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21 Guns (Frerard)

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Based on the video for 21 Guns by Green Day Warning: Mild language

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My heart pounds like a drum in my chest as I sit and play with a dead bullet, rolling it between my fingers, the cold metal contrasting from my warm hands, doing anything to distract myself. I feel Gerard’s eyes burn through me with anger. I got him into this. I lose my concentration and push the bullet out of my hands with my thumb, the bullet landing on the hard ground with a light, high pitched clink. I bring my head up slowly to see Gerard pacing the room slowly, dragging his feet and looking down at his hands. My head starts to lower again but shoots back up when I hear the distant sound of sirens. I feel my heartbeat grow faster and my palms get sweaty.

Gerard’s head shoots up at the sound of the sirens, his hands dropping to his sides as he stares blankly at the window, blue and red lights flashing through the dusty, open blinds.

“We’re giving you one minute to surrender” A husky voice bursts the through the open window, warning in his voice.

Gerard seems to get some emotion back, walking over to the window slowly. He carefully slides his fingers in between to panels of the blinds, opening them carefully wider, his head bowing towards the gap to stare through. He backs away after a few seconds and reaches to pull the blinds shut, letting out a deep sigh and closing his eyes. He wanders over to the wall, falling against it and raking his shaky, pale hand through his smooth bright red hair. It all gets too much and I bring my calloused, tattooed hands to my face, wiping it roughly, almost as if I could bring my hands back down and open my eyes to see a perfect life but instead I see a torn up safe house with dusty surfaces and paper scattered across the floor revealing scrawled out plans of escape. I lift my head more and catch Gerard’s eye but instead of anger, I see sympathy in his eyes, like he has forgotten everything I have got him into, all the trouble I caused him ever since he ran away with me.

“Okay, we warned you” The police officer’s voice returns, making both of us jump and break our gaze, the words suddenly cutting through my thoughts. He warned us. The minute’s up and I don’t know what to expect “You know, you could just surrender and this would be so much easier” He continues. I reach across the cluttered table for the TV remote, hoping to block his voice out. I hear Gerard sigh shakily, guilt obviously growing inside him again. I press the button when the TV screen shatters, shards of glass falling onto the table and bouncing up, spreading them further.

“Fuck” Gerard shouts when more bullets are fired through the walls, hitting everything en route. He brings his hands up to his ears and crouches down, trying to avoid the bullets and block out the painful noise. I put my head between my knees and bring my hands to my head in an attempt to make myself as small as possible. The bullets keep getting fired though, bouncing off of surfaces and shattering the glass of the mirror. More glass falls to the floor when a jug is hit, the amber liquid inside spilling into a puddle on the floor.

The air goes calm again when the firing stops, the only noise being a few men muttering swear words in frustration, supposedly for running out of bullets. I pull my head up and stand up, my hands dropping to my sides as I look around at the damage. Gerard straightens up and removes his hands from his head, also looking around at the damage, surprise and fear etched on his face. I walk over to the front of the table, avoiding the glass on the floor. I lean on it, relieving some pressure on my weak knees.

A shrill ring runs through the silence as the phone rings, the red light flashing. Gerard looks towards it and just stares at it like he’s debating whether or not to answer because he’s scared of whom it could be. He moves his pale hand and wraps his long fingers around the phone, picking it up and bringing it to his ear. I look at him and catch his eye again in the reflection of the shattered mirror. He slowly lowers the phone back down and put it back on the stand. He then picks up the phone and walks over the empty fish tank, dropping it in.

He looks at it for a minute before looking back over to me. I turn on my heel and continue looking into his eyes, trying to read him and find out what he’s thinking. He starts to walk over to me, his face stuck on an expression of no regret and pure love. He starts to walk over to me and I mimic him as more shots burst through the walls. As I walk over, looking at him, I forget everything except the memories I had with him. The warm summers and cold winters we spent together. Everything takes a back seat and the only important thing is this moment, no matter what comes next.

Water gushes onto the floor from the fish tank when a bullet breaks it but that doesn’t distract me. Gerard and I meet in the middle of the room and I reach up, connecting our lips together. We both put all our feelings into the kiss. The fear, the love, the anger. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer as he grabs my hips, holding onto me for dear life. We work our lips together passionately, forgetting the whole world around us. It feels like a spotlight is on us, like we are the only people in the world. We pull away looking into each other’s eyes. Gerard leans his forehead against mine and mouths ‘I love you’. I smile, happiness flooding through me for a change. Gerard smiles back as we hold each other. As long as we have each other, nothing will ever matter.

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