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Another Stashley Story

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Stashley: A short oneshot about Stefan and Ashley (Warning: smut)

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Ash’s eyes fluttered open as he heard the familiar creak and bang of the front door opening and closing, he turned his head and read his bedside clock 3:02AM, he heard Stefan’s familiar voice as he walked or maybe stumbled down the hallway past Ash’s room, he heard a girl’s giggle and Stefan’s door open and close. Ashley lifted his head off his pillow and sighed sadly, he pulled his headphones out from his bedside table as he heard Stefan’s bed start to creak and bang up against the wall that separated their bedrooms. Ash plugged his iPhone in and turned his music up loud trying to ignore the moans that seeped through the walls. He felt his heart in his throat as he choked back tears. Every night, every fucking night. Stefan would come home with.. What was her name Tamara? Stefan insisted they were just fucking but Ashley didn’t believe him, fuck buddies don’t stay all weekend and snuggle on the couch watching romantic movies.
Ashley was finally drifting into an uncomfortable sleep with weird dreams where Stefan morphed into a fish and ate Ashley whole. He heard a knock on his door, and he thought he was going to vomit; Ashley lifted his head as the door opened slightly and Stefan’s head popped round
“Alright, mate?” Stefan smiled and stepped into the room, he was topless and wearing a pair of baggy pyjama bottoms “you awake?” he whispered loudly as he made his way to Ash’s bed
“Apparently I am now” Ashley muttered as he pulled his duvet further across his head.
Stefan chuckled at his best friend and sat on the bed beside him
“How’s Tamara?” Ash mumbled from under the duvet, he inched it down so that just his eyes were showing
“It’s not Tamara” Stefan grinned down at him
Ashley sat straight up in bed “what? Who is it then?” he asked exasperated
“Umm Christine” Stefan grinned again but obviously taken aback by Ashley’s reaction
“Wow. Great. Awesome. Have fun with that” Ashley scoffed and rolled over pulling the duvet over his head, Ashley had no reason to be pissed off, Tamara and Stefan weren’t even in a relationship, not like Ashley would care anyway he hated Tamara. Ashley didn’t understand his own outburst; he just wanted to be the one under Stefan.
“Ash... why are you angry?” Stefan asked putting a hand on Ash’s shoulder through the duvet
“I’m not angry, I’m tired and I’d like to sleep” Ashley huffed, all the while tears running down his cheeks.
“Ashley you obviously are angry, I don’t understand why though, Tamara and I aren’t together, we can see other people” Stefan was raising his voice frustrated with Ash’s behaviour
Ashley shot up and stared at Stefan “Stefan I don’t care what you do, go out get STDs see how I care, for fucks sake!” he huffed slamming himself down again
Stefan stood up angrily “for fucks sake? FOR FUCK SAKE?! I’m a guy it’s what I do, I go out and have lots of meaningless sex. MAYBE that’s what you should be doing, instead of lying in bed sulking all day over god knows what because YOU won’t tell me!” he was practically shouting
Ashley lifted himself up from the bed again, and stood up in front of Stefan.
“Maybe that’s because I’m not a dickhead like you” he hissed at Stefan, their faces only inches away from one another
“Maybe I am a dickhead, but at least I’m actually getting some sex” Stefan shot back
“that’s great, that’s just great, thanks for that” Ashley stood back nodding, the blow hurt Ashley, he knew he hadn’t been getting much action lately but to be perfectly honest he wasn’t even trying, why bother, no amount of sex filled the gaping hole. Ash turned and pulled his duvet down about to get back in, but Stefan grabbed his arm and pulled him towards him, their faces closer than before, Ashley’s heart was racing and his breathing was ragged. Stefan opened his mouth slightly
“I’m sorry. I was out of line” he whispered looking down and turned away. Ashley grabbed his forearm and yanked him until he looked at him.
“I just can’t stand it Stefan” he spoke quietly walking towards Stefan
“Can’t stand what?” Stefan spoke equally as quiet, gulping after his sentence
“I can’t stand the fact… the fact that... that you bring home these girls late at night, and you fuck them so loudly and all I want...” he trailed off looking over towards his bed
“What Ash? What do you want?” Stefan couldn’t help the frustration in his voice
“All I want is to fuck you.” Ash spat at him, choking slightly as the tear sprang to his eyes
Stefan was unaware that all the blood had rushed to his nether regions “you what?” Stefan could hardly believe the words that had just come out of his best friend’s mouth. But what was more unbelievable than that was his own reaction, he stepped forwards and grabbed Ash’s head and forced his lips to crush against his. His tongue prying its way into Ash’s mouth and meeting his, Ash moaned ever so slightly, mostly by surprise. Stefan was kissing him, and he had instigated it? What? Ash brought his hands to Stefan’s waist pulling him closer.
Stefan pulled away breathing heavily staring at Ashley
“Ash, I’m not gay” pressing his forehead against Ashley
“Neither am I” Ashley smirked as Stefan pushed him backwards onto the bed and crawled up his body kissing him passionately and straddling his hips, rubbing himself slowly on Ashley’s growing erection.
“oh god Stef” Ashley moaned placing his hands on Stefan’s own hips following his swaying rhythm, Ashley lifted himself so that he was sitting up and pulled Stefan towards him kissing him passionately as Stefan ran his hands up Ash’s shirt slowly removing it from him.
Ashley flipped them over and hovered over Stefan.
“This is happening” he said mostly to himself
“Yes it is, now take off your pants and fuck me” Stefan said leaning up on his elbows
Ashley nodded and saluted Stefan before removing his and Stefan’s trousers, he gulped as Stefan’s length sprang out of his pyjamas. He crawled up to him and licked his shaft before taking him entirely in his mouth, Stefan’s hand lay on Ash’s head and his other reached up and steadied himself on the headboard, he moaned and quivered as Ashley sucked him hard.
“Ash I think I might…” Stefan whispered breathlessly, Ash stopped sucking and smirked up at Stefan not allowing him to come.
“Ash, please” Stefan moaned writhing underneath him
“Turn over” Ashley demanded him as he reached into his bedside table and took out his lube and condom. Stefan obeyed and turned into a kneeling position with his elbows supporting his weight, he lay his head on the pillow and watched Ash rub lube over his condom covered cock, his eyes closed, mouth open and head lolled back. Stefan’s cocked jumped at this delicious sight.
“Excuse me? Loosing wood over here” Stefan called from his provocative position
“Liar! I can see you enjoying this” Ash laughed but positioned himself behind Stefan
“Stef...” Ash started his voice now quiet and gentle “this will hurt”
“I want this Ash... now fuck me” Stefan demanded. Ashley obeyed him and placed his tip at Stefan’s entrance before pushing himself entirely in, he felt Stefan go ridged underneath him but couldn’t stop the moan that escaped as he felt Stefan’s tight hole enthral him completely
“Oh my god Stefan” Ashley moaned as he begun to rock in and out of Stefan. Stefan’s brow was creased but soon the pain was taken over by pure pleasure, moaning loudly as Ashley ran one of his hands roughly down Stefan’s back and started to stroke his stiff cock, the other hand using Stefan’s hips to steady himself.
“Shhh Stef” Ashley bent down and whispered in his ear “what’s-her-face is in the next room” his breathing was ragged
“Who gives a shit?” Stefan choked out “Ashley I’m close” he breathed his voice breaking as he spoke
“Oh god Stefan, me too” Ashley placed both his hands on Stefan’s shoulders slamming himself hard into Stefan
“Ahhh god” Stefan arched his back and squeezed the pillow tight as he came with a force onto the bed sheets
Just the sound of Stefan releasing was enough for Ashley as he came with a yell and rode out the last of his orgasm and flopped beside Stefan who was lying flat out on his front, his back rising and falling rapidly after his vicious orgasm.
Stefan turned to face him and reached up and kissed him deeply before resting his head on Ashley’s chest.
“That was unreal” Ashley spoke quietly as Stefan ran his hand down Ashley’s stomach and across his hips till he rested it on his thigh.
“Ash I don’t think you understand how long I’ve wanted that” Stefan admitted “fucking girls is fun, but that… that was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced” he gently massaged circles in Ashley’s thigh
“I know” Ashley agreed resting his hand on Stefan’s head and falling into the deepest sleep he’d had since moving in with Stefan.
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