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This is a response to a challenge on another site, but I wanted you guys to read it too. Tentacles shot up out of the water, throwing what looked like a body out onto the ships deck. It was the bo...

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Dead Mans Chest

Authors Notes: I do not own Naruto or any other character fron the series, I just hypnotize them to do whatever i want.

Fire rose from the main masts sail, burning black smoke drifted into the never ending horizon of the sea. Naruto looked up from the floating debris that had come from the ship, looking up at the ship he had called home. Drifting near by was the body of his first mate, Haku. He never would have become a pirate if Haku hadn't suggested it. He own Haku, he wouldn't be living the life he was, if it weren't for him. The salt water burned his eyes, and filled his mouth. Life would never be the same without his home, the Black Depths. He felt the water ripple violently, he turned frantic for a sign of life from anyone even if it was that cur, Neji. He would miss him his smart_alecky comments about his hair, even if he thought the beads and red bandana was still cool. He felt it again the water WAS vibrating something was moving beneath him. Suddenly tentacles shot up from the black depths of the ocean.
Searching the wreck for survivors, 'What the hell is THAT?!' Naruto thought, scrambling to get all of his body onto the piece of debris that still read clearly, ptains Cabi, and broke off at the end. Tentacles grabbed at everything, almost frantically. Searching for a soul that had yet to be claimed by Davy Jones. Naruto screamed as the tentacle finally closed around his leg, pulling him into the black abyss. The water pressure was too much for his body, he never felt himself slip from this world to the next. He just remembered the despair as he broke free of the monster and almost reached the surface. The monster grabbed him again, Naruto desperately tried to reach the surface.
The monster was dangling freedom in his face on purpose. The creature brought Naruto to its face, he stared defiantly at his captor. The monster looked at him with an almost child-like fashion. Naruto felt himself slipping from the light, and evidently so did the creature. He felt a whoosh of life surge into his body as he blacked out from the pressure of the water built on him.


Sasuke looked up at the sky and realized the sky had turned an eery gray. He got up off his back and stopped staring at the sky, the smell of rum and the musk of the unhygienic men was suddenly overpowered by the smell of smoke. He looked out into the horizon, and saw a demolished ship. A flag burned in the sky as he watched at the horror before his eyes. Men were scattered, broken on pieces of wood, hanging on floating barrels of rum, burnt and bleeding. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a wisp of red and yellow hair. Tentacles shot up out of the water, throwing what looked like a body out onto the ships deck. It was the body rolled like a doll out across the deck startling many of his ship mates out of their rum inspired slumber. "At arms, men!" shouted Sasuke too late for the creature had already dissapeared. Sasuke kneeled down next to the body, checking the blondes pulse, faint but still there. His crew had finally gotten to their feet, looking dazed and out of sorts. "Kiba!" he yelled to his first mate, in charge of the heading. "Yes, Sir?" he called, swinging down from the mast. "Head towards the closest piece of land" Sasuke ordered.
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