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How to Hate Yourself

by DisenchatedDestroya 2 reviews

"Is your life worth living?" Feedback hugely appreciated. :)

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How to Hate Yourself

If you need a reason to live,
Is your life worth living?
If you have nothing to give,
Don’t expect people to keep on giving.

If you’re smiles are lies,
Have you ever not been lying?
If this is your best try,
Why the hell are you even trying?

If your heart wants to sing,
Open your soul and start singing.
If a cut is but a sting,
Then let me soothe the stinging.

If every truth is a burn,
Then learn to cool the burning.
If you need to learn,
Trust yourself and just start learning.

If you want to leave,
I won’t stop you from leaving;
Just don’t say you believe,
Because without hope, what is believing?

A/N: I'm not too sure if I like this or not. I just felt like it needed to be written, even if it does suck like a whore.

Anyways, please let me know what you think!
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