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When You Go, Just Know That I Will Remember You

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Is this an update? What?! :D I'm back y'all!

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Meg’s POV
It was strange, I didn’t like Frank and Kirrah going off and doing their business. I mean, normally I was have been so happy for her I’d buy streamers and balloons and blast random love music as loud as I could, but now. I dunno. I guess I was jealous for the fact she could have a relationship with him, a good relationship at that and I was stuck with Gerard hating the guts outta me.
I sighed to myself and plastered on a smile when Kirrah finally joined us back-stage. She gave me a happy little look and I felt bad I couldn’t be happier for her; instead I was here envying her. I gave her the thumbs up and what I hoped was a suitable smile but inside, inside I was dying.
I was on the couch, being a loner, whilst Kirrah and Frank made their way to the group and made it seem like they were there the whole time, smiling and laughing. I wish I was like that, it was that way at school as well. Kirrah could just walk up to anyone and amaze them so much they forgot she wasn’t usually in their group and me... Well, let’s say when I walked in a group I wasn’t ‘supposed’ to be it was like I was a murderer.
I sighed again, brought my hands to my face and breathed deeply; so lost in my own thoughts I didn’t realise someone sat down next to me.
“M-Meg..?” I heard a deep voice ask.
I took my head out of my face and turned towards my left, it was Gerard.
“Gee-Gerard?” I questioned, not sure if I fell asleep or not during my little… thing and was dreaming and then he’d kiss me and tell me he loved and-
“-talk.” I heard. Oh, god… What did he just say?
“P-Pardon?” I stuttered sheepishly.
“I think we should talk.” He stated.
“Oh…” I replied, I wasn’t with it today. “A-About?”
“Us.” He replied quickly, it was like he knew everything I was going to say.
“O-Okay… Um… I like your new hair. Any reason you got it?” I asked, feeling rather awkward and then came the jealousy. Kirrah could talk to anyone! Why couldn’t I be her? Just for a few minutes.
“Um… Yeah, but… not really?” He replied, I guess he wasn’t expecting that one.
“So… um, how have you been?” I asked nervously.
“Okay…you?” He replied, turning a little sheepish.
“I’ve been-” I started. “I’ve...”
Gerard looked at me expectantly.
“I...” I took a deep breath. “I’m not going to lie to you Gerard. I fucking love you and,” I gulped. “I don’t care if you end up hurting me; I just want to be with you. I just don’t care about anything else anymore, you’re all I want.”
Hey guys. So I was talking to Meg the other day and we've decided to start this up again :D Sorry it's so short Meg had writers block and shit. We have to get back into the swing of this XD
Hope you enjoyedd :D
- Kirrah xx
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