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Writing is Brave

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For those of you who are feeling down in the dumps...Check this out...

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Writing is Brave

I originally wrote this for a few people who needed help, but thought i should share with you.

For all of you who think that your writing sucks, you must know this- Your writing and stories do not suck.

Writing is basically just opening up your inner mind to show who and what you really are on the inside.
People are normally self conscious about their writing and stories
because it will open up the authors mind and some people are just self conscious about them selves generally speaking; and people don’t want other people to see what they are made of.

People who say that your writing does suck only means that they can’t write themselves- it means that they also think that their stories suck so they will put you down for it.

The only way people can prove that you and your stories suck is if you personally say that you suck.
That means that you must have confidence in your writing- not them or the readers, only you can decide if you suck.
If you do think that you still suck, then know this, you don’t. Just because you don’t have enough rates and reviews does not mean you are a horrible writer, it just means people are either too lazy to, or maybe not enough people have seen it.
Just ‘cause you don’t get enough reviews does not mean anything really, know that out of that many few who have viewed it, they do like it.

So that is why you are brave for writing and actually having the courage to upload it for thousands to view!
Fuck them who go around and make you feel anything but good, the are just trollin’.
You should be proud about it.
Feel it, and feel it well.
All of the famous authors now today are famous because they kept persevering.
When I created my very first story, I hated it so much, but now, all my new stories, I love them because they are me- and you should do the same with yours.
Writing should never be a challenge.
It should be fun and easy, the words should flow just easily as you read.
If they’re not, then you need to find a plot that is you, not someone else.

I hope this will help anyone of you out- I really hate to see an excellent writer give up just because they do not have confidence or many support. Just know that I will always support anyone who will actually try to write and have fun here.
This site is about fun and writing, don’t let them little pixilated words get you down!
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