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One Hundred Percent

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[Ban x Ginji] [short drabble] ... I don't have a summary for this. It's just thinly veiled poetic smut, that's almost not.

Category: Get Backers - Rating: R - Genres: Drama, Humor - Characters: Ban, Ginji - Published: 2005-06-03 - Updated: 2005-06-03 - 445 words - Complete

Title: One Hundred Percent
Author: Kitana
Warnings: Soft R, Ban x Ginji; ... I have no real summary for this. It's a weird drabble. (cries) I hate non-summary fics. GAH. 408 words.
Writing Music: Psycho le Cemu - Long Distance


Ban could feel it, the electricity laced throughout Ginji's blood. He could smell it, powerful; taste it, vibrant; every time he kissed Ginji, he noticed it.

The blonde was as energetic in bed as he was about everything else. He wanted to touch Ban everywhere, take control and be controlled at the same time. Ginji was fascinated by everything about Ban, whispering little words of appreciation after each lick and caress.

Sometimes it overwhelmed Ban, Ginji's passion. He gave everything to the blonde, and got everything in return. It was a full circle, their lust for each other. He couldn't call it love, because he couldn't place his own feelings, but Ban knew it to be much more than just friendship. He never slept with his friends...

"Hey, Ban, what are you thinking about?" Ginji said suddenly, breaking into Ban's thoughts. Obviously, Ban had been quiet for far too long.

"You." Ban shrugged, grinning. He decided he'd tell him, for once.

Ginji gave Ban a playful, sidelong look. "Oh, yeah? What about me?"

Ban leaned over, whispering into Ginji's ear. Ginji blinked, blushed, and smiled awkwardly.

"You want to do all that to me... now?"

"Oh no, I want to do all that two weeks from now." Ban said, rolling his eyes. "Of course now, you idiot."

He hadn't known what provoked him to suddenly tell Ginji all the dirty thoughts he'd been having about him recently. Ban didn't even know he was capable of being attracted to anyone anymore, let alone Ginji. But he was, and he made damn sure Ginji knew it. Now the question was whether Ginji would return his desire.

Ban remembered the first time he kissed Ginji. It was slow, awkward, but the longing was there. Ban guessed later on that all Ginji needed was that one push, because suddenly he was on his back, Ginji's lips were crushed against his own, tongue probing, seeking acceptance.

He could recall that night with crystal clarity. They stripped each other as quickly as they could until they were flushed skin against flushed skin. Ban wasn't one to be slow, Ginji wasn't one to wait, and it was too much. Too much touching, blending and blurring much too fast, and they were hot, sticky, lips slowly parting, eyes lidded contentedly, arms and legs intertwined.

And there was no change. Ginji's attitude towards Ban never changed one bit.

And to think, Ban almost expected something different.

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