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You'll feel better tomorrow

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note: this would never ever happen in really life slash loves his sons very much if you dont like dont read ........... london hudson is a gnr freak but what happens when his dad slash isnt a fan ...

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It was a normal day at the Hudson’s Pearla and her husband slash where was in the living room watching TV with their youngest son cash. but there oldest son London was in his room doing his favorite thing he knew how to do the small child ran in his room. he clicked on his favorite guns n' roses album "welcome to the jungle " much to his father’s dismay he loved the older and new guns n roses he lived to see axl in concert but his dad repeatedly said no crushing his dream. he was standing on his bed in his hands was a small guitar his father had given him on his birthday a few months ago he was a fast learner "DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE!!!!!!?" London sang playing what little he knew he jumped off the bed into the hard wood floor he was having a blast just being a kid but down stairs "Saul honey tell London to turn it down a little please?" Pearla said to her husband "When you’re high you never wanna come down!!" London sang until his father unplugged his guitar and radio "dad i was listening to that" London said in protest to his father who was overly mad at the child "turn that off and don't you have homework?" slash ask the child London could detect the anger in his father’s tone he was going to be in a lot of trouble he has seen his father’s anger before not in a abusive way but in a freighting way “You make me sick,” his father said kicking the boy he fell with a thud "how dare you listen to him i told you a billionth times not too I guess your deaf !" his father said punching him . tears stung London’s eyes as his dad beat the hell out of him he just wanted it to stop London gasped for air as he was picked up by his throat "do you understand now?!" his father screamed loudly London felt his air way close and felt tired "good now you don’t tell anybody got it!!!!!!!!!!!?" he screamed kicking him "yes" London said as dad left him a beaten bloody mess he saw darkness take over his eyes.
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