."
"Ah. Why did he break off the wedding?" Brendon pried gently.
"He said we were too young...and I caught him in bed with another girl." She said, not looking at him.
"Wow, that's gotta hurt."
Nevada nodded, and Brendon saw tears welling in her eyes. He immediately regretted his insensitivity.
"How old are you?" he asked, trying to distract from his blunder.
"That is pretty young...I'm 18, too."
Brendon began to pour the batter into the frying pan, making the pancakes. When the first one was done, he flipped it expertly straight from the pan onto a waiting plate, and set the dish down in front of Nevada. She smiled and poured some syrup onto it, and began eating.
"This is really good!" she exclaimed, her mouth partially full.
"Thanks." Brendon grinned. He made enough pancakes for the rest of the group and sat down to eat his. Ryan, Spencer and Jon all stumbled out of the bedroom, ruffled. Ryan seemed to have forgotten Nevada was there, and he stepped out into the kitchen in his boxers. Neon green ones. Nevada blushed and turned away, and Ryan dashed back into the bedroom, returning with plaid pajama bottoms and a white tee shirt.
"Nice, Ry." Grinned Jon, sitting down.
"Does Bren here make good pancakes, or what?" Spencer asked Nevada through bites.
"Does he ever." She grinned back.
Ryan scooted into the booth next to Nevada, and touched her arm lightly.
"Do you want me to come with you to help you get your stuff out of your camper?"
"Yeah, that'd be nice."
They looked into eachother's eyes, smiling. Brendon watched with jealousy. Spencer and Jon exchanged smirks, but did not notice Brendon's reaction.
"Well, we'd better get going. We have a show at 10:00, we need to do this right away." Ryan announced, standing up.
"Ok..."she stood up, too.
"It was nice to meet you, Nevada." Brendon smiled, and the others nodded.
"You, too." Nevada replied.

Nevada stood in front of the camper, parked several meters away from The Academy is...tour bus. She gulped; it loomed before her, and she was too nervous to go inside.
"Do you want me to come with you?" Ryan asked gently, sensing her distress. She nodded, and the two new friends marched up the stairs and Nevada opened the door. Mark stood with the tall blonde Nevada had found him with the previous night. Ryan came in with her.
"Who's this?" Mark demanded, gesturing towards Ryan.
"My friend Ryan," She said, "And who is this?"
"This is Candy."
The woman snapped her gum and sneered at Nevada.
"I put all your stuff into your suitcase, it's by the bedroom door." Mark said.
"Thanks, but I'll look around to make sure I got all my stuff." Nevada went through all the drawers, pulling out her jewelry and clothes as she went.
"So you got all my stuff, eh?" she asked sarcastically.
"I tried," Mark snapped, "Now I want my ring back."
Nevada pulled the ring of her finger and dropped it into Mark's outstretched hand.
"Goodbye, Mark." She said tearfully, and she turned and left, Ryan lugging her suitcase behind her.

"Candy," Nevada snapped, kicking a rock, "What a bimbo."
"Hey, C'mon, you said so yourself Mark's an ass. No wonder he picked a bimbo over a nice girl." Ryan said soothingly, brushing his hand against Nevada's arm. She fought back her tears and looked up into his eyes.
"You think I'm nice?" she whispered, smiling.
"Well, yeah. Otherwise I'd never have invited you to stay with us, or anything." He mumbled, suddenly shy.
"Thank you for everything, Ryan. I'd be lost if you didn't take me in last night." She breathed, looking down at her feet. Ryan gently lifted her chin;
"Anytime." He whispered.
Their lips met; Nevada felt like she was in heaven. After what seemed like eternity, they broke away, smiling.
"Do that again." Nevada said, and they kissed again.

Brendon was annoyed; they were dressed and ready for the show, they were just waiting for Ryan to hurry up and get his ass in there so they could go to the stage.
"Where the hell is he?" Spencer demanded, knowing very well where he was.
"I'll go see if he's outside." Brendon said, standing up and crossing over to the door. He opened it and stepped down onto the pavement, looking around; shock met his eyes. Ryan and Nevada stood, several meters away, locked in a tight embrace, Nevada's suitcase sitting pitifully on the ground at their feet. Brendon watched for a moment, then turned to go back inside.
"Guys," he breathed, "Come look outside."
The two young men got up and poked their heads out the door, and smirked.
"Hey Ryan!" Jon called, "Get your ass in here, we've gotta go! Your make-out buddy will be here after the show!"
Ryan and Nevada abruptly pulled apart, blushing.
"I've gotta go wait in line for your show." Whispered Nevada.
"I've gotta get ready for the same show." Ryan laughed gently, and they kissed one last time and went their own separate ways. Ryan walked up the steps of the bus, smiling.
"Wow, Ry, I didn't think you had it in you." Spencer grinned.
"Had what in me?"
"The ability to make a girl fall for you in less than 24 hours."
Ryan shrugged and smiled wider. Brendon sat down on the couch, glaring at his friends. Nevada deserved better; Ryan was some sad, depressed little emo boy. Brendon was shocked at his own thoughts; Ryan was his friend. He stood up.
"C'mon guys, we have to get to the stage."
"I'm not changed yet!" Ryan protested indignantly.
"Then grab your costume and put it on in one of those little dressing stalls; we've got an audience waiting." Brendon said, and the group left.

The crowd went wild as Panic! At the Disco stepped onstage. Ryan picked up his guitar and watched the crowd; they were all muttering, and he could tell it was because of his new hair do. He saw Nevada in the crowd and smiled at her; all the girls surrounding her began to giggle, thinking he had smiled at them. They began to play "The only difference between martyrdom and suicide is press coverage." Brendon sang with all his might; maybe he'd impress Nevada. After all, didn't girls always fall for the lead singer?
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