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Someone Special

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Poem written for my best friend.

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AN: So, I haven't been around for a while. I have an account on AO3 and so i spend pretty much all my time there. All I'm going to be posting here now is my poetry because this was the first fanfiction site I joined, so it' a bit like a retreat, yanno??

Anyhoo, this poem is written for a lovely lady called Sophie, who I swear to Stan Lee, I don't know where the hell I would be without. Thanks for everything Soph!!


In the years of past,
Life has not been so easy.
Seemingly alone, cold and empty,
I didn't know which way to run.

And then by some unknown power,
I met you.

Finally I had a light to guide me,
A crutch to lean on,
A face to be brave for,
A smile I could return.

I fell apart in front of you,
But you picked me back up,
Fixed parts of me I couldn't reach
An let me cry out my heart to you.

As I continued through the dark,
Your smile lit up the way ahead.
We talked, laughed and joked together,
I felt as if nothing could go wrong.

But oh how wrong I was.

When you needed me, I was not there.
I was selfish, blind and cruel
And I did not see my mistake,
Until it was too late to stop.

I got lost in the dark again,
Your light had gone out.
And I tried desperately to reach for you,
Because I had lost the only good thing in my life.

I learnt a lot in this new darkness,
More painful than the last.
I truly saw
That you were someone special,
And I would do absolutely anything for you.

I reached out further,
I found you
And I promised myself
That I would never let go again.

Thank you for being there,
For taking me in,
Letting me go
And for taking me back.

Thank you for helping me see
That you are someone special,
A crucial part of my heart (and sanity)
And the person I would die to save.

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